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One Sister - Marysia

M and me late 60s or early 70s

Marysia (left) and me - probably 1968 or thereabouts as I'd had my hair shorn (and gone platinum blonde) in Zakopane, Poland that summer

It's a curiosity this photo as I have no recollection of ever having a booth photo taken with my sister in tow. The hair is a giveaway as I had had it made over whilst in Poland on holiday in 1968 at a hairdresser's in Zakopane where I also saw during a thunderstorm the second 'Angélique' film dubbed into Polish with English subtitles!

Her Penmanship

Like myself, Marysia does like to write, but unlike me she won't use computers and hasn't done since she retired! So to start off her literary genius (you've already seen some of it on her home page where she came second in the Spyke Golding Literary award) you're going to discover what it means to her to be Polish! It is fitting that this article appears in a brochure commissioned by Notts County Council to commemorate the contribution made by Polish Pilots as part of the 'Memories for the Millennium' for the 'Nottinghamshire Living History Archive.' Marysia always did have a penchant for the Air Force - me, I loved the Navy (before I realised I suffered from 'mal de mer'!) probably because my favourite comic book featured heroines in the navy and of course ballet!

RAF Newton Polish Badge RAF Hastings Polish Badge

Two commissioned badges for the use of the Polish Air Force Training Corps l to r at RAF Newton (Nottinghamshire) and RAF Hastings (East Sussex) 304 Squadron

RAF Newton was a Royal Air Force station, 7 miles east of Nottingham, England. It was used briefly as a bomber base and then as a flying training school during World War II. Built on the site of a pre-war civil airfield, Newton was assigned to No 1 Group in June 1940, when Nos 103 and 150 squadrons returned from France. These squadrons were re-equipped with Vickers Wellingtons in October 1940 but moved on to more suitable bomber airfields in July 1941.
Newton then became a training base, and for the next five years No. 16 (Polish) Service Flying Training School provided basic and advanced training for Polish airmen serving with the RAF, using RAF Tollerton as a satellite landing ground.

'Docemus et Discimus' - from the Latin 'We teach and we learn' | 'Wysokiego Latania' - Polish for 'Flying high.'

White Eagles

Cover of the Souvenir Millennium BrochureBack cover of Millennium Brochure

Front & Back covers of the White Eagles Brochure commissioned for the Nottinghamshire Living History Archive entitled 'Memories for the Millennium' and described as 'A collection of memories from the Nottinghamshire Polish Air Force Community' and dedicated to 'All the Polish Forces in WWII who fought and died so that Poland would one day be free.'

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The space is deliberate - Marysia was furious that the uniform had been wrongly described and the sentence should read 'The Polish Girl Guide Uniform colour was grey ....' this publication was published in 2002

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