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2009 Interview with Anne Golon at Versailles

Nadia approval Fb

Not that I'm one to brag - but it is nice to see the seal of approval on Some of my more whimsical tributes to Anne Golon - here the three 'approvers' consist of Anne's daughter, a blogger/publisher who has contributed much to the English-speakers group and the power behind the French fan site - yee ha!

In May 2009 TFI interviewed Anne Golon in and around Versailles and created a very interesting overview of what had been happening to her and her books in the intervening years. Here are some stills from the interview featuring Anne Golon, her books and their splendid backdrop.

The interview was described as : "A 87 ans, l'auteur des aventures d'Angélique et Jeoffrey propose une réécriture de toute son oeuvre. Portrait de la romancière."

At the age of 87, the author of the adventures of Angélique and Joffrey intends to re-write and revitalise the complete works (Intégrale). We present a portrait of the author.

TV interview preview screen

Anne Golon visits Versailles and explains why, at the age of 87 (video made on 26th May 2009) she has decided to restore the entire Angélique series (Intégrale). She also feels it can be improved with some additions to make it easier to follow. The programme refers to the republishing of the restored books by Archipel. Source wat.tv and TF1 France.

Anne Golon in the gardens of Versailles Anne Golonadmires the fountains

Approaching the fountains in the gardens of Versailles

Anne Golon by the LakeAnne Golon by the fountains

Anne Golon against the backdrop of her great saga

Anne Golon in her office A selection of hardbacks

The author in her Versailles office and a hardback of the book Angélique and King which is mainly set in the great Palace

Selection of hardbacks at the office Anne making reference to her narrative

Selection of books from 1st editions to paperbacks in Anne Golon's Versailled office

Anne Golon reading extract Surrounded by her books

The author researching and making notes as she works

Making notes on a notepad The first edition of the Integrale

Making notes using an ink pen (never biros) and the original first printing of the newly revised Intégrale

The author's hand Face of concentration

The author's hand with the name of her eponymous heroine clearly written and then the author deep in thought

Using reference books Discussing her finds

The author at work researching information

Last look at the gardnes   The gardens

As the interview ends, a pensive Anne leaves Versailles with one last look at the magnificent gardens

Interviewer winds up New versions Integrale

Presenter Jean-Pierre Pernaut with the second publication of the Intégrale at the conclusion of the interview

End Credits with Anne Golon

Anne Golon in the Versailles gardens

The link to the actual TV page : http://lci.tf1.fr/jt-13h/videos/2009/angelique-marquise-des-anges-revient-en-librairie-4423079.html still exists, however the video no longer does (except for the version I uploaded to You Tube).

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