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See a translation of the final two pages from the Polish publication.

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Copy of last two pages

For more about the French Colonisation and the Jesuits:

Jesuit in Canoe

The Five Nations Tree of Peace

5 Nations Tree

The Prophecy of Prague

Prague is mentioned in this book and has created quite a stir amongst the readers especially those who still await a conclusion to the series.

Although we have been told certain aspects such as Angelique witnessing the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes - Prague seems to have gone very quiet.

Rudolf II is a generation older than Joffrey but maybe it is his ideas that will impact on the prophesy - I have speculated sufficiently for Prague to merit its own page - see what you think.

Book 13 - La Victoire d'Angélique

Fleur de Lys

This page is a devoted to a compilation and intelligent speculation about the content of Book 13 based on what is available in the literary world but not yet available in English translation - 'La Victoire d'Angélique'.

What you might consider a great title for a conclusion to this magnificent saga and even the publishers (on the back cover of the books) refer to this as the 'dernier' adventure, meaning, of course, 'last' or 'latest' and guess what - the final book is still being written ....... as the story had not yet been concluded. Fans were saddened to hear of the death of Anne Golon on 14th July 2017 but we still have some hope that the saga may be brought to a conclusion as the manuscript was being worked on by Anne Golon at the time of her death.

While we wait - I thought it would be more than appropriate to add the images of Anne Golon being interviewed on French Tv in 1985 to promote the publication of the 13th book.

Anne Golon interviewed on RTS on publication of Victoire in 1985

Anne Golon interviewed on RTS on publication of Victoire in 1985

Anne Golon interviewed on RTS on publication of Victoire in 1985

Anne Golon engaging with her interviewer and mischievously checking her knowledge of the books (the interviewer was using a scrap pad of notes while conducting the interview - visible at as a yellow square in front of the interviewer) - the images are screen shots from the interview.

Some time ago I resurrected the 'review' I wrote for this, as yet, untranslated work and have added it to my reviews page. Victoire TreviseThe individual pages I have created for individual books is my desire to show how rich they are in content (not as erroneously referred to elsewhere occasionally as 'erotica') and to choose an area of interest to expand.

Regrettably Victoire has so many different arteries leading off that it is difficult to determine which might be the most important. This page has, until yet concentrated on the direct effect the circumstances have on Angélique as of course they should as it is her story and the majority of this volume is centred directly on her and in particular her vulnerabilities and sense of survival. Recently I have added the 'Prophesy of Prague' to my pages of interest and as this is mentioned in Victoire a link has been provided to view separately as it is not key to this storyline at this stage.

Because the Jesuits create a time-line that has followed us from the earliest books; the visitor from the new world who visits when when Angélique is but a child and who influences Josselin to run away from home to seek his fortune; to Raymond de Sancé entering the clergy and in time becoming a leading Jesuit but not revealing his chosen path to his sister until she approaches him for help; I have decided to concentrate on this theme as a complement to the book. Although she does not fall foul of her brother, Angélique does lock horns with another Jesuit, one Sebastian d'Orgeval and those horns are unlocked in this book and as a consequence count towards one of Angélique's victories.

The de Wit map of 1660

The 1660 de Wit map shows the world as known in 1660

Map showing Jesuit conversion

This map shows the domination and strength of the Jesuits conversion tactics

1600s Ships with Masts engraving

Could these have been what Angélique refers to as a 'beautiful' ship to take them back to France or is the ship beautiful only because it is taking them back?

In this book Angélique meets up with d'Orgeval in extreme circumstances when both he and she are cut off from the world in severe weather conditions not conducive to survival. The outcome is not happy despite Angélique saving this man who has plotted against her and pitted the strength of the church against her and challenged her mortal and immortal souls. d'Orgeval capitulates to Angélique and admits that he has misunderstood her and been misled to believe that she was the Demon whereas in reality he had been influenced by the real Demon in the form of Ambroisine, Duchess de Maudribourg. Yes, Ambroisine survived .... she killed one of the 'innocents' that Angélique so desperately wants to avenge, leaving the victims' remains in a manner that suggested death by Wolverine disguising her in her own unmistakable and brightly coloured clothes.

It was Cantor who discovered this and who, having none of the responsibilities carried by his elder brother, Florimond, who has now taken his place in court as the Count of Toulouse, determines to return to the New World to warn his mother of the double threat that she will once again be facing that of the Jesuit and the Demon.

As Cantor crosses the Ocean, the weather closes in on his mother.

Outtake, Chief of the Five Nations is directly responsible for bringing together these two principal characters, his intention being that Angélique should now exact revenge on d'Orgeval for all the wrongs he had done her and those whom she holds dear. Outtake does not understand why she nurtures d'Orgeval back to health when there is little enough for them all to survive on, sharing her meagre rations and tending his wounds.

Surprisingly, at the appropriate time d'Orgeval offers himself for martyrdom and perishes at the hands of the Five Nations .......

Wordle made up to describe the book

I like 'Wordles' and here is my interpretation of the 'as yet unpublished and untranslated' final (to date) book - Angélique takes centre stage and relevant words encircle her as does the story of our eponymous heroine.

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