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Louis XVI Couch

Well - this is what it might have looked like - the casting couch that is! - Image sourced at on-line galleries who sell Louis XVI period furniture!

Ambroisine de Madribourg (Demon)


It's a shame that there are so few images of Jessica Benton (left), especially from The Onedin Line as she and Susan Sullivan (right) from Falcon Crest have always been near perfect Angéliques for me!

Colin Paturel

Janine Gonfarel (Polack)


Louis XVI - Alan Rickman

Although not exactly the right period but this pastoral view could easily pass for the time with Louis spending time with one of his many royal mistresses - image from the stage version of Les Liaison Dangereuses

And here he actually is playing the ageing King Louis XVI perfectly in A Little Chaos

Sebastian d'Orgeval (Jesuit) - Jeremy Irons

Jeremy Irons as a Jesuit

Handily Jeremy Irons is playing the Head of the Jesuits (and has a fabulous line to boot) when not swashbuckling as an ageing Musketeer in The Man in the Iron Mask

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