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Marlin Hotel, Miami

The Marlin in Miami

One of the colourful and typical Miami seafront (this one isn't its on the road which runs parallel with the seafront behind the seafront residences) style art deco hotels which were saved in the late 1990s/early 2000s after they had been allowed to fall into disrepair - the Marlin has had at least two interior transformations by Barbara 'Biba' Hulanicki

Barbara Hulanicki

Will forever be linked with Miami and the Marlin

Barbara Hulanicki 2016 Telegraph article

Barbara Hulanicki: "I’m a very colourful person, so I like a range of sights and sounds." Credit: © See Li / Alamy Stock Photo/See Li / Alamy Stock Photo

Barbara Hulanicki’s Miami: ‘I love its constantly changing, vibrant social scene’

For the easy-going way of life, the climate, and the constantly changing, vibrant social scene, which is an ethnic melting pot. I’m a very colourful person, so I like a range of sights and sounds. There’s a thriving restaurant and cultural scene with lots of music and film festivals and art exhibits. I can see it all from my window, one block back from the beach. I couldn’t help but fall in love with Miami with its beautiful decaying art deco buildings when I first moved out there during the heyday of Miami Vice to redesign Ronnie Wood’s nightclub Woody’s on the Beach, from the show. I also fell in love with Chris Blackwell’s hotels along Miami Beach, with their iconic bright pastel colours.  Swathes of rock stars used to descend on The Marlin hotel, the celebrity hangout I redesigned for Chris. Then the fashion scene made Miami the hot place to be before the film studios followed. - read more about what she thinks about Miami here


Detail of Miami Courant with art deco building on front page

Former NCIS Agent turned doctor in Bull

Seriously NCIS is not NCIS without Tony di Nozzo played by Michael Weatherly in 306 episodes and who now stars as the eponymous hero in 'Bull' seen here, in a whimsical pose, holding on to a copy of the 'Miami Courant' featuring one of the many Art Deco hotels which can be found on the sea-front - this one on particular looks like the rounded tower of the Midland Hotel in Morecambe. The image is a screenshot taken from 'Bull' as is the detail above.

Chisel & Mouse

The Marlin as a Chisel and Mouse sculpture

The Paisley Brothers (Chisel & Mouse) have already featured on previous pages because their work is beautiful and features many of my favourite buildings - see Portland Stone

Chisel & Mouse article

Miami Design Preservation League

A Brief History of MDPL

Compiled by Dennis W. Wilhelm, Chairman Barbara Baer Capitman Archives of MDPL - Read the full article here

Artwork for the MDPL

August 1976

The Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL) was formed through the efforts of Barbara Baer Capitman and her son John Capitman. The initial impetus was to find a project to honor the United States’ bicentennial; the Capitmans worked with designers Leonard Horowitz and Lillian Barber to identify a concentration of 1930s buildings in South Miami Beach that the group felt could be a historic district of 20th century architecture.


June 2010

At their 2010 National Convention held in Miami Beach, the American Institute of Architects honors the Miami Design Preservation League with a rare AIA Presidential Citation.

The citation reads: “Organized by Barbara Capitman and Leonard Horowitz and today the oldest Art Deco Society in the world, their inspired advocacy of enlightened preservation policies, their educational programs that heighten community awareness and pride, and their creation of a network of international partnerships have done more than preserve an irreplaceable cultural legacy for future generations; their success demonstrates that caring for our design heritage can be the engine of community revitalization and a resource for a more sustainable world.”

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