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Destination Posters

Miami - 1990!

Poster for the Miami Preservation League using streamline moderne

Although not strictly a destination poster - it's nice to see the Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL) utilising the very essence of streamline moderne travel artwork

Hawaii USA

Air Clipper advertisemnt to Hawaii

Warszawa (Warsaw) Poland

Advert to visit Warsaw art by Gronowski

Come to Warszawa in Polish, French, German and English - poster by Tadeusz Lucjan Gronowski (1894 - 1990) - image courtesy and sourced from invaluable.com_auctioneers

USSR (The New Travel Land) via Intourist

Russian Multi Travel Poster

Stalin invites you to visit the USSR with an enticing poster by Max Litvak and Robert Fedor - image courtesy of Christies Auctioneers via the Daily Mail

An insightful comment from the Daily Mail's article : The Intourist agency - the official travel agency of the Soviet Union - targeted only an external audience, mainly in Britain and Germany, meaning the posters were intended to encourage inbound tourism from Europe. As such, there is a distinctly capitalist look to each image - the type of message that was generally deemed to be appropriate among those within the USSR's secretive internal workings. The examples in the sale were produced specifically for the English and German tourist markets and promote the USSR as 'The New Travel Land.'  Designed by various artists working for the agency in the first half of the 20th Century, these tourism posters demonstrate the scope and breadth of the advertising campaign, as well as the emphasis on art deco colours and design in hopes of attracting the Western European traveller.  

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