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The Chrysler Stable of the 1930s

Austin and Morris Travelogs from 1933

1934 - Jean Harlow & her Cadillac

Jean Harlow and 1934 Cadillac

1935 - Hispano Suiza K6 Cabriolet

Hispano Suiza 1935

Is this the 'It Car' of 1935? - Image courtesy of Bonhams

The choice of European Royalty, Indian Maharajahs, Hollywood film stars and industrial tycoons, the legendary Hispano-Suiza marque was superbly engineered and unashamedly imitated by some of the world's leading car manufacturers. The K6 model was the spiritual successor to the legendary H6, which had been the world's most advanced automobile at the time of its introduction in 1919 and for many years thereafter. The H6 was cataloged until 1933, by which time 2,158 chassis of all types had been completed.

In 1931, the smaller Ballot-based HS26 Junior was introduced, only to be superseded in 1934 by the lovely K6. The K6 shared many mechanical and chassis components with its otherworldly sibling, the incredible 9.5 liter twelve-cylinder Hispano-Suiza J12 model. In this way, the K6 Normal chassis rode on the same 342 cm wheelbase as the J12 Court, and the gearbox, brakes, steering and suspension were identical. Indeed, for historians, it has been a constant source of confusion over the years to tell a K6 from a J12 without a chassis number to aid identification.

The K6 was a superior long distance touring chassis for owners who did not desire the size and complexity of a J12, but wanted the same high quality, superior standard of excellence, beautiful road manners and unquestioned prestige of driving a Hispano-Suiza. K6 production is believed to have been a mere 204 chassis, all fitted with individually coach built bodies, painstakingly constructed by the very finest carrossiers in France and abroad. Source and to read more : Bonhams

Hood / Bonnet Ornaments

The Silver Arrow Archer

The Silver Arrow Archer

& Having Fun

Girls in a Boot

Girls in Boot

1926 - Vogue Fashion

Vogue Cover 1926

1926 Geneva Motor Show

1926 Geneva Motor Show

1932 Beach Belle on a Motor Cycle

Wolf Motorcycles 1932 Ad

Walking the Dog - The Distinguished Hupmobile 8

Distinguished Hupmobile

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