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"Women and cats will do as they please and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea."

Robert Heinlein

A quote from Robert Heinlein 1907 - 1988 (one of my husband's favourite authors) says it all! - Robert Heinlein quotes here

Cats Teddy Paw

A lovely meme - will you ever 'unsee' this on your cats paw?

Shakespeare & Co - Paris - all years


Adorable picture of 'Kitty' who died September 2015 - one of the many Shakespeare & Co. cats whose empire is the entire shop!

Kitty patrolling

Kitty patrolling her territory!


New kid on the block - Agatha was found in 2014 and made herself known in the Christie section!

Earlier Kitty

An earlier archive version of 'Kitty' counting up at the end of the day.

A Triptych of Cats

Stylised Cats Triptych

Old Tom Beer Triptych of Cats

Two quite different portrayals of cats, no source for the top picture more about the 'Old Tom' design here

The Domestic Cat and its Character - French style!

French humpour depicting the domestic cat

French humour!

2019 - Cats (disguised as artists) on pins

Full Set of 10 pins of Artists as Cats

Top left to right: 1. Frida Catlo, 2. Salvador Catli, 3. Pablo Picatso, 4. Vincat Van Gogh, 5. Henri Catisse, 6. Kittenstein, 7. Georgia O'Cat, 8. Wassily Catdinsky, 9. Yayoi Catsama, 10. David Catney, 11. Barbara Catworth, 12. Meowdrian - Source:

What if your favourite artists from history were cats? asks Nia Gould

"I have created a series of work based on famous artists, Frida Catlo, Salvador Catli, Pablo Picatso and Vincent van Gogh. So far I have created greetings cards, prints, tote bags and eight enamel pin designs based on the above."

Andy Warho; Pin

The Andy Warhol Pin - image courtesy & © of Nia Gould via

A Book is also available at - "A History of Art in 21 Cats: From the Old Masters to the Modernists, the Moggy as Muse: an illustrated guide" by Nia Gould (Author, Illustrator) and also features on our 'Cats & Authors' page

2017 - 3D latte art of "Oshiage Nyanko!"

Creating Frothy Coffee Cat

Adding finishing touches to frothy coffee cat

Frothy Coffee Cat wave

Cat Frothy Coffee in gold cup

Cat Frothy Coffee in vibrant red cup

Many Cats in Frothy Coffee

Frothy Coffee Cat Art over two cups

"I want to make delicious drinks that make people happy" is what Oshiage Nyanko cafe owner Mr. Ishikawa focused on when he began making latte art.

His inspiration for making his “cat latte art” came to him quite randomly one day when someone who worked at a magazine asked him something peculiar. "Can you make a cat with latte art?" was the question that started it all. Although it was originally just Mr. Ishikawa's hobby, this fateful inquiry sent him on a spin of research on different milk types, ideal temperatures for making moldable foam all on his own. After a bit of practice, he became proficient at expressing himself through his latte art. We had the wonderful opportunity to witness the step by step process of making a cute "Soft Milk Soy Au Lait." Source of quote and images Live Japan and

2016 - Pawprints

Cats Paws

Adorable Paw Prints!

2015 - Hallowe'en Cats

Halloween Cats

Adorable Hallowe'en cats - how clever!

2015 - Cactus Cat

Cactus Cat

With grateful thanks to CryptidWiki

2015 - fan Art

Cat Ballerina Fan Art

"Zozo en super danseuse étoile, un chouette petit fanart que j'ai reçu de la part d'Alice hier!"

Dara is a 'Manga' artist who is currently working on an illustrated version of the "Angélique" series and who obviously has her own fan base. Her Facebook page featured this lovely image of a 'cat ballerina' wearing pink. I have a lovely ceramic black cat ballerina in pink tutu and a soft toy with the same colour wave which is why you can see why I approve of this drawing. Dara tells us that the name of the cat ballerina is 'Zozo' who is a 'star' and that is piece of 'fanart' was created for her by 'Alice'.

2015 - Teddy Paw and Snow Cats!

Teddy Paw

Too cute for words - ah!

Snow Cats

How wonderful to see children using their imagination! My friend Linda has allowed me to show the works of art created by her grandchildren who even named them : from left to right please meet Meline, Miriam, Michel and Mia

2014 - The Skull Cat or rather Skull Image made out of teeny weeny little cat images

Skull Cat Image Link to Tee Fury

This won't appeal to some I am sure, but it is still quite a superb piece of artwork.

2013 - Cats also rule - check out the new Monopoly cat here!

New Monopoly characters

Monopoly Committee Members

Following a worldwide online fan vote, NBC's TODAY Show hosts, from left, Al Roker, Savannah Guthrie, Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales unveil the MONOPOLY game's newest addition - the cat token, Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013, in New York. The cat replaces the iron token in the classic game.

2012 - Graffiti cats

History of Art told in Graffiti Style

Wall Art - History of art shown through cat graffitit

History of Art as portrayed by graffiti-style cats - images sourced from (top) and (bottom)

2011 - How about going to a Cat-Shaped School?

Some lucky kindergarten age children in Karlsruhe, Germany can! (And to think Andrew went there for the beer!)

Cat shaped school in Karstuhe Germany Article linked to cat-shaped school in Karlsruhe Article linked to cat-shaped school in Karlsruhe

Cat shaped school in Karstuhe Germany

The kids who attend kindergarten in Karlsruhe, Germany, do so in a giant feline. The whimsical Kindergarten Wolfartsweier is built like a big white cat. Constructed in 2011 and designed by Tomi Ungerer and Ayla Suzan Yöndel, the cat building includes a door for a mouth below a whisker-lined nose, windows for eyes, and a classroom in its belly. For added fun, kids can even ride down its tail that doubles as a slide.

In terms of architecture that inspires a playful imagination, the Kindergarten Wolfartsweier is remarkable for its embrace of an alternative, animalistic design for what a school can be. Source : Atlas Obscura

1980 - Tomoo Inagaki

Tomoo Inagaki Pendant Cat

The image entitled 'Cat with Pendant' sourced from Pinterest

Tomoo Inagaki Cat Heads

I love this artists work! Image of the Cat Heads sourced from

Tomoo Inagaki was born in 1902 in Tokyo. As a high school student and later as an employee of a steel company he dabbled as a self-taught artist in oil painting and in printmaking. Koshiro Onchi had published an art magazine about poetry and prints, called Poems and Hanga. The young Tomoo Inagaki was impressed by the modern prints published in this magazine - many by Koshiro Onchi and Unichi Hiratsuka. It gave him the last kick to make a decision for an artist career. He quit his job at the steel company and attended a commercial art class for two years. As a graduate of a commercial high school, Inagaki had a natural sense for the financial aspects of life. He decided to go into commercial arts instead of becoming a fine but starving artist. He soon established his own commercial art studio in Tokyo. Inagaki could make a living with his commercial design studio. This enabled him to continue to work as a print maker. But World War II put an end to his design studio. Tomoo Inagaki died in 1980 in Tokyo.

Tomoo Inagaki - the Cat Artist

By now the artist had found a style of his own and a subject that became his brand recognition - cats. Inagaki displayed them in modern, simplified forms. You could call it typical for the 50s and 60s - kind of close to semi-abstraction. His designs reduced a natural subject to its essentials. The results are astonishing. His cats, although transformed into very basic forms, are very alive and individual. Typical Inagaki prints show smart cats, sleepy cats, fighting cats, cunning cats or humorous cats. And someone with a little bit of own experience with cats, will immediately recognize the great mastership in the poignant depiction of the typical behavior, gesture and nature of these little felines. It is hardly necessary to mention that the artist was a cat lover and had cats of his own. Inagaki prints are usually kept in brown and gray colors, sometimes brushed up with a bit of orange or red. Oliver Statler, who interviewed the artist in the 50s, reports that Inagaki made his designs in a rather spontaneous way from a basic draft. Source :

1968 - Star Trek & Mr Spock

Leonard Nimoy as Mr Spock with Cat

Leonard Nimoy with a shape-shifting cat called 'Isis' in 'Assignment Earth' a 1968 episode from the original Star Trek series "Quite a lovely animal, Captain, I find myself strangely drawn towards it" responds Mr Spock, who did seem very at ease with Isis in the film clip and his love of animals is confirmed by Animal Wellness Magazine

1967 - Cat, Classic Mini & 'Life' Magazine

A 1967 registered Classic Mini, Cat, Model

A 1967 registered Classic Mini featuring a 'Barefoot Contessa' and Lucky Black Cat on a photoshoot for Life Magazine - the non-Spanish reference (me erroneously thinking it was Italian!) coming from the original Pinterest posting with accompanying Spanish dialogue and copied to Lori Gheorghiu

"Nació en la década de los 60 como un símbolo de rebeldía y, a diferencia de varios íconos de esa época, sigue tan viva y juvenil como entonces. Un ícono de la moda con una historia fascinante."

'Created in the 60s as a symbol of rebellion and, unlike several icons of that era, is still as alive and as young as it was then. A fashion icon with a fascinating history.' (Translated with the assistance of Google Translate and put into legible English). - Not sure about the romanticised 'symbol of rebellion' more an economic necessity but absolutely a Fashion icon and possessing a fascinating history still going strong 60 years later!

1951 - Mick Jagger and Keith Richards meet at Primary School!

But who is Jagger's best friend in this image?

Schoolboy Jagger and Richards

School of Rock: Never-before-seen pictures of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards at primary school together

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have been photographed together on countless occasions. But this class picture from January 9, 1951, is probably the very first. With their pudding basin haircuts, the pair, then aged seven, took their place among the rows of new boys and girls at Wentworth Primary School in Dartford.
Now, released 50 years after the formation of the Rolling Stones, this never-before-seen photo captures the moment Mick Jagger and Keith Richards met for the first time - at primary school.
A few years later the youngsters would go to separate secondary schools.
However, by 1961 they had rekindled their friendship after bumping into each other at a railway station. The rest, of course, is history.
Wentworth Primary released the photograph of its old boys in celebration of the Stones’ 50th anniversary this year.
A school register from the time shows Michael Jagger and Keith Richards’ names just one space apart.
That year was the school’s first ever intake and the register also records the pair’s birthdays.
Deputy head Paul Langridge said the school remained a pilgrimage spot for Stones fans.
'It is a great talking point that we have two international superstars who sat on the same hall floor that the children do today.
'We do use the stories of Sir Mick and Keith as a source of inspiration for the children and tell them that they can achieve like they did.'
The artefacts were presented to Wentworth Primary School last year to mark the school’s 60th anniversary, with the photograph - belonging to a former classmate of the rock stars - passed on in the belief that it was best place for it to be kept.
Mr Langridge added: 'We have had Japanese, American and German visitors come and take pictures and film so it’s nice that our school in Kent has become an attraction.'
The Rolling Stones played their first ever gig in London on July 12, 1962.
Wentworth Primary School today said it had no plans for events to mark the 50th anniversary.

1930 - H W fechner

Fechner Black Cat 1930

Not much is known about H W Fechner or his black cat imagery other than it is attributed to him in 1930 and is a very popular visual image on the internet.

1930s - Birthday Card

1930s Birthday Card featuring musical instrument playing cats

More than a little hint of Louis Wain in this 1930s Birthday Card - image sourced from Pinterest

1930s - Siamese Cat Lady

Siamese Cat Lady 1930s

Well - what can you say? Still trying to source an identity to the 'Cat Lady'.

1920s - 30s - Halloween Black Cat

Ode to the Black Cat at Halloween

Adorable 'Ode' to the Black Cat

1929 - EMBASSY CLUBS' Cat - "Embassy Jackson"

'Before Wallis - Edward VIII's Other Women' by Rachel Trethewey makes the following reference to the Embassy Club and their black cat : pages 82-3 (extract) "After dinner or a show, or once a party had finished, they (Edward and Freda) would move onto a nightclub with their friends. They went to Ciro's, Quaglino's and the Kit Kat but their favourite was the Embassy. Described as 'the Buckingham Palace of Nightclubs', the Embassy was in a basement in Old Bond street. ... Once comfortably seated .... the club's famous black cat, Embassy Jackson, would walk along the backs of the sofas, gracing the chosen few with his presence."

Unfortunately I haven't yet managed to source a picture of the actual cat but the book does provide an image by 'Mundo' (an illustrator for the Illustrated London News) but not much is available about the life and times of the artist.

Colour version of the Mundo Illustration 1929

"Elegance at the Embassy Club by Mundo, 1929" - Illustration by Mundo in The Bystander, 20 November 1929

Embassy Club by Mundo

Sourced from 'Before Wallis - Edward VIII's Other Women' - © Illustrated London News Ltd/Mary Evans

The description of the event reads : "An impression by Mundo of the dance floor at the Embassy Club at supper-time with a number of well-known people. On the left of the dance floor is Sir Francis Oppenheimer dancing with a partner in a green dress, next to them, and slightly in the foreground, are Mr Alfredo Pena Unzne and Lady Ashley, whilst the Hon. Wilfred Egerton is seen in the background. Immediately behind the table are Mr and Mrs Augustin Edwards, with the smiling lawn tennis star, Jean Borotra, dancing with a partner in white a little to the right and next to the monocle Sir Cecil Beck and Lady Beck. M. and Mme. Dubonnet (better known as Mrs Nash of "the best-dressed woman in the world" fame) are the next couple, and on the right are Mr Arturo Rubinstein and partner next to the presiding genius, Luigi. At the table Mrs Jack Williams and Mrs Godfrey Miller sit at supper with Mr Lionel Mander, the picture being completed by the presence of no less a celebrity than Jackson, the Club's black cat." Source : Mary Evans

However - it seems Mundo did not quite understand that 'Jackson' did not frequent the frenzy of the dance floor - oops!

Detail of the Embassy Club ny Mundo

No self respecting cat, even if sniffing out new and interesting smells would put himself at risk on a crowded dance floor!

1923 - La Vie Parisienne - Illustrator Chéri Hérouard

La Vie Parisienne illustration 1923 by Cheri Herouard

La Vie Parisienne 1923 - 1920s France C Herouard illustrations erotica dancing cats - image sourced from

Founded in 1863, La Vie Parisienne was originally designed to appeal to the upper-classes, offering literary pieces, society gossip and articles about the arts. It also featured the work of immensely talented artists like Georges Barbier, Gerda Wegener, Chéri Hérouard, Georges Léonnec, Maurice Milliere. The artwork was considered risqué, even erotic (think early porn for the intellectual).

The late 1800s - France

Dancing Cut Out Cats 1800s

Image courtesy and © ArtChix Studio

Not to my personal taste but these French 'dancing cats' from the late 1800s are reminiscent of Louis Wain - these images were made available to cut out and (presumably) somehow dangled to evoke dancing.

Any time! - Cakes & Cupcakes!

Cup Cakes Halloween Cup Cakes

Thanks to Catsparella for the Cup Cake images but I'm not sure I could eat them ........

Cat Iced Cake

A work of art and such a cute cat!

Fancy that!

Enlarged image accompanying Fancy That Christmas Card Cat

This fun image accompanies the poem 'Fancy That!' Image courtesy of

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