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Commercial Cats or Felines featuring as Logos or promoting goods, places and services.


This section originally appeared elsewhere as a 'filler' but after discovering Lanvin's 'My Sin' I decided to upgrade the advertising section. Cats do make extraordinarily good subjects for advertising.

Cat Welfare in the 1920s

Think carefully before getting a kitten


reverse soapsuds box featuring cat

Biba Soapsuds packet

Lovely to see a playful kitty (in the style of the 1930s) gracing the reverse of a packet of soap flakes!

Cat Show

Cat Show Ad

What better to use than a cat to advertise a cat show?


Cats advertising beer in San Francisco

At least they didn't call it 'Fat' Black Cat Brewing Co.

Bienne (Biel) Police in Switzerland

Quiet please Police Notice

An amusing and very apt polite Police notice asking revellers not to disturb residents' 'repose' (such a great word!)


Cat Poster advertising Absinthe

Black Cat Cigarettes:

Black Cat Cigarettes

Fortnum & Mason and Edward Bawden

Fortnum & Mason Advert illustrated by Edward Bawden

It was this advertisement for Fortnum & Mason using cats that brought Edward Bawden to my attention and as I researched him so I found that he loved creating illustrations of cats!

Edward Bowden cats for F&M

I like this one of Bowden's worf for F&M because it has an East European / Polish feel to it in colour and attitude

The 1958 Christmas catalogue for F&M by Bawden

I can see the influence of Eric Ravilious in Bowden's work and the 1959 F&M Christmas catalogue is supposed to have been his finest - I like this one!

Jaguar Cars

Jaguar Logos

Jaguar have also stayed true to their big Cat

James Mellor & Sons - Old Tom Gin

Old Tom Gin Ad

Lanvin 'My Sin'

Lanvin Cats

Ludlow Shoes

Ludlow Shoes

With thanks to Harvard University for preserving this fabulous advert (how could I resist) and making it publicly available.

Paul and Joe Beauté Cat Design Make-Up

Meow Marketing

Set of lipsticks


Peugeot Historical Logos

Peugeot have stayed true to the big Cat since 1850

Queen City Chemical Co.

Queen City Chemical Co Baking Powder

'Tom's Nap interrupted by International Baking Powder'

Rolls Royce

RR 1938

An unusual 1938 Rolls Royce 'Wraith' hood ornament

Tournee du Chat Noir & Variations

Original Chat NoirFake Chat Noir

Cabaret ad using tournee du chat noir imagery

Waterloo Yeast Company - Twin Brothers Yeast

Waterloo Yeast Company

General Examples


Cat Cup Cakes

The Catsparella web-site has some more information about the make-up and is a lovely web-site dedicated to all things feline. (She also likes cupcakes)

Any Google Search will bring up the most remarkable Cat images - I shall try to be selective in the ones I use - but it will be difficult to choose!

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