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Welcome to the (Alphabetical Cats) & Authors Page

That is authors who write about cats and authors who live with cats or in most cases authors who write about and live with cats!


Douglas d'Enno's cat - Misti

Misti is a literary cat with her own author!

Misti goes ski-ing


Anne Golon's Cat - Boopy

Anne Golon's Cat Boopy Boopy the Reveiwer

l to r Boopy in cat pose and then inspecting the workload

Another lucky cat to have an author to look after him! And such an author, the creator (creatrix?) of the world-famous Angélique series which has its own section on this web-site. Boopy is not only very handsome but smart as well - he reviews the books he allows Anne to dedicate and makes sure her spectacles and writing implements are to hand (you can just see them by his front right paw).


Ernest Hemingway's Cats

Ernest Hemingway and cat

Hemingway cuddling one of this beloved cats

An enormous fan of cats Hemingways 'cat-proof' gate is currently on offer for sale on ebay but his memory lives on in the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum complete with a whole section dedicated to cats!

Hemingway with cat and bottle

Have they had a disagreement about who should have the wine? Hemingway gazes at a very handsome cat keeping him company on the dining table


Judith Kerr's life long love of Cats

In 1933 Judith Kerr escaped from Nazi Germany following the persecution of and death threats made to her father Alfred Kerr, who was a towering figure. Famous throughout Germany for his theatre and travel writing – and for witty verse, some of it mocking and reviling Hitler and the rising Nazi Party, Naturally, he became a marked man. After a tip-off from a policeman that the family’s passports were about to be seized, the 65-year-old author disappeared overnight with instructions to his young wife, Julia, and their two children, Michael, 12, and Judith, nine, to follow him clandestinely to Zurich by milk train. From there, they moved to Paris and, eventually, with the help of the film-maker Alexander Korda, to London in March 1936. Source : Daily Telegraph


Judith Kerr in her Studio with Katinka

'The Mog' author Judith Kerr, with her current cat Katinka, in her studio in south west London. 'All my cats have been mad in different ways' - image courtesy & © of Mike Lawn and The Daily Mail

Judith Kerr and Katchinka


Sir Patrick Moore's Cats

Ptolemy and typewriter

'Ptolemy things he can type.'

Sir Patrick Moore has written a book about his cats and as he is donating the profits and his goodwill to Cats Protection - the full story can be read here. An interesting feature is that any black cat that has shared his life has always been called 'Ptolemy' (presumably gender does not come into it!) and one, in particular has the makings of a literary genius - I am happy to share this 'Ptolemy' preparing to type - just the one cat and a typewriter? Puts all those monkeys and Shakespeare to shame doesn't it?


Sir Terry Pratchett (Obituary)

As we bid farewell to yet another literary giant and cat lover, let us not forget that the late great Sir Terry (who died in his sleep with his faithful moggy by his side) treated cats with respect, humour and dignity.

Cat Word Art by Terry Pratchett

"In Ancient Times Cats were worshipped as Gods and they have not forgotten this!"


Ronald Searle's Cats (Obituary)

Ronald Searle - beloved for his charismatic and quirky illustrations of cats and the never to be forgotten St. Trinians girls!

Ronald Searle - Big Fat Cat Book

Ronald Searle - Cat of a Thousand Disguises

"Cat of a Thousand Disguises concealing itself as a rug" Lithograph, 1967, a unique proof, with extensive hand colouring, signed, extensively annotated, dated in pencil.


Louis Wains Cats

Louis Wain_Flower Cat

So pretty!

The man who started it all - I found this lovely cat with flowers for her eyes whilst looking for a suitable picture to showcase Louis Wain's immeasurable talent.

Louis Wain taking time to stroke one of his cats Louis Wain petting his cat

Wonderful picture of Louis Wain with one of his many beloved cats, who to my mind, resembles our own Nephyr

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