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Nathalie and me

Nathalie and I met via the Facebook page devoted to Lilian Jackson Brown's 'Cat Who' Fan Club. All members have a love of cats and many own Siamese, who are, of course the unashamed stars of the 'Cat Who' chronicles.


Jack and Me

Jack is a leading light of the Facebook page devoted to Lilian Jackson Brown's 'Cat Who' Fan Club, created by Jeff Johansen (after the Amazon blog collapsed), and that is how we got to know each other. We share a bit of a quirky view on life and sometimes American English versus proper English has caused us some amusing moments! Obviously Jack and Betty are great cat lovers and regularly involve themselves in rescue missions! Daniel is a very lucky (and pretty) little boy cat!

Jack Nunes

Here is Jack with Tabby (named after Tab Hunter)!


The latest addition to the Nunes household is young 'Rascal' but who would really prefer to be known as 'Rebel'! Seen here in July 2016

Daniel's coat occasionally take on different hues - here he's in his 'ginger' phase.




I also met Daniel 'virtually' thanks to the 'Cat Who' Facebook page and whose rescuer is another of the members, Daniels PortraitJack Nunes. Needless to say this very handsome young cat has a legion of female, including myself of course (and some male) followers. In Jack's own words here is the history of poster-boy Daniel :

"Betty found Daniel on the floor of a barn belonging to a client of hers not far away. This barn had quite an assortment of cats that were all loved, fed and feral. He had been abandoned by his mom who probably didn’t think that he was going to make it. We named him after the puppet on Mr. Rogers.
We believe Daniel was born May 7th because when we got him he just opened his eyes which was on the 14th of May. He was a tiny little creature that just fit into the palm of my hand with bear cub ears and the tiniest of tails. He could just barely drag himself around. Too cute.
He also came with a snotty nose from a respiratory disease and an inflamed bottom after he developed diarrhoea. So for the first month or so it was bottle feedings every couple hours 24/7 (his street name is the KMR Kid) and medication for Daniel’s two ends…
One thing he developed at quite an early age was sharp teeth. He used them to great advantage to get attention and blood. His nails also were quite needle like to allow him to get a better grip for the aforementioned teeth. He is still pretty bitey but the teeth are larger and don’t sink in quite as easily (who am I kidding). Since he stays in, Betty trims the front paws right after a good striping of one of our arms.
He’s turning into a great buddy of our dog Briel. They chase each other around and take turns being bitey with each other. I won’t say we condone that activity but it does give us some respite from new wounds.
He has been introduced to our two large male cats that sleep in our HVAC barn. He is a bit more respectful of them. We think he’s bidding his time until he is large enough to go to the next level.
Seriously, he can be very affectionate for a few seconds (at least a couple of times a week) and has the makings of an incredible squirrel tail. He doesn’t purr but does snuggle and sleep on Betty’s lap. He’s also a great alarm clock. 5-5:30 is a favorite time. We think he’s related to a circus act known as the “Flying Wallendas”.
He’s found a forever home and we do love him. I’m going to invest in Johnson & Johnson medical though ..."

Daniel in bathroom

I'm a CAT in any language but is that a faucet or a tap?

Daniel at Christmas

Daniel's Christmas 2012 portrait

Daniel and Sylvester (yes as in "I tort I saw a puddycat ......")

Rascal (top) with Daniel sharing a magnificent cat 'tree' - July 2016

Daniel and Simon (Siamese) - 2016 - named after Simon Templar 'The Saint'

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PouchkinePuchkine Portrait

Pouchkine has the honour of being our first featured cat.

Nathalie, with whom Pouchkine lived (in France) tells us:

"At this time, I worked in a veterinary clinic. An association for the protection of cats brought us wild cats roaming in order to sterilize them.

Pouchkine was one of those cats. He used to live near a factory.

He seems less wild then the others cats. So I decided to give him a chance, adopted him and made all I could to give him trust in human. It took a long time but it worked!

He lived six nice years with me and then dead with poison.

I am still inconsolable. He was a very cuddle cat."


I love this picture - the ease with which he just looks so beautiful!

I have to say that I think this is one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen and don't mind indulging this page with three of his portraits!

Pouchkine on the steps

Feel free to admire me!

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