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Louis Wain Obituary

Louis Wain Obituary

From the Daily Sketch

"Drew Cats because he Loved them - The man who never stopped sketching cats, Louis Wain, is dead. He was 78. Eighteen years ago he was thrown from a but and never recovered from the mental illness it caused. Miss Claire Wain, his sister, told the Daily Sketch last night: ' When he was a child we gave him a kitten, and since then he has never stopped sketching cats' It was not long before his work on the subject was in demand throughout the world.' Until a few hours before he died, Miss Wain said, her brother had been drawing cats. He loved them."

OBITUARY MR. LOUIS WAIN Mr. Louis William Wain, the cat artist, has died in Napsbury Hospital, St. Albans, at the age of seventy-eight. had been a mental patient for some years. Mr. Wain studied for a musical profession, but turned to art. He began to draw cats in 1883. He drew cats at cricket, cats at tea parties, cats angry, coy and sporting. Generations of children grew up with Louis Wain's cats to delight them in their picture-books and on greeting cards at birthdays and Christmas time. As those children grew up they retained their admiration for the artist who, with deft lines, gave cats the character of human beings. Mr. Wain was born in London. His father was W. M. Wain, of Leek, Staffordshire, and his mother Felicia Marie Booteux, of Paris. In 1881 Wain became an assistant master at the West London School of Art, and a year later joined the staff the " Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News," of which his drawings especially of animals, were featured. In 1907 he went to the United States, where, for three years, he delighted Americans with his sketches in the New York American and other publications. Soon afterwards his health broke down, and he was no longer seen in public, although his sisters occasionally arranged exhibitions of his pictures. He was president of the National Cat Club and a member of the Society for the Protection of Cats, the Council of Our Dumb Friends League and the Anti-Vivisection Society. Source : Birmingham Daily Post - Friday, 7th July 1939

Louis Wain Artwork

Writers Mascot - Louis Wain

Found this little chap in Postcard Monthly featuring in an advertisement

Louis Wain Alphabet

Louis Wain Cat Alphabet

For the eagle-eyed you will notice that the letters H and I are missing in this compilation provided by Pinterest - the search continues!

Cats & Tennis

Lovely lady tennis cat

Cats at play dated 1923

Cats performing a smash at the net

Tennis Players - Louis Wain

Cats at the Net playing tennis

As tennis is amongst my favourite themes - why not showcase Wain's love of this genre?

Cat Love

Mother Cat and Kittens by Lousi Wain

Cats and Cat Dolls by Louis Wain

What's not to love about these Cats and their kittens or are they cat-dolls? Images sourced from the Louis Wain pages on Pinterest

Romantic Cats

Valentine Cats by Louis Wain

'A Kiss for my Valentine' - Oh! pray be very careful, dear; They'll hear you in the house I fear.

Romantic Cats by Louis Wain

A Wain curiosity perhaps 'We's both love one another. Does oo love me? Say oo do, then we's both forever true' - baby talk as favoured by the Duke & Duchess of Windsor prior to the abdication

Louis Wain Christmas

A very St Nicholas Santa Claus looking Louis Wain Cat

General Christmas frolicking cats


Cover for Pussyland book

I do adore these gorgeous and cute faces!

Police Leapfrog

Cats dressed as policecat and jester playing leapfrog by Louis Wain

This is fabulous and appeals because of my 'Police' past and jesters have always held a fascination for me - with grateful thanks to Abe Books for supplying this image and description.

"A Wonderful and Playful Original Louis Wain Watercolor WAIN, Louis (1860-1939). "Leap-frog." [N.p.: n.d., ca. 1915]. Original pen, ink, and watercolor drawing. Signed at lower right. Image size: 13 3/8 x 10 1/2 inches; 340 x 265 mm. Matted, framed, and glazed.A wonderful example of a Louis Wain original watercolor drawing, depicting two cats, a brown tabby cat dressed as a policeman and a black cat with white markings on his face and white paws dressed as a jester and leaning on a cane, playing leap-frog on a sidewalk in front of a barber's shop, the door reading "Combs./Tonsorial/Artist/Hair Cut. 6d./Shaving. 6d./Wigs." There are three signs in the window behind them: "Mouse/Hair/Wash," "Keep Your/Fur Clean/and Your/Nose Cold," "Never Sit/on your Tail/it Spoils the/Fur." A highly colorful and playful example." Source : Abe Books

War Satire

Cats marching to War Louis Wain

Not much information or provenance on this surprising satirical view by Louis wain - up to seeing this image I had no idea that the patriotic cat had teamed up with the Benelux countries - image courtesy of The Saleroom who state "Postcard, Louis Wain, Cats, 'We're all going to Berlin on the Spree' published by Soloman Bros Ltd, p.u 1917, scarce (knocks to edges o/w gd) in their sales blurb.

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