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Mini meets Tardis

I thought this merited a page to itself - I cheated a bit, I replayed the start of the episode via the BBC iplayer facility and created some screen shots - it was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy the sequence of Mini, Corn Field, Crop Circle and the iconic Police Box. Not to mention all the screaming and a-hollering that accompanies this episode - well I suppose that they needed to expose their larynxes at some point but I have no idea why they should wish to!

Mini ArrivalMini Crop Circle x-roads

Mini crossing x-roads Amelia reading Map

Amelia and her husband in discussion Amelia looking bewildered

Mini Approaches 1 Mini Approaches 2

Mini Stealth Approach Mini in your face

Mini Grill Mini Close Up

The Couple and Mini The Couple and Mini again

Reaching the Centre Ameila exiting Mini

Both exiting Mini Nearly all out

What's that in the distance Mini sees Tardis

Who have we here? It's the Doctor

They espy the doctor They start toward the doctor

Rory looks perplexed The Doctor approaches Rory

The doctor gets closer to Rory Amelia rushes to join them

The Crop Circl revealed from above

And so the adventure begins .....

Colour swatch

They are probably screaming because they've just seen what the name of the colour of the car is - well wouldn't you? Primula! - It's enough to make a car want to weep!

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