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Welcome to the Mini Gallery Page

On this page I will show a variety of images which feature the Classic Mini from postcards to newspaper and magazine articles and personal photographs to anything I can find to make the page amusing and innovative. I hope you will enjoy this page as much as I anticipate creating it.


From T-Chip .com novelty Sweatshirts reminiscent of the popular 'Keep Calm' craze :

Mini Logo Design on Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt with Mini Logo Mantra

Swarowski Crystals

I only know one person who collects Swarowski but I couldn't resist these shiny examples :

Swarovski Gold Mini

Swarowski Silver Mini

Very difficult to source decent images of either! Will need to take a photograph of mine.

Italian Job Pub Poster

Royal Wedding Italian Job posterRoyal Wedding Italian Job posterRoyal Wedding Italian Job poster

Nice Italian Job tribute site here as well.

Bean Bags - 2015

They say : "Introducing the World's 1st Adults Personalised Mini Bean Bag Chair ONLY available from Bang Tidy Clothing!"

Mini Bean Bag red

Mini Beanbag Mini BeanBag

Beanbag Advert

Red Bean Bag Advert

Size doesn't matter - Mini voted most popular car ever!

Voted best ever car

The original Mini has been named the greatest car ever built in Britain, beating classics such as the Jaguar E-type and the Morris Minor for the number one spot. The legendary car topped a poll of car enthusiasts celebrating the best cars produced by home grown workers. Read the full article here

Little Bookmarks

Six Little bookmarks - frontSix Little bookmarks - Back

Kindly given to me by my friend Jenny (we share a birthday)

USB Ports & Key Rings

Computer USB portComputer USB port Police Design

Mini Keyring

Mini USBs

Drink Mini (Glassware)

Mini Whisly Tumbler Mini Beer Tankard

Oh come on - what Mini enthusiast wouldn't want to use a whisky tumbler or a beer tankard to drink their favourite tipple out of when not driving of course? Unless you prefer champagne ....

Champagne FluteChampagne FluteChampagne Flute

Thanks to for the images of the glassware shown above.

Mini Wallpaper

Wallpaper detail MiniWallpaper detail London

Wallpaper design

Repeated Wallpaper image

A fabulous piece of patriotic wallpaper nicely reflecting the Jubilee celebrations and featuring - what else, the iconic Mini - thanks to Feature Wallpaper for the images.

Mini Keep Calm

In keeping with the popular trend, created by the very talented Jessy who, together with Josie administers the Mini Cooper Classic Facebook page - for more innovative Mini pictures visit here

2012 Chelsea Flower Show

What is more iconic than Michael Caine reunited with a Classic Mini as shown here:

Michael Caine and Mini

Sir Michael Caine at the Chelsea Flower Show

Mini in front of Pavilion

Mini and Purple Pink flora

Good to see the pavilion stocked my favourite colour scheme to compliment flowers and Mini!

Night time at the Pavilion

Evening view of the Mini Centre stage on the winning pavilion

Prize winiing captions

Not sure about the composition of this photo ... but you get the general idea

An admiring glance

Quite right too! Who can help but cast an admiring glance? And Michael Caine was nowhere in sight!

Here's a lovely poster created for Royal Mail to commemorate the Top 10 great British achievements, in this case the Classic Mini naturally. I should like to thank my local Postmistress who saved me the original poster of the Mini on an Easel.

British Achievements Mini  on an Easel Poster


The Mini Hydrolastic suspension

I don't suppose you will have heard of or remember Hydrolastic suspension, but according to this postcard it was the latest innovation at some point during the Mini's illustrious career.

Postcard ad for Morris Super Mini-Minor

Postcard replicating an advertisement for the Morris Super Mini-Minor still popular as a sales item in the 2000s!

We've arrive Mini pc

Postcard postmarked March 1997 - still popular as a holiday subject - sent to me by a friend who knows I love Minis!

St. George's Day Mini Funky Mini Design Wrapping Paper

An image of a mini created by Clintons Cards for St. George's Day! / And some Funky wrapping paper

Celebrating Mini 50 years Royal Mint Coins

The Royal Mint went to town on Mini's half-century producing a selection of coins as illustrated here:

Commemorative Stamp Sheet

A beautiful stamp sheet dedicated only to the Mini :

The Mini and Union Jack Notebook

I love this notebook which was given to me by my friend, Lorinda (isn't that a nice and unusual name) and ever since receiving this simple little gift I cannot believe how frequently I've utilised it! This is my 'web-page' notebook which I carry about with me all the time because I keep getting ideas and need somewhere to jot them down - this has saved me hours of frustration! - Thanks again!

The invaluable Mini Notebook

Voted 2nd (following the Model T Ford) in the Mail on Sunday's 'Ten of the Greatest Car Designs' beating even the slightly more iconic E-Type Jaguar (from the same stable at the time) the Mini as usual reigns supreme. Read the full article reproduced here

Mini Tope 10 Greatest Car Designs Mini Tope 10 Greatest Car Designs

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