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From the Daily Telegraph (online)

The Mini has been voted the greatest British car of all time, ahead of the Range Rover, Jaguar E-type, Land Rover and McLaren F1.

That’s according to a poll carried out by Autocar in response to news that British car manufacturing output is set to eclipse its highest ever level by 2015, when more than two million cars are expected to be built. At present the record stands at 1.92 million cars in 1972.

Last year 1.34 million cars were produced in Britain (more than 80 per cent of which were exported), as increasing numbers of foreign car makers have invested in manufacturing facilities. These include Nissan, which built 480,485 cars at its Sunderland Plant, Land Rover (238,237 at Halewood and Solihull) and BMW Mini (191,474 at Oxford).

Despite many newer, faster and more expensive cars being made in Britain, it was the original Mini that grabbed the title of the country’s greatest car in the Autocar poll. Launched in 1959, the Austin Mini was designed by Alec Issigonis, who had joined BMC from Alvis in 1956. BMC chairman, Leonard Lord, wanted somebody who could design a vehicle to beat the new wave of bubble cars that were appearing in Britain as a result of the petrol rationing caused by the Suez petrol crisis. Issigonis had previously overseen the development of the Morris Minor, and it was a miniature version of this car that Lord had requested.

Working with a small team, which included Jack Daniels, Chris Kingham and Charles Griffin, Issigonis set about sketching designs for the new car, which would use a transverse-mounted engine and front-wheel drive in a body that was no more than 10-foot long and yet would be able to seat four adults.

Within the design were some completely new ideas, such as running the four-cylinder engine and gearbox on the same sump oil (the gearbox was mounted in the sump) to save space, and the rubber cone suspension, designed by Alex Moulton. Later, a cheaper, fluid-based hydrolastic system, also designed by Moulton, would replace the rubber cones.

The finished car used front and rear subframes to improve refinement (until they rusted away in wet weather) and was, without doubt, a triumph of packaging. Eventually it would notch up 5.4 million sales in a 41-year-old production run, although initial take-up was slow. It wasn’t, in fact, until famous faces began using the little Mini that the public really began to take notice, the initial interest boosted as success followed on the motorsport circuit, both on track and rally stages. Meanwhile, its role in The Italian Job (1969), ensured its place in popular culture forever.

Commenting on the Mini's victory, Steve Cropley, Autocar’s editor-in-chief said: “The Mini had many faults and was never profitable, but it rewrote the rules and had the biggest impact on Britain’s car industry that any car has had.

“It was one of the most remarkable cars ever built, what with its seating for four plus a decent boot in its mere 10-foot length, revolutionary drive-train and gearbox and its ultra-compact suspension.

“Then there was the whole Mini Cooper thing, and the enormous driving pleasure. The Mini’s influence is highly visible in every VW Golf or Ford Focus today, and the legend will live forever.”

From the Birmingham Mail (online)

Sir Michael Caine backs Birmingham display as city wins gold at Chelsea Flower Show
By Brett Gibbons May 23 2012
THIS Mini’s motoring on flower power – with the backing of movie legend Sir Michael Caine.
The actor, no stranger to the classic car after his turn in The Italian Job, gave Birmingham’s Chelsea Flower Show display his seal of approval.
And the accolades kept on coming, with the exhibit handed a gold award at the prestigious event.
Council parks staff joined forces with sponsors Retail Birmingham to create a spectacular chunk of the city in the capital, featuring replicas of the Town Hall, the Bullring bull, a canal barge, lock gates and Selfridges along with the Mini. The authority’s strategic director environment and culture Sharon Lea said: “Sir Michael saw the Mini and decided to come along for a closer look at our wonderful display.
“To follow that with a gold award is fantastic. Birmingham has taken over a corner of Chelsea this week and yet again our team has made its mark on a world famous stage. With support from Retail Birmingham we’ve produced another spectacular display that will now add a splash of colour to the city centre and attract visitors from across the UK.”
Jonathan Cheetham, chairman of Retail Birmingham and general manager at The Pallasades shopping centre, said: “Retail Birmingham is proud to be sponsoring such a wonderful display this year. It showcases the breadth of what Birmingham has to offer on an international stage.”

Nautilus Blue Colour Swatch

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Mini Top 10 British Stamps

Mini 1959 to 2000

Popular 'Gonk' style legend proclaiming "I love (using symbol ) my Mini"

Made in England

Production may have ended in the year 2000 but, in 2012 the Mini is still going strong:

2017 - The English expat who's gone to war with his German neighbours with a life-size Queen & Corgies, Phone Box*, Mini and Centurion Tank

Mr Bean style classic mini in Germany

To complete the scene there is an original lime green* Mini bearing the image of Mr Bean - image courtesy & © of Reuters

*Actually. I think the car is 'Limeflower' (as was the interior of my first mini bought in 1972) but what would the reporters who call a telephone kiosk a 'box' know? For the full story visit the Kiosk section or the Mail on-line.

2017 - Is 'The Italian Job' really the best British film ever?

Nearly 50 years after it was released, Michael Caine movie is still a hit

Italian Job still

Iconic image taken from the 1969 Film featuring the star of the shows - image © Stop Press

2017 - The great Mini 'Remastered'

Remastered Mini in Cheyne Row

Remastered Engine

A really souped up version of the Classic Mini currently very popular in the States - read more on Top Gear

Remastered Mini on Top Gear website

Watch the video here

2017 - Mini voted 'Best Car Ever'

Did anyone ever doubt that?

Britain's best ever car is revealed - and it's not James Bond's Aston Martin

The iconic motor – famed for its roles in classic films such as the Italian Job and The Bourne Identity – beat some much pricier competition to be given the top honour by industry chiefs

Mini voted best car ever!

  1. Mini, 1959-2000
  2. Jaguar E-Type, 1961-75
  3. Land Rover Defender, 1948-2016
  4. Aston Martin DB5, 1963-1965
  5. McLaren F1, 1992-1998
  6. Range Rover Mk1, 1970-1996
  7. Ford GT40, 1964-1969
  8. Caterham/Lotus Seven, 1957-now
  9. Ford Escort Mk1, 1967-1975
  10. Lotus Elise, 1996-2001

Forget flashy Jaguars or James Bond’s Aston Martin - the Mini has been voted Britain’s best-ever car. The iconic motor – famed for its roles in classic films such as The Italian Job and The Bourne Identity – beat some much pricier competition. The Jaguar E-Type came in second place and the Land Rover Defender in third.

The original Mini – which was in production from 1959 to 2000 – was a life changer for many and brought affordable motoring to the masses. A spokesman from Auto Express, which carried out the poll, said: “Minis were once as common as lampposts on UK roads –5.3 million were built. “Now the originals are cherished classics that raise a smile from everyone. They still dominate classic motorsport, too. No wonder our experts said the mighty Mini is the mightiest British car of all time.”

Ten top car manufacturers’ bosses, including representatives from Aston Martin, BMW and Jaguar Land Rover, created the list of the most influential models made in the UK. The judging panel was provided with a shortlist of 75 vehicles that rolled off UK production lines at one time or another, with each member asked to pick their top 10 based on sales, design and performance. Others chosen included the Aston Martin DB5, which was first used in a 007 flick in 1964’s Goldfinger, driven by Sean Connery, and most recently in Skyfall with Daniel Craig. The McLaren F1, the Lotus Elise and the Ford Escort MK1 were also near the top of the pile.

Auto Express editor-in-chief Steve Fowler said: “This survey is a reminder of how many iconic cars Britain has produced over the years. “So many of our Top 50 cars redefined segments and pushed the boundaries of what was possible. “The British automotive industry should be proud of its achievements and confident of the future.”

2015 - Mini - involved with Remembrance Fund Raising

Mini with Poppy livery fund raising

Mini with Poppy livery fund raisingMini with Poppy livery fund raising

Images courtesy of the British Mini Club

2015 - Mini features in 'Sexist' 1970s ads

Mini in sexist Ad from 1970s

Image copyright the Advertising Archives

'You've seen the ads from the Fifties and the Sixties, but this shocking selection from the Seventies shows that the real Mad Men of advertising learnt next to nothing about women over the years. For everything from cars to cigarettes to electric blankets, these ads show that while variety may be the spice of life, there's nothing like a semi-clad woman for bringing the customers running.'

The Daily Mail ran an article featuring 'perceived (by 21st century standards) 1970s adverts 'sexualising' women! One of those was for the Mini as shown above. As I was the very embodiment of that girl in the 1970s living in London and loving my 1972 Mini 1000 I'd like to ask, therefore, if I am seen as a 'Bimbo' some 40+ years later. A 'Bimbo' with some pretty extensive qualifications and experience of life! Lived in London in the 1970s, was a loyal 'Biba' (that's Biba not Bimbo) girl, lived and loved my Mini, even the nasty plastic seating which burnt any part of your unclothed body after time in the sun! Never suffered from an STD, travelled freely and extensively across the world (alone), had a steady job throughout, bought a house, got a mortgage and waited after I'd done all that to get married! Got married a second time too!

2015 - Mini - the villain in 'Emmerdale'

Still from Emmerdale

Honestly! How could they?

2014 - Two TV Programmes devoted to the Mini in May

Quest TV gave us Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson and Mini

Quest TV beat Channel 4 to the pip by broadcasting on Thursday, 8th May 2014

The Mini featured in Episode 1 of the series

"Whether it’s the old or new model, there’s a place in every Brit’s heart for the Mini. In this episode Brian will delve into its rich history, and get to the bottom of the world’s enduring love for this truly iconic car.

Brian heads to the Mini factory in Cowley in Oxford to witness how these loveable little cars are put together. From the assembly line he’ll get the lowdown on Mini’s big history, from the ground breaking first model to it’s more recent revamp and on‐going popularity. As well as his factory visit Brian test drives an original Mini from the Italian Job and competes in the Masters Historic Racing Festival at Brands Hatch."

Cars that Rock tv programme

Channel 4 offered Philip Glenister

Philip Glenister Mini

Philip Glenister in Channel 4's 'For the Love of Cars' broadcast on Sunday, 11th May 2014

Mini before restorationMini before restoration

Two images copyright and courtesy of Channel 4 showing the Mini before restoration

Before and after restorationRe-furbished Engine

Two images copyright and courtesy of Channel 4 showing the Mini 'before and after' and the re-built engine

The Mini featured in Episode 4 of the series

For the love of cars tv show

"The Mini Cooper Mk1 was the car that changed everything. Now it's down to Philip Glenister and internationally renowned car designer Ant Anstead to find, rescue and restore one back to its former glory.

But no ordinary model - Phil has set his hopes on an incredibly rare Mk 1 Cooper. Ant finally tracks one down in Dublin; a rusting heap at the back of a barn.

From its revolutionary design and front-wheel drive, to its conquering record as a track and rally car, the Mk 1 was the small car with the big heart driven by royalty, 60s superstars and the man and woman on the street.

Everyone loved the Mini and it is widely considered to be one of the greatest cars ever built. Philip explores the story of the Mini and meets Stirling Moss. He throws one around one of the most dangerous roads in the county and the show concludes with a Mini flash mob."

Mini voted the greatest British car of all time (Did you ever doubt it?) - 2014

Mini Best Car Ever

With car production in Britain estimated to hit record levels by 2015, a poll reveals that the original Mini is still the greatest home-grown car of all. (Full article in sidebar)

2014 - Picadilly, London

Union Jacl Mini

My friend, Ken, sent me this from the "Cool Brittania Store", Picadilly Circus, London - 04.03.2014

2012 - Chelsea Flower Show

Mini Chelsea 2012

Flowers cover a Mini Cooper at the Chelsea Flower Show in London, on May 21, 2012. The Chelsea Flower Show is the most prestigious of Britain's flower shows and is held every year in the grounds of the Chelsea Hospital.

2003 - 'Radio Times' photoshoot

Mini, Cilla Black Biba Bag

A Radio Times photoshoot featuring Mini, A Biba shopping bag, Cilla Black & Paul O'Grady as his alter ego 'Lily Savage' - I was in two minds about where to place this image but as Biba had ceased to exist in 2003 I felt Mini should take pole position! - image courtesy of

You certainly don't ................

Billboard Never forget your first Mini

This page is reserved for our interest in the Classic Mini [you know, as seen in 'The Italian Job'] - "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!" - Michael Caine

How iconic is this?:

Original Marks and Spencer Mini Ad

A Classic and BMW Mini in harmony

Perfect Harmony - a Classic Mini and a BMW 'Mini' sporting the same livery - possibly Vermillion red bodywork with accompanying (as yet unidentified) sky blue Union Jack Roof - wow!

Another A Classic and BMW Mini in harmony

Dr Who

We all know Mini starred in 'The Italian Job' and has appeared in numerous 1960/70s productions like 'The Professionals' and 'The Saint' - favourites of the commercial television stations - but in imagine, in 2011 Mini stars in the BBCs 'Dr. Who' - for a sequence of action shots please visit here:

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