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Welcome to My Mini Gallery Page

This page is dedicated to all the Minis I have ever owned :

Promo poster of Classic Mini

Nice promo picture, of the Mini Mayfair, recently acquired on ebay

Small has never been more beautiful

Ever since its pert and cheeky shape first caused a motoring sensation, the Mini has continued to prove that you can have your cake and eat it. Amazing space - within a car body only just over 10ft long; a stunning 60.5mpg at a steady 56mph plus nippy performance; and that legendary, fun-to-drive agility combined with all the refinements of the thoroughly modern Mini. With a choice of the well-equipped Mini City E or the captivation Mayfair, both powered by the lively 1.0 A-Plus engine, minimal-cost motoring has never been more attractive.

Mayfair - Love at First sight

Elegant coachlines incorporating the special motif, tinted glass and twin door mirrors announce the irresistible charms of the Mini Mayfair. Mayfair goes to town with velvet door trim and side casings, and lavish Plain and Chalkstripe velvet seat facings. The reclining front seats are fitted with adjustable head restraints, There's sumptuous cut-pile carpet, a four spoke steering wheen, and a push buttons LW/MW radio.
Other Mayfair features include face-level air vents and opening rear quarter windows in the incredibly long distances between fuel stops, you can secure the 7.5 gallon tank with a locking filter cap. And if you want to cut a real dash as you swoop into that tiny parking spot, you can kit our your Mayfair with distinctly styled alloy wheels.

Sourced from an Austin Rover Sales Brochure for the Mayfair and City. This is a good description (except for the tinted windows of my first 'Mayfair' an E-registered midnight blue Mini called 'Excellency'

Mini Mayfair - The most luxurious production Mini ever made:

and already a firm favourite. The Mayfair is a little jewel of a car. Still a totally practical and economical Mini, but with a special chic all of its own. Stylish coachlines and 'Mayfair' motifs provide tasteful exterior identification. Inside the Mayfair is lavishly trimmed with plush Raschelle fabric, on seats, door trims and side casings. Front seats recline, and have adjustable head restraints. Equipment levels complement the attractive upholstery, with a push button LW?MW radio, four spoke steering wheen, twin door mirrors, twin door bins, tinted glass, face level air vents, opening rear quarter windows, and cut-pile carpet. Instrumentation is neatly displayed in a binnacle in front of the driver, and includes a temperature gauge. Other Mayfair refinements include a moulded hand brake grip, a locking fuel filter cap, and styled road-wheel covers.
Because the Mayfair has the same technical specification as the City E Model, it offers the same remarkable combination of economy and nimble performance, the same ability to slot into tiny parking and garages spaces, with its 28.5 ft turning circle.

Optional Extras

Mayfair buyers can select the attractive option of wide-rim alloy wheels with smart matching wheelarch extensions giving even more tenacious roadholding and a sporting stance appropriate to a cousin of those famous race and rally winning Minis. As on the City E Model the Mayfair can be specified with the 4-speed automatic transmission adding further ti its appeal as an automatic luxury car in miniature; and two further options are black of clearcoat metallic paint finishes for that extra sparkle.

Also sourced from an Austin Rover Sales Brochure and seems (particularly with the automatic transmission) to fit the bill for my current incumbent 'Lorenzo' (the great of course!)

Mini advert 1973

My first mini was a Teal Blue Mini 1000 with 'Limeflower' plastic interior - the advert above shows the Teal Blue in the 850 range and a Limeflower exterior in the 1000 range - I don't remember being given the option of a matching interior!

Thibault Charlie Brown DTO 181L - Teal Blue with Limeflower Interior - 1972 - Manual

Receipt for TCB 1972

I think this is the only receipt I kept - now to find some pictures!

Brucie-Baby B GRB - Opaline - Manual

Mr C C MRC- Opaline - Automatic

Excellency E975 ANN - Midnight Blue - Automatic

Lorenzo (the Magnificent) started life as a creamy-white now Purple Pizazz with hot pink and silver Union Jack roof! Who else has a flag as great as ours?

My Purple Mini

First there was the respray ......

Mini with Union Jacl Roof

Then came the Union Jack Roof

Lorenzo 2018 new wing mirrors

Lorenzo 2018 new wing mirrors

Lorenzo details of new wing mirrors

Lorenzo details of new wing mirrors

In 2018 came the addition of the wing mirrors and a purply-lilac fenced in area and the roof had been refreshed! The 2018 upgrade also included the Mini 60 logo of my own design (unashamedly based on the Mini 25 original) in preparation for the 2019 60th anniversary of the first Austin Mini!

Lorenzo's rear showing the Mini 60 logo I designed and signature of car sprayer

Lorenzo witn 25-year anniversary catalogue

As 2019 is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Classic Mini, I designed a logo based on my favourite to date the decisively Art Deco looking 25 year logo created for the 1989 festivities.

Odxe to the Classic Mini

Author unknown - but I've lived through most of this!

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