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Welcome to My Mini Gallery Page

This page is dedicated to all the Minis I have ever owned :

Mini advert 1973

My first mini was a Teal Blue Mini 1000 with 'Limeflower' plastic interior - the advert above shows the Teal Blue in the 850 range and a Limeflower exterior in the 1000 range - I don't remember being given the option of a matching interior!

Promo poster of Classic Mini

Nice promo picture, of the Mini Mayfair, recently acquired on ebay

Thibault Charlie Brown DTO 181L - Teal Blue with Limeflower Interior - 1972 - Manual

Receipt for TCB 1972

I think this is the only receipt I kept - now to find some pictures!

Brucie-Baby B GRB - Opaline - Manual

Mr C C MRC- Opaline - Automatic

Excellency E975 ANN - Midnight Blue - Automatic

Lorenzo (the Magnificent) started life as a creamy-white now Purple Pizazz with hot pink and silver Union Jack roof! Who else has a flag as great as ours?


My Purple Mini

First there was the respray ......

Mini with Union Jacl Roof

Then came the Union Jack Roof

Odxe to the Classic Mini

Author unknown - but I've lived through most of this!


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Page updated : 26th August 2016