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HM Queen - 90th Birthday (2016)

Corgi banner for Queen's 90th birthday

Royal banner showcasing the two beautiful Corgi commemorative models - two glorious icons, the London Bus and the Classic Mini

There's something special about being able to join in with Royal Celebrations and get a souvenir of a collectible you really appreciate - I think the way Corgi went about this specific 90th design was really special! Reflected by the additional space given over to the purple design!

Card door detail

Roof deatail HM 90 Corgi

Astonishing attention to detail on the door and roof of the model seen in its entirety below

Corgi Mini commemorating HM 90th Birthday

Corgi packaging for HM 90th birthday model

Even the packaging does not disappoint!

Royal Babies Mini

Princess Charlotte Commemorative Mini

Commemorating the birth of HRH Princess Charlotte on 2nd May 2015

Prince George Commemorative Mini

Commemorating the birth of HRH Prince George on 22nd July 2013

Schematics for the models :

Welcome to Jubilee Mini!

In 2012, Her Majesty The Queen is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee after sixty years as Britain’s Ruling Monarch. To mark this remarkable event in our history Corgi are producing a range of top quality die-cast collectables and souvenirs.

Design detail

Corgi Jubilee Mini

Here are some images of fabulous Corgi cars featuring the Marks and Spencer Design seen on the side of this page, the commemorative versions for the upcoming Royal Wedding and Olympics 2012 - who couldn't love a Mini?

Marks and Spencer Corgi Mini

William and Catherine Corgi Mini

Olympics Corgi Mini

My own personal Mini now sports a Union Jack (pink, silver and purple in place of the traditional red white and blue, but here is a Corgi proudly sporting a Union Jack.

Corgi Mini sporting a red white and blue Union Jack roof

I owned a beautiful Mini Mayfair which was, I think, 'Nautilus Blue' although I always called it 'Prussian' blue. The swatch can be seen in the sidebar, and Corgi created a Mayfair seen below in silver.

Mini Mayfair 1984

And here is a farewell model showing the number plate 1959-2000 denoting years of manufacture.

Last ever Mini - Corgi 1959-2000

When I 'retired' from gainful employment - they baked me a cake! Complete with Mini gracing the top of the cake.

Mini Cake Top made out of icing

Mini Cake Detail

Mini Retirement Cake Front of Mini Cake

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