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'The Navy Lark' Gallery

It is perhaps fitting to open the Gallery with the specially commissioneed insignia for the fictitious 'HMS Troutbridge' signifying the popularity of the show and the importance of identifying the characters with their operational platform.

Troutbridge Insignia

Specially commissioned insignia and motto for 'HMS Troutbridge'

RT Cover from 1959

Leslie Phillips and Heather Chasen

Leslie Phillips and Heather Chasen performing to a live audience and broadcast - see the Troutbridge Shield above their heads! Image courtesy of Noelle Wyman-Blundel

Noelle says: "In the background is Dick Caldicott and Stephen Murray. Frontline is Leslie Phillips and Heather Chasen. I'm not sure if this is at the Paris or the Playhouse at this time (again, my memories are from when I was a child and usually sitting in the sound box at the back of each theatre with all the 'Thunderbird' type knobs and buttons and someone staying very quiet as he was concentrating on the mixing etc)...but it is one of the photos taken of the recording of The Navy Lark. Heather gave me my nickname of 'Flower Pot' bless her. Stephen Murray's wife Joanna used to make the most beautiful dresses for me as a child. LOVELY lady and Stephen, lovely man. Dick used to turn up at our house EVERY year without fail with a bunch of holly and a socking great bottle of champagne for my parents each Christmas. I have never seen so much holly in my life in one bunch lol! Maybe it was because I was small?"

The Radio Times announcing the launch of a 'new series' on 9th October 1959

Navy Lark Cast

The cast of radio comedy series 'The Navy Lark' (from left to right): Tenniel Evans, Ronnie Barker, Jon Pertwee, Leslie Phillips, Stephen Murray (seated) and Michael Bates. Image © BBC British Broadcasting Corporation

Navy Lark Return

RT NL return announcement

Announcements for the return of the ever popular radio series as shown in The Radio Times from the 1960s.

Rogue's Gallery

Heather Chasen in UniformMatelot Ronnie BarkerJohn Pertwee

A bit unkind to call Heather Chasen a rogue but you know what I mean! l to r Heather Chasen, Ronnie Barker, Jon Pertwee

Cast Signatures

Signatures of NL Cast

Signatures of The Navy Lark Cast: Ronnie Barker, Leslie Phillips, Heather Chasen, Richard Caldicot, Stephen Murray, Michael Bates, Lawrie Wyman, Alastair Scott Johnson, Jon Pertwee - image courtesy & © of navylark.0catch.com/ (a massive depository of Navy Lark memorabilia)

CD (Series) Covers

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