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Tom Courtenay tribute

A nice tribute to Tom Courtenay by Barry Norman

I have a feeling that the 'favourite' actors and actresses pages (apologies to the women who prefer to be referred to as actors) will probably be populated by those I favour and Tom Courtney is most decidedly one of those, although he cut me to the quick at Nottingham Playhouse when he appeared there and I was the part-time stage doorkeeper during his performances. I was told he was painfully shy and hated making a fuss, but surely even a single 'hello' might have been in order? Anyway, it in no way diminished my continuing to be a fan of his and, I believe I have seen every film, television appearance and stage performance by this mighty actor.

Tom Courtenay and Julie Christie

Seriously how could you not love this man? Image courtesy and © of Allstar/Cinetext/MGM

Tom Courtney Behind the Lens P1Tom Courtney Behind the Lens P2

Nice look through the lens as it appeared in the Daily Mail in September/October 2018 - I'm pleased to see my favourite picture of Tom Courtney with Julie Christie was chosen as representative of his favourites.

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