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Midland Hotel - Miscellaneous Artwork

Original Luggage Label for Midland Hotel

Original travelling label in 1933

Repro artwork for the luggage label

My recreation of the artwork to show how it may have looked brand new and hot off the press in 1933

Everybody loves 'The Midland' and its look don't they? Here are a few examples to enjoy :

Midland Hotel image on clock

A clock, featuring the Midland Hotel seen on ebay

Watercolour of Midland Hotel

Seen on ebay - a watercolour of the hotel

Valentine Ball

Excellent use of the Marion Dorn Seahorse (main entrance hall) incorporated into this Valentine Ball announcement in 2014 by

Midland Hotel - It's Beautiful Midland Hotel - It 's Beautiful

Image created by Harry McKenzie for the Creative Tourist

Midland Hotel Dialogue fro Promo Map

Coastal Road Trip Promo MH detail

Lancs CC Coastal Road Trip Promo Map

Images courtesy & © of Visit Lancashire

Sea front by Chas Jacobs

Promenade Panomrama by Chas Jacobs

Imbrellas at the ready at the Midland by Chas Jacobs

Rear view of the Midland by Chas Jacobs

Painting of hotel by Chas Jacobs

A selection by Chas Jacobs - I like the bright sunny feel to them!

Water colour by Colin Pickering

Watercolour by Colin Pickering as seen on the Crescent Gallery website

Jazzy Midland

Great colours but far too jazzy for a classic art moderne treasure by the sea! - You can see more of Fizle Sagar's work at Fizpaint

Sunshine Scribble

I like the way this 'scribble' encapsulates the hotel and Eric and Ernie - painted by Neil Eckersley for the Midland

Painting by Tabitha Mary

An original by Tabitha Mary

Painting of MH by Phil George

From the Midland Hotel Fb page - Oil painting recently by artist Phil George, which is currently being exhibited alongside the work of LS Lowry in the Clark Art gallery.

detail of original mural

Original mural

What better to showcase as representative of the varied artwork of the hotel than the original mural by Eric Gill and Denis Tegetmeier

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