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Midland Hotel - Promo Art

Hotel Brand

Midland Hotel lit up purple

Another Christmas themed image of the entrance to the hotel glowing with neon pink and purple lighting

Christmas Card from 2014

A Christmas Card of the Midland (and snow) from 2014

Front of Hotel

Rear of Hotel

Rear of Midland Hotel at Night

Examples of three of the cards used by the hotel to greet returning guests or for other promotional occasions

Lush paper napkins

Lush and durable paper napkins as used in the Rotunda bar - see also Gallery section


Afternoon Tea by the Sea

"What better way to get a break from all the Vintage by the Sea 2017 celebrations than our 'Afternoon Tea by the Sea'." says the Midland Hotel!


Seafood Festival

You can't fault The Midland (English Lakes) to make use of their own branded version of the Seahorse in 2016


Using Sand, Beach Balls (Beach Volley Ball in Rio inspired?) and Donkeys - this design doesn't appeal to me as much as the 2015 version!


Vintage by the Sea 2015 PromoVintage by the Sea 2015 Promo

Colourful and eye catching promo material using those two favourites of the 1930s eau-de-nil and 'undercoat' pink! (Tutti Frutti)

Advertising a Wedding venue at the Midland Hotel

Very popular wedding venue at the Midland Hotel

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