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Andrew and I have diverse tastes in music from Cajun Zydecco to Classic, Beach Boys to Bruce Springstein, Streisand to Sinatra, Military Bands to Classical Film Scores - we enjoy music!

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What Andrew likes and what Anna likes - share our enjoyment.

2017 - My favourite Beach Boy is 75

Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys

It's been a long infatuation starting sometime in the mid-1960s when Bruce briefly joined the Beach Boys to replace Brian Wilson who felt he could no longer create the songs and travel. Bruce was actually replacing Glen Campbell who had filled in for a while and happily for me he then returned and stayed with the Beach Boys as well as continuing his own single career. I was lucky to see him and Mike Love on one of their pre-reunion tours in Nottingham! Read his biography here and his collaboration with Terry Melcher here

2017 - Compassion

The Beach Boys pay tribute to the victims of the Manchester bombing on 22nd May 2017 - Source : express.co.uk

Beach Boys in Scarborough pay tribute

Beach Boys paid tribute to the Manchester victims last night

Beach Boys in a moments silence on stage

The Band's show was just 110 miles away from Manchester

Manchester bombing Beach Boys pay emotional tribute to terror victims at nearby concert

THE BEACH BOYS and John Stamos paid emotional tribute to the Manchester bombing victims at a concert last night, approximately 110 miles away from where the atrocity took place.

The group were playing in Scarborough and called on the gathered audiences to  hold a moment of silence. “Our job as artists is to spread joy and peace and love,” Stamos told the crowd. “And most importantly to bring people together through the power of music.”

Bruce Johnston added: “The violence in Manchester Monday evening was heartbreaking. Our prayers tonight are with all the victims, the wounded and their loved ones.” He continued: “We stand with the people of Manchester. We stand with all of the U.K,” said Beach Boys band member Bruce Johnston.

Beach Boys quote 'We are all those kids at the concert tonight'

Mike Love added: “We stand with all those who cherish freedom. We’ve been bringing young people together for 55 years. “We are all those kids at the concert tonight. They are in our hearts forever. “Please join us for a moment of silence honouring all affected by this horrific event.”

According to People, the entire crowd stood in solidarity during the tribute, with the song The Warmth of the Sun dedicated to the deceased. It was written on the morning of the Kennedy assassination and released in 1964.

Rwitter image at Beach Boys Concert in Scarborough

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2016 - Here come the Books!

Mike Love gets in first, so I'm reading it first and my review will appear here

Mike Love's Book 2016

Image courtesy and © of Mike Love.com

"On April 30th 2016, Mike kicked off his 50 Years of Good Vibrations tour. The hit “Good Vibrations,” which is widely considered one of the greatest masterpieces in the history of rock and roll, celebrates its 50th anniversary on October 10th of this year. In honor of this prolific time in the life of the Beach Boys, Mike will release his highly-anticipated memoir titled GOOD VIBRATIONS: My Life as a Beach Boy, on September 13th. The book will be published by Blue Rider Press, a member of Penguin Group (USA)."

Christmas promo Mike Love 'Good Vibrations

Image courtesy and © of Mike Love.com - (I just liked it!)

Ad for Mike Love's book 'Good Vibrtions'

Image courtesy and © of The NY Daily News

"Mike Love's new book “Good Vibrations: My Life as a Beach Boy” recounts bandmate Dennis Wilson claiming to have witnessed Charles Manson commit murder."

Then in October Brian opens up his innermost self :

I am Brian Wilson

Image courtesy and © of Brian Wilson.com

"I Am Brian Wilson is the story of Brian Wilson's life, told by Brian Wilson. But he's not the same man who had a nervous breakdown on an airplane in 1964 or the one who ballooned to 300 pounds and couldn't get out of bed in the 1970s. This Brian Wilson is older, calmer, filled with perspective regarding his extraordinary accomplishments and forgiveness for the people who complicated those accomplishments, and his life. Wiser, more measured, though still possessed of the youthful spark that helped him rise to the top of the rock and roll world, Wilson relates his life with a level of emotional honesty that has eluded authors of scores of previous works on Brian and The Beach Boys: "Telling my story honestly means remembering things I sometimes prefer to forget. I would like people to get to know what I've gone through, and I hope that my story will give them strength."

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2015 - The Film

Love and Mercy

Quite a sensational cast - IMDB

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Beach Boys 50 Year Reunion

The new CD 'That's Why God Made the Radio' has already been announced and the "Anniversary Collection 'ZinePak (Walmart Exclusive)" is already sold out! More information about this item here:

Walmart Special Edition

I'm so not ashamed to admitting being absolutely thrilled that the Beach Boys are going to reunite and have their inaugural concert on my birthday in New Orleans 2012!!!

BB Grammy rehearsal

Posing during their rehearsals for the Grammy awards - l to r Bruce Johnston, Al Jardine, Brian Wilson (seated), Mike Love and David Marks

But first there was the 25 Year Reunion

Beach Boys pre-1986

From left to right - Bruce Johnston, Carl and Dennis Wilson, Mike Love and sitting in front, Al Jardine prior to the 25-year reunion concert which did not feature Dennis.

The link takes you to a web-site which more or less takes you through the whole television programme using screen dumps and narrative - not unlike the sort of thing I do myself on occasions - a real labour of love and I'm very glad I don't have to do it! The DVD does exist but it is very hard to source!

Beach Boys DVD Cover Beach Boys DVD Cover rev

The DVD featuring the 1986 25-year Reunion of the Beach Boys - in addition to Brian, Bruce, Mike and Al, it is good to see a healthy Carl who, sadly, won't be participating in the 2012 50-year reunion.

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