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Some Notes and an idea of where this is going :

6 Degrees of Separation

NP = Nottingham Playhouse


Veterans > Jane Carr > Jenny Agutter > Bolam > Grimes > Gordon Jackson > John Mills > Gielgud > Ann Bell [Tenko – Roof Gardens > Biba]

Irene Shubik [BBC] > Aharone Ipale > The Mummy [Pharoah]

John Rhys Davies [NP] > Indiana Jones > LOTR

Robin Ellis [NP] > Indiana Jones

Stephen Frears > Dr Frears > Richard Eyre > Sue Birtwhistle > Cranford

Jane Carr > Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Bolam / Grimes – steal cigarettes

Bolam > Agutter [Railway Children] > New Tricks

Stephanie Beacham > Colbys > Dynasty > TenkoPeter McEnery [NP] >John McEnery [NP] > Beacham [NP] [Victim / Nichlas and Alexandra]

Lois Baxter [NP] > Bolam > When the Boat Comes In [Andrews choice]

Hinge and Bracket [Royal Court] 1st Performance > Derby Playhouse >  Cats


Ludlow > Regicide > Charles I > Signatory “Bloody Ludlow”

Resemblance : George Best

Beardless : Rodney Bewes – in notes, maybe not expedient to mention this in view of references to James Bolam ….

Book Title – “My Brush With ….”


Chapter Titles to reflect chapter content.


Destiny [to write the book?]


Notts. County

Being Polish [Polish Pope] / Krakow

Famous Authors



The Midland Hotel

The Apostrophe Society

My Friends

Peyton Place


The Producers – Films and Gerald and Louis

Irene Shubik


6 Degrees of Separation

The Italian Job / My Classic Mini

The Rich and Famous

John Player Trophy


Peter Pan – Birkin / Louis

The BBC Pygmy

Torvill and Dean [Nottinghamshire Police]

The Navy Lark – Heather Chasen, DaD repairing/resetting ring

Chapter Content

The anecdote

Room for “Comment”


“Off-topic” material

Definition :


I’m hoping to add comments or even, within reason, some off-topic material to each of my brushes in the hope that they will add colour to the kaleidoscope of experiences and make the whole landscape tapestry richer.

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