The Ebay prices:

Bogdan started off at £96.00 and was followed by a second for £102

The third went for £82 and the fourth for £151.50p

Followed by fifth and sixth sales of £132 and £76.01p respectively.

Then the seventh for £82 and the eighth for £100 with the ninth remaining unsold with a starting price of £95 and the tenth for £97.52p.

I think I'll stop Bogdan's pictured prices with the eleventh fetching £100.02 and the final one with a starting price of £150 remaining unsold.

However Bogdan seems eternally popular and the following in chronological order are the prices he's been commanding up to 15th August 2011: £87, £84, a starting price of £40 remained unsold, another starting price of £150 remained unsold, £72, £85, £92, £50.02p, £100 (unsold), £71.11p, £88.98p, £94.51p, £64.55p, £84.50p, £82.01p, £67.78p, £70.69p, £72,50p, £71.11p (again), £69.11p, £56, £58 (is our boy losing his charm?) - Apparently not as he rises to £67, £59 and £66.02 in his latest auctions. 19th August and the prices are calming down £56, £62, £52

The beautiful Maiya is not featuring as brashly as her male counterparts but is still commanding prices of £74.56 and £72 at her first two attempts. Swiftly gaining in popularity her 3rd and 4th auctions fetched £85.77 and £80 respectively. The fifth jumbed to £100 and then the 6th levelled out again at £85. On her 7th attempt she reached the popular anount of £71.11 abd followed up with an increase to £74.50 on her 8th attempt. For her last four featured auctions Maiya has fetched £69.11p, £72.86, £51.02 and £62.01 Maiya holds her own and her latest auction fetched £68.01!

Not to be outdone, Yakov the toymaker himself has achieved £75 for his first sale and £87 for his second.

His third fetched £77 and the fourth came in at £89.78p. Holding his own Yakov sold for £72.03p and £85.77p on his next two forays out and then on his 7th attempt he fetched £79.51 but failed to sell on his 8th attempt with a £99 starting price. Ykovs latest three featured auctions have come in at £81, £72 and soaring back up to £84. Yakov's final feature price came in at £71 and in his next foray dropped to £46.50.



Have you ever been tempted to say ‘Oh …. My …. God’ (with suitable intervals for emphasis) which had nothing to do with our gracious Saviour other than He, too would be appalled by what was being said or done? Well here is my take on the ‘Oh … My … God’ phenomenon which has nothing to do with religion but tellingly has a whole page devoted to the government!

Have you seen the prices on ebay! Oh ... my ... God - they are definitely OMG prices beating even silly prices:

The Triumvirate of Aleksandr, Sergei and Bogdan fetched a staggering £310 but perhaps not so staggering once you have a look at the individual prices shown below and on the sidebars.

Aleksandr Sergei and Bogdan £310

For Bogdan

Bogdan £96 Bogdan £102

Bogdan £82 Bogdan £151.50

Bogdan £132 Bogdan £76.01

Bogdan £82 Bogdan £100

Bogdan £95 unsold Bogdan £97.52

Bogdan £100.02 Bogdan starting £150 unsold

For Sergei

Sergei £132 Sergei £180

Sergei £225 Sergei £201

Sergei £150 Sergei £103

Sergei £112 Sergei £102

Sergei £98.78 Sergei_Alexandr £300

Sergei £109 Sergei £107

For Vassily

Vassily £96.57 Vassily £125.77

Vassily £99.50 Vassily £87.99

Vassily £66.00 Vassily £70

Vassily £77.00 Vassily £80.00

Vassily £67.00 Vassily £97.00

Vassily £69.99 Vassily £70.99

For Maiya

Maiya £74.56 at 1st attempt Maiya £72

Maiya £85.77 Maiya £80.00

Maiya £100.00 Maiya £85.00

Maiya £71.11 Maiya £74.50

Maiya £69.11 Maiya £72.86

Maiya £51.02 Maiya £62.01

For Yakov

Yakov £75 Yakov 87

Yakov £77 Yakov £89.78

Yakov £72.03 Yakov £85.77

Yakov £79.51 Yakov £99.00 unsold

Yakov £81.00 Yakov £72.00

Yakov £84.00Yakov £71

Happily the prices seem to be calming down now so the latest (and as far as this article is concerned last) are: For Bogdan £58, £50.50p, £51.51p, £52.67p, £51, £43, £56, £50, £38, £41 these are in chronological order so Bogdan is still fluctuating a bit and the greedy BINs of around £100 are not selling. The latest (and last for this article) on Maiya was £69, Yakov £45.46 and bringing up the rear with two final prices Vasilly with £52.35 and £43.00.

I hope you enjoyed this silly bit of trivia.

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Page updated : 14th November 2016

More Ebay Prices

More silly ebay prices this time featuring Sergei:

Sergei started the trend by setting off on his blocks at £132 and followed swiftly with a sale of £180.

Third came the enormous sum of £225 and the fourth came in at a mere £201.

Still commanding leading prices the fifth Sergei came in at £150 and the sixth at £103.

The seventh then levelled at £112 and the eighth dipped to £102.

Looking to be losing his charm Sergei dipped to £98.78p at the ninth hurdle but picked up with the iconic Alexandr, sold as a pair for £300. Holding his own at £109 and £107 respectively for his 11th and 12th sales.

Not to be out done by Bogdans popularity more prices for Sergei not pictured are as follows, starting with a staggering £137, £95, £94, £105, £103.01p, £78.20p, a starting price of £150 BIN did not sell, successful sales followed for £102, £80, £90, £81, £102, £100, another starting price of £99.99 remained unsold, and the next sales levelling out at £92, £89 then another rise to £100, a leap to £225, down to £201, £150, £103, £112, £102 and currently steadying at £102.

Prices at 15th August continue at a sustained level and the latest are : £92, £71.51p and £96.68p.

Young buck Vassily is also proving a people's champion!

His first auction fetched £96.57p and his second rose to £125.77p.

His third and fourth steadied at £99.50p and £87.99p

Ooops down to a mere £66 on his 5th but back up to £70 for his 6th auction with the help of an additional carrier bag. Following on with sales of £77 and £80 respectivley for his 7th and 8th sales. And to round off his round dozen pictured prices, Vassily commanded a mere £67 for his 9th sale but picked up and bagged an increase of £30 to £97 on his 10th and then levelled off again at £69.99p and £70.99p for his 11th and 12th sales.

Vassily's popularity continues and a selection of his remaining recorded prices are: £72.60p, £53.87p, £62.02 and am unsuccessful attempt at a £75 BIN.