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This page is reserved for Anna's favourite television programmes - Peyton Place which appeared here has now graduated to a page of its own!

As far as 'soaps' go - none of the others can hold a handle to Peyton Place, but I did love 'Falcon Crest' and 'Dallas' which brought with them the first appreciation of a night-time soap. I even won a competition which had requested participants to compare 'Dallas' to 'Dynasty' which I watched but wasn't bothered by it - ironically of course I won the bottle of 'Krystle' based on Dynasty! - I'll scan in the article when I find it! Saw it the other day so it can't be that far away!

Other favourites :

'The Barchester Chronicles' - the first time I came across Alan Rickman playing the loathesome 'Obadiah Slope' to reptilian perfection (in preparation for the film 'Galaxy Quest' perhaps?)

'Mapp and Lucia' - the television series (old and new), the audio books and the books themselves!

'True Blood' - is a collective 'like' so will appear on our joint page as will 'The Prisoner' forever linked to Portmeirion.

NCIS - the globally universal favourite by the sound of things!

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