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This Cinderella is a Visual feast

as performed by the Birmingham Royal Ballet


designed by John F McFarlane

Cinderella's Fairy Godmother

A real Fairy Godmother

Corps de Ballet

The truly enchanting corps de ballet of fairies

Costume Design for Lady Mouse

Costume Design for the Lady Mouse

Frogs and Mice

The carriage attendants

Cinderella's Carriage

The carriage and froggy footmen

The ticking Clock

The clock dominates as the seconds tick inexorably towards midnight ......


Even the cupcakes have their own design and dimensions - very important to the property maker!

The Ugly Sisters and Stepmother

The truly 'Uglies' - their entire 'scoffing routine' was hysterical to behold but a masterpiece of choreography!

Source of all images used on the page courtesy & © of John F McFarlane and the Birmingham Royal Ballet

Review : Winchester Today | The Guardian

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Page created : 19th October 2017