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How would this differ from imagery? I think that there is a whole world of iconography out there from Marmite to the VJ Day Kiss and anything that really sticks in someone's mind - not to be mistaken for ubiquity! Because some subjects are serious and others frivolous they are divided into Timeline (serious) and Alphabetical (just for fun)


2018 - Hulanicki creates the ultimate 'Witchy' Hat

Witches hat made from and against a backdrop of Barbara Hulanicki skull designed wallpaper

Made from her Skulls wallpaper this hat really is the icing on the cake to any witches outfit this Halloween! - Image courtesy & © of Barbara Hulanicki

2017 - 22nd December - Blue UK passport to return after EU exit

Proposed British Blue Passport

The proposed new Blue British Passport beside its current counterpart - image sourced from The Guardian which states "British passports issued after October 2019 will be dark blue and gold, replacing the current burgundy model. The British passport is redesigned every five years, and the new version will come into production next autumn when the current contract expires, the Home Office has announced. The return of the navy cover, first used in 1921, is being hailed as a victory by pro-Brexit MPs, who had campaigned for a return to the colour."

"The cover of the UK passport will be returning to blue after the UK leaves the European Union, the Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis has announced." Source : Gov.uk

I have to say that the question of the passport colour was one of the first things I thought of when the Brexit result was announced and was gratified to see how quickly the importance of iconography attached to the beloved blue passports of old was acknowledged. Secretly loving the pink EU version, there's something to be said in retaining our identity - just as we eschewed the euro, so now, thankfully we eschew the pink!

The original Blue UK Passport

This pleasing combination of old-fashioned typewriter and the truly beloved and iconic original Blue British Passport as enjoyed by the post-war generation was created for a debate on a French website on whether the passport is blue or black! With grateful thanks to Sputnik France for access to the image

2017 - Once a Year at 11:11 am the Sun Shines Perfectly on this Memorial

Veterans Memorial in Arizona

Photograph by Mike Spinelli

At precisely 11:11 a.m. each Veterans Day (Nov. 11), the sun’s rays pass through the ellipses of the five Armed Services pillars to form a perfect solar spotlight over a mosaic of The Great Seal of the United States. The Anthem Veterans Memorial, located in Anthem, Arizona, is a monument dedicated to honoring the service and sacrifice of the United States armed forces. The pillar provides a place of honor and reflection for veterans, their family and friends, and those who want to show their respects to those service men and women who have and continue to courageously serve the United States.

The memorial was designed by Anthem resident Renee Palmer-Jones. The five marble pillars represent the five branches of the United States military. They are staggered in size (from 17 ft to 6 ft) and ordered in accordance with the Department of Defense prescribed precedence, ranging from the United States Army, the United States Marine Corps, the United States Navy, the United States Air Force and the United States Coast Guard. Additionally, the brick pavers within the Circle of Honor are inscribed with the names of over 750 U.S. servicemen and women, symbolizing the ‘support’ for the Armed Forces. The pavers are red, the pillars are white, and the sky is blue to represent America’s flag. The circle represents an unbreakable border. Anthem resident and chief engineer, Jim Martin was responsible for aligning the memorial accurately with the sun. Source : twistedsifter.com

2017 - Empire State Building goes dark for Manchester

Empire State Building Blacks Out for Manchester

In deep sympathy for the lives lost in Manchester, England last night (22nd May 2017), we will remain dark this evening. Photo taken previously by Inga S - Source : ESB

2017 - Eiffel Tower goes dark for Manchester

Twitter message from ET

Eiffel Tower in darkness for Manchester May 2017

The Eiffel Tower via Twitter goes dark - image © Henri Garat

2017 - The London Underground Tube Sign

We all know the 1930s design of the London Underground and it came into play once more just recently as the Houses of Parliament in Westminster were targeted for an attack to be followed days later by the signing off on 'Brexit' - we are proud not to be afraid!

We are not afraid Tube Sign

2017 - The Threepenny pound coin

Threepenny piece 1952

Old and New pound coins

New 12 sided pound coin

You can't improve on the original but this pound coin is going to give its best! Nice homage to the threepenny piece!

2017 - Empire State Building glows Magenta

Empire State Building glows Magenta

From the Empire State Building's Fb page - "We’re pretty in pink tonight! Our lights are shining in magenta, honoring HeForShe and International Women's Day"

2016 - Two Icons in Solidarity

Liberty and Marianne

I love the merging of these two icons to show American (Liberty) Solidarity with the French (Marianne) after the most recent atrocities - thank you to the California Rifle and Pistol Association who added 'CRPA stands in solidarity with France as they endure the aftermath of yesterday’s (14th July - Bastille Day) terrorist attack in Nice and are praying for the victims and their families during this trying time.'

2016 - Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in her 90th year

HM Elizabeth II at the Chelsea Flower Show

HM Elizabeth II at the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show

Using the postage stamp template, Her Majesty is captured in the centre cut-out and in front - images by Getty from the Chelsea Flower Show 2016

Queen Elizabeth II is pictured next to a floral exhibit by the New Covent Garden Flower Market, which features an image of the Queen, at Chelsea Flower Show press day at Royal Hospital Chelsea on May 23, 2016 in London, England. The show, which has run annually since 1913 in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, is open to the public from 24-28 May.

2016 - Lyle's Golden Syrup

Golden Syrup 90th Birthday Golden Syrup Happy & Glorious

Special edition tins of Lyle's Golden Syrup commemorating and celebrating the NM the Queen's 90th birthday

2016 - I Love Poland

Polski Orrzel

The national emblem of Poland, a crowned eagle, given a 21st century makeover

2015 - Miffy - Celebrates her 60th Birthday!

Miffy goes to the Zoo

Lots of Miffy

Miffy Book

Miffy 60 years!

Seriously, who couldn't love this little rabbit with her minimalist appeal? I have always adored Miffy! (She even has her own Museum)

2015 - 'Sister!'

The Navy spelling sister to commemorate Princess Charlottes birth

Sailors on the flight deck of HMS Dragon spell out the word 'SISTER' to celebrate the birth of Princess Charlotte - image courtesy & copyright of EPA

2014 - Big Ben

As the Poppy momentum grows, Big Ben also got into the act and who could blame him?

Big Ben draped in poppies 2014

Big Ben sporting poppies on the Thames 2014

Big Ben draped in poppies looking out onto the River Thames and Westminster Bridge - with grateful thanks to Tolga Akmen/LNP for the lower image.

1984 - Torvill and Dean's 'Bolero'

Torvill and Dean Bolero Torvill and Dean Bolero page link

Surely this has to be one of the most iconic modern-day image of all time - Torvill and Dean in 'Bolero' start pose. With grateful thanks to ozy.com for a wonderful image and Torvill and Dean tribute page

1966 - World Cup Willie

World Cup Willie Logo

Our ubiquitous and beloved mascot 'World Cup Willie' got us to the Final and helped us to win the World Cup in 1966!

World Cup Commemorative Programme

Programme Cover

World Cup Willie Record Sleeve

Record Sleeve

World Cup Willie Commemorative Mug

Porcelain tankard

1944 - Monte Cassino

Monte Cassino Bugler 1944

1944 - Emil Czech gra Hejnał Mariacki w zdobytym klasztorze Monte Casino. The bugler, Emil Czech plays the (Hejnał Mariacki**) 'Warning Alert' in the ruins of the of the liberated monastery atop Monte Cassino.

**After Tartar raids in the 13th century left the original church in a heap of ruins, St. Mary’s was rebuilt in Gothic style on the existing foundations and consecrated in 1320. In the early 15th century the towers took the iconic form they have today, the northern tower being 80m in height made it the ideal vantage point for a watchtower for the city. It is from here that the city's famous (warning) bugle call is played hourly to all four points of the compass. One of the city's most enduring traditions, the tune ironically breaks off mid-melody in honour of the mythical trumpeter who was shot in the neck whilst warning the city of Mongol invaders. Read more

1945 - The Kiss

VJ Day 1945 Kiss Life Magazine VJ Day

VJ Day at Times Square New York City 1945 - the iconic image captured by Alfred Eisenstaedt and used again in the 21st century.

VJ Day colourised

And how it may have looked in colour using 21st century technology.


Empire State Building Graphic 1930s

Aren't all these divine from the 1930s? The Empire State Building looking justly magnificent and iconic.

1928 - The Look

Gellibrand 1928

Paula Gellibrand - The Marquesa de Casa Maury 1928


Biba - Barbara Hulanicki always!

Hulanicki print

'Bovril' aids the return of 'Dad's Army'

1939 Bovril Advert Bovril Home Army ad

I thought it would be pertinent to add some authentic images of Bovril from the wartime years - The Lady Pilot was an advert in the Illustrated London News from 1939 and the Home Guard advert would have appeared in a similar publication after 1940

Bovril Dad's Army Edition

Bovril celebrating the re-make of the 'Dad's Army' film - beating Marmite for a change!


Casablanca Friends

This image came later than the ones already featured in Films but as this scene is a particular favourite of mine, it deserves its place here.

This film celebrates its 70th Anniversary in 2012 but the iconography associated with the film can never be mistaken for anything else if these examples are anything to go by:

Casablanca silhouette

Modern Poster Casablanca

Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty & Big Ben

Fashions depicting Deco landmarks

Bet you've never seen the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty or Big Ben look like this before!

Eiffel Tower - 'Putting on the Glitz'

Glittering Eiffel Towers

Well you couldn't really call it anything else could you? - The Telegraph Magazine dated 16th December 2017


Original Marmite

Who doesn't recognise this iconic jar?

And what about a few variations?

Marmite Crown


Marmite - Dr Who 50 years

Marmite eau de parfum

Nothing to do with Marmite (except as reciprocal advertising of course' except to utilise the 'love it or hate it' strapline. The image was created solely for the purpose of bringing attention to the 'Provocative and peculiar: the rise of 'Marmite' fragrances' article in the Telegraph! Provoking our interest with this opening paragraph. "Eau de fudge, turpentine, salt – and even semen. Yes, really… The latest fragrance trend is for provocative, peculiar perfumes. Alice du Parcq enters the world of the love-them-or-loathe-them scents..." (follow the link to read more)

Halloween Marmite for 2018

For 2018 the adventure continues and we have a Hallowe'en Treat!

Summer Marmite

Marmite Flag

Marmite Xmas 2015

Isn't this fun for 2015? Yes, of course I ordered loads - for the family and me, me, me - did I say me?

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