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Lalique Seahorses

Lalique Seahorses

So Lalique did Seahorses too! Why doesn't that surprise me?

Lalique's new Amethyst packaging

Re-packaging for 'Amethyst' in 2017 - I prefer mine (see below)

A fruity top note of blackberry complements the crispness and tanginess of blackcurrant. At its heart, ylang lily is enhanced by the delicacy of eglantine rose and purple peony. At its base, the smoothness of the musk expresses an elegant femininity enhanced with the richness of sensual wood and the sophistication of vanilla. Inspired by the collection of ‘Epines’ bathroom accessories originally designed by René Lalique in 1920. Its name, design, color and fragrance are the result of a meeting between a brilliant jewel and the natural world.

I now own three pieces of Lalique glass - one is the Amethyst pictured below, a piece of commercial sales which I picked up at a closing down sale - image to follow and at Christmas 2016 I was the recipient of the double anemone in red (more crimson). For my 65th birthday I will be receiving the Clairefontaine also in red.

Lalique Amethyst

Amethyst perfume

The designer packaging is to die for - but then it's not possible to see the beautiful bottle!

The Lalique Anemone

I love the round bulbous effect of this bottle - in reality it is a nice sturdy piece - received at Christmas 2016

Lalique Anemone stopper

A close up of a single stopper to show the colour and precision of the work of the double above

Lalique Lilly of the Valley

Good to see that this should arrive with a similar bulbous base - will be a very nice 65th birthday present (age is just a number!)

Lalique Clairefontaine

Advert header featuring the the Clairefontaine design.

Lalique dor 2017

New for 2017 - quite a departure but love the freshness of the grren tones!

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