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2021 - Anne Golons' Centenary

2021 - 10th November - Centenary Edition in Large Print

Centenery Edition of Book 1 in Large Print

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Anne Golons' birth L'Archipel have announced a large print edition of the book that started it all! Image courtesy & © of L'Archipel as seen on the site

Cette réédition, publiée à l'occasion du centenaire de la naissance d'Anne Golon, inclut une préface de sa fille Nadine Goloubinoff et un cahier hors texte de documents rares ou inédits.

This reissue, published to celebrate the centenary of Anne Golons' birth, includes an introduction by her daughter Nadine Goloubinoff and a selection of rare and previously unpublished documents.

2017 - Bastille Day, 14th July - Farewell to 'La mère de toutes les Angéliques'

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Anne Golon 1957

On the morning of Friday, 14th July 2017 I received the overwhelmingly tragic news that Anne Golon had shed her mortal coil earlier that day. I overcame my own great disappointment and hurt on hearing the news and spoke to Anne's daughter with whom I emphasized as I remembered the loss of my own mother. Anne may have been one of the most famous journalists and prolific authors ever to inhabit this planet but she was also a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, widow and mother. I remember Anne with great fondness once I had got over the awesomeness of meeting her and the heroine-worshipping I had lavished upon her. Anne always enjoyed the company of, and liked meeting her readers, but she eschewed the adulation. This was a thoughtful woman who would never sign an autograph until she had discovered something about the person requesting it so that she could dedicate something very personal and appropriate to the recipient. RIP wonderful, wonderful lady.

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