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This is the page reserved for cat organisations, charities and any affiliated causes or good ideas.

Cats Protection (League)

Cats Protection Logo Cats Protection Logo Cats Protection Logo Cats Protection Logo

I have been involved with and a supporter of Cats Protection since 1980 when it was still known as the Cats Protection League and am a local (Nottingham) and national member. No longer active but still supportive in terms of donations and giving homes to unwanted felines. Of those featured on this web-site Nephyr, Taree, Mac and Mabel, Hinge and Bracket and Tinkerbell are all former CP / CPL cats.

See The Travelling Cat

That Purple Cat

Purple Cat Logo

From the web-site:

"Hello, I’m That Purple Cat! Welcome to my website, it’s all about me and how I am now a less stressed cat thanks to Feliway; the secret to happy cats. My feline mission is to help educate you about your furry friends, to understand us better, so you don’t think we are just being naughty or that’s ‘just what cats do’. Modern living means us cats can get stressed too and feline stress can cause some nasty health problems or make us act strangely.

It’s EduCATion the Feli-way! Purrrrrrr… That purple cat x"

There is a video on You Tube which can be found here - the squeaky voice is a little irritating but the message is clear - don't stress your cat out! I had a cat (female) that sprayed - wish I'd known about Feliway ........

Purple Cat Bag

For donating to Feliway on behalf of the CP I got a fantastic hessian bag!

The Three MusCATeers

"Is an organisation committed to helping unwanted Cats and Kittens" - in South Africa, visit their Fb Page

The 3 Muscateers Poster

Three Muscateers Roundel

The 3 Muscateers Banner

The 3 Muscateers Banner 2

The Three Muscateers Charity Flyer

A flyer to introduce themselves to the public - I love the graphics which caught my eye!



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