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Commercial Cats or Felines featuring as Logos or promoting goods, places and services.


This section originally appeared elsewhere as a 'filler' but after discovering Lanvin's 'My Sin' I decided to upgrade the advertising section. Cats do make extraordinarily good subjects for advertising.


Cat Poster advertising Absinthe

Paul and Joe Beauté Cat Design Make-Up

Meow Marketing

Set of lipsticks


reverse soapsuds box featuring cat

Biba Soapsuds packet

Lovely to see a playful kitty (in the style of the 1930s) gracing the reverse of a packet of soap flakes!

Bienne (Biel) Police in Switzerland

Quiet please Police Notice

An amusing and very apt polite Police notice asking revellers not to disturb residents' 'repose' (such a great word!)

Black Cat Cigarettes:

Black Cat Cigarettes


Cats advertising beer in San Francisco

At least they didn't call it 'Fat' Black Cat Brewing Co.

Cat Gallery

Cat Gallery Logo

Logo for Cat Gallery website

Cat Show

Cat Show Ad

What better to use than a cat to advertise a cat show?

Cat Walk (Fashion) in the 1930s

Cat Walk Ad

Could be an advert for a Fashion Magazine or maybe stockings? Great 1930s artwork as always

Cat Welfare in the 1920s

Think carefully before getting a kitten

Fortnum & Mason and Edward Bawden

Fortnum & Mason Advert illustrated by Edward Bawden

It was this advertisement for Fortnum & Mason using cats that brought Edward Bawden to my attention and as I researched him so I found that he loved creating illustrations of cats!

Edward Bowden cats for F&M

I like this one of Bawden's work for F&M because it has an East European / Polish feel to it in colour and attitude

The 1958 Christmas catalogue for F&M by Bawden

I can see the influence of Eric Ravilious in Bawden's work and the 1959 F&M Christmas catalogue is supposed to have been his finest - I like this one!

HP Sauce

Cat and Dog advertising HP Sauce

Cat and Dog advertising HP Sauce - honestly you couldn't make it up! Although it's a sort of anti-advert as opposed to reciprocal advertising Image sourced from

Jaguar Cars

Jaguar Logos

Jaguar have also stayed true to their big Cat

James Mellor & Sons - Old Tom Gin

Old Tom Gin Ad

Lanvin 'My Sin' (1920s to present day)

My sin using real blck cat

My sin using real blck cat

Lanvin advert for My Sin featuring Black cat

Product advert for Lanvin

My Sin Product advert for Lanvin

1920s drawn advert for Lanvin cat logo

Modern take on Lanvin Paris using real black cats

Modern take on Lanvin Paris using real black cats

Libraries & Reading

Library using a cat to urge you to read

A must for any book and cat lover in a timeless appeal - image sourced from

Ludlow Shoes

Ludlow Shoes

With thanks to Harvard University for preserving this fabulous advert (how could I resist) and making it publicly available.

Marmite (but not as we know it) & Consommé Complet

A cat with his marmite full of consomme

A pot full of Beef & Vegetable 'Consommé Complet' on sale here this gorgeous illustration shows a patriotic black cat extolling the virtues of the contents of her 'marmite' (pot) in this vintage advertisement. I wonder if 'Le Crueset' borrowed their famous orange-red glaze from this remarkable advert by IMP, CAMIS, PARIS - image sourced from

Mog and Sainsbury's Christmas

Has Sainsbury's won the battle of the Christmas TV ads? Viewers claim hilarious commercial featuring the return of Mog the Cat has put John Lewis and other festive offerings to shame 

Sainsbury's unveiled their Christmas advert with children's book character.
Mog creator Judith Kerr has written a new story about the calamitous cat.
The new book will be on sale with profits donated to Save The Children. 

Mog the calamity-prone cat in a brand-new Christmas tv ad

Sainsbury's Christmas advert has been unveiled and features Mog, the calamity-prone cat in a brand-new Christmas tale written by the author of the original series Judith Kerr, who even makes a cameo appearance

Mog has a nightmare while asleep in the kitchen

Mog has a nightmare while asleep in the kitchen and with a flick of her tail knocks the Christmas lights, leading to a chain of events where the kitchen ends up on fire

Mog tries to escape the chaos of the kitchen

Mog tries to escape the chaos of the kitchen while clinging onto a rotating fan, while explosions occur beneath her with fairy lights blowing up

Author Judith Kerr with stars of the Christmas Advert

Mog the cat is the star of the show and saves the day in this new Christmas tale which will also be on sale as a book in Sainsbury's stores, with author Judith pictured left - images courtesy & © of Sainsbury's and the Daily Mail

The advert - which lasts three minutes and 30 seconds - features the calamity-prone cat in a brand-new Christmas tale written by the author of the original series Judith Kerr, who even makes a cameo appearance.

The advert has been declared as the winner of the Christmas advert 'comfortably beating' John Lewis and is 'the best Christmas advert every' according to Twitter. Source : Daily Mail | Watch the ad here or on You Tube

New Brighton by the Sea

New Brighton by the Sea Cat Poster

At first glance this almost looks like a tennis playing cat - but it's a clever design using his body to look like a roller coaster although I saw it as a tennis racket - so cats are even used in advertising the seaside - sometime in the 1950s


Peugeot Historical Logos

Peugeot have stayed true to the big Cat since 1850

PostScript Books

Postscript Books Christmas Gift Supplement cover featuring black cats

Black Cats feature prominently on the PostScript Christmas Gift Supplement of 2016

Radion Washing Powder (Poland) the 1930s

Stamp based on the original 1926 design by Gronowski

1930s washing powder by renowned artist Tadeusz Gronowski

Designed by Tadeusz Lucjan Gronowski* in 1926 for the 'self-cleaning washing powder' - this design was used in the late 20th/early 21st century on a stamp in a series dedicated to cats. Image sourced from

* "The Most Beautiful Advertisements of Pre-War Poland - It's impossible to imagine a world without advertising, even if it may seem that it would be better without it. There are also advertisements that each of us remembers, knows, or even admires. In such cases, it's the art of advertising that we're dealing with – and in Poland this art blossomed in the interwar period of the 20th century. Polish advertisements were distinctively elegant in their content and very original in their form. Some true masters were among their authors, such as Melchior Wańkowicz, who coined the tagline for sugar advertisements ("Cukier krzepi", meaning "Sugar invigorates”), and the visual artist Tadeusz Gronowski, who created the unparalleled imagery of posters for Radion, a washing powder. Two ingenious ideas for addressing viewers' imaginations through the shorthand of word and image." Source :

Robinson's 'Old Tom' Strong Ale

Old Tom Bottle Cap

Old Tom Blonde BeerOld Tom Strong Ale HandpumpGinger Tom Ale

Old Tom Banner

Monochrome Artwork

Colourful Banner Artwork

All images and artwork courtesy & © of Robinsons who say by way of an invitation to visit : "Old Tom has been on the prowl at Robinsons Unicorn brewery for more than 100 years and having used up none of his nine lives, there's plenty of energy in the old cat just yet! Pounce on that mouse and come explore the world of Old Tom and his world famous ale."

Old Tom Beermat

Old Tom Beermat reverse

This section referencing Old Tom all started because I had the beermat and loved the little face peering out - just look what a marketing man's dream it turned out to be!

Queen City Chemical Co.

Queen City Chemical Co Baking Powder

'Tom's Nap interrupted by International Baking Powder'

Rolls Royce

RR 1938

An unusual 1938 Rolls Royce 'Wraith' hood ornament

Savon - French Soap

Savon French Soap

The familiar logo of the 'Le Chat' Soap

Savon French Soap logoSavon French Soap

Earlier variations of ads for 'Le Chat' Soap

Savon French Soap

Double ad for the famous 'Le Chat Soap'

Tournee du Chat Noir & Variations

Original Chat NoirFake Chat Noir

Cabaret ad using tournee du chat noir imagery


Vogue Fashion Shoot in Chrysler

From Vogue 1972 - Model in an elevator in New York’s Chrysler building, holding a white cat | Photograph: Kourken Pakchanian/Condé Nast/Getty Images | Source

Waterloo Yeast Company - Twin Brothers Yeast

Waterloo Yeast Company

General Examples


Cat Cup Cakes

The Catsparella web-site has some more information about the make-up and is a lovely web-site dedicated to all things feline. (She also likes cupcakes)

Any Google Search will bring up the most remarkable Cat images - I shall try to be selective in the ones I use - but it will be difficult to choose!

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