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Recent Home Renovations

Not strictly Biba - but keeping with the faith and Barbara Hulanicki - here is the bedroom I have in the house part-owned with my sister (it's the old family homestead) which needed an overhaul as the last time it was decorated was in the year we purchased it - 1974! So I've graduated from Laura Ashley pink to Barbara Hulanicki neutral (a bit unusual for me but more fitting for the bedroom).

Diva Beige

I suppose anything with 'Diva' in the title would suit what some may think of me - but I know what I like and someone once said I don't 'suffer fools gladly' and I don't suppose I do!

Graham and Brown Biba Diva Wallpaper promoGraham and Brown Biba Diva Wallpaper promo

Bedroom decorated in Diva

This is a shot of my bedroom and compared to the advertisement web bages at the Graham and Brown outlet I think I can say I've done Barbara justice!

Graham and Brown Promo

Here is Graham & Brown's suggestion for cushions - I chose the ones shown below

Biba House of Fraser CushionsBiba Dark House of Fraser Cushion

House of Fraser Barbara Hulanicki cusions - the cream version has gone over to the bedroom with some earlier versions with the matchin 'Diva' design and the darker version has remained in my current house.

The Bathroom

Our bathroom is not Biba in any sense of the word but it does resemble the style of Art Deco to its 9th degree beeing completely black, white, chrome and glass with a specially commissioned shower curtain in my favourite Art Deco design background. (Images to follow) However I have furnished it with Biba jars and tooth glasses as well as towels and bath mat all courtesy of the House of Fraser who in collaboration with Barbara replicated the originals.

Biba Repro House of Fraser GlassBiba Repro House of Fraser Storage Jar

l to r Glass and Storage Jars in my bathroom

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Stash of Biba Tights - Plums and Biba Brown

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Page updated : 4th November 2016