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A to Biba pb

Using Biba Japanese

Disgrace paperback

Japanese A to Biba

Disgrave hback

Looking In

BH in Shop

Twiggy in the Rainbow Room

Catalogue pose 1968

Magazine Cover

Twiggy as Egyptian Muse

Barbara Hulanicki

Biba Trouser Suit

Cilla Black dressed by BH for London Palladium 1964

Cilla 5th Beatle

Biba Illustrations

Paris Match Modelling shoot

Hulanicki Bag for Coco

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Marlin Hotel Chisel & Mouse style




























































































































































This section is devoted to the story of BIBA and its founder Barbara Hulanicki

BH Illustrated by Claire Huntley

Barbara by © Claire Huntley à la Warhol - November 2017

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B\rbara Hulanicki

Happy Birthday Barbara - 8th December 2015 - image courtesy of and © of Getty Images

Barbars Kensington Hight Street

So chic! - A casual top with pearls and a well-cut skirt and is that a cigarette I spy? Must be sometime in the 1960s!

BH on Roof Garden

Barbara on her Roof Garden with the Flamingoes - (Photo Desmond O'Neill )



Many thanks to Vic and Bertie Vintage for providing the image and narrative

Known for the distinctive 'look' Biba embodies this instantly recognisable picture features "Finnish model, "Mouche" (Agneta Bylander) photographed in Biba by James Wedge, 1973. She was chosen by Barbara to be the face/body of Biba around 1973. Mouche also modelled again for and in Biba for John Bishop and the images were published in "19" magazine in 1973 when one of the Biba manageresses moved over to the magazine after working for the store."

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I've been a BIBA fan since the late 1960s and was introduced to this magic kingdom (or in reality should that be 'queendom'?) by my college friend, Caroline. Caroline has an elder sister who at the time was seeking fame and fortune in London and used to send the (now coveted) Biba catalogues to her younger sister. We spent hours pouring over these artistic wonders - we were both very artistic and idealistic and studying art at college. Although we went our separate ways - Caroline to Bourneville College and me to Lancaster College of Art we kept in touch and in 1973 removed ourselves to London and the Lifestyle! But enough about us - this is all about Biba!

From A to Biba biogBarbara has written her own biography so I don't intend to try to re-write or improve on anything on this page as the best source is the book itself and needless to say I am the proud owner of a genuine first edition bought at the time of publishing. Recently the book has been re-issued as a paperback with a quite unsatisfactory and bland gold cover with a black illustration based on an image of Barbara.

Barbara also wrote a novel, which I didn't find out about until I discovered the joys of car boot sales thanks to my husband Andrew who introduced me to them. I was quite astonished to find something purporting to be written by Barbara Hulanicki as I had never heard of this venture! The novel is called 'Disgrace' and Barbara adds, perhaps a little misguidedly, author to her illustrious design talents. She may have based the novel on people she knew but she can't really have had much input into the cover design of 'Disgrace' which is pretty bland although the more I look at the picture staring back at me now, the more I see the face of a popular tennis player emerging ...... It is also a particularly bad piece of vintage writing (no 'Valley of the Dolls' which it tries to emulate, I think) and I say that with feeling as I do read a lot and have a diverse taste in literature, so it hurts me to offer a criticism of any sort. One huge thing in favour of this book is that I did read it from beginning to end! I'm not sure if it was from slavish devotion to Barbara and all things Barbara or whether I was curious to see how it would conclude (don't look for a Happy Ever After scenario here). In fact I have only ever, once, not completed a book in all the years that I have enjoyed, and I do mean enjoyed reading! To spare the author's feelings I shall not name it on this page or even my books review page!

A magical Display at Big Biba

Magical Biba - patterned carpets, mirrored display stands - divinely decadent all of it!

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Barbara in 2017

Rediscovering her roots

Barbara Hulanicki interviewed at the Viva Studios in Poland

Great aunt Hulanicka by Gronowski

Barbara mentions a distant auntie who danced in the Isadora Duncan style in her new book - this poster by the 'Father of Graphic Art in Poland' Tadeusz Lucjan Gronowski looks to be paying an incredible tribute to her - image sourced from

Barbara Hulanicki interviewed in Poland

It's important for me to re-connect with my Polish roots says Barbara - watch the video here

Barbara Hulanicki: "Polacy potrafią stworzyć coś z niczego"

Barbara on P{olish TV

Interviewed on Polish TV on Sunday, 7th May 2017 in Warszawa

"Urodziła się w Warszawie, dzieciństwo spędziła w Jerozolimie, by ostatecznie, w wieku 12 lat, po śmierci ojca, przenieść się do Brighton w Wielkiej Brytanii. W latach 60. stworzyła kultowy dom mody "Biba", który jako pierwsza "sieciówka", swoimi projektami podbił wkrótce angielskie ulice. W londyńskiej Bibie bywali i ubierali się Twiggy, Rolling Stonesi, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury czy Brigitte Bardot. Na kanapach Dzień Dobry TVN gościliśmy modową rewolucjonistkę - Barbarę Hulanicki." (TV introduction)

"Barbara Hulanicki. Ważne jest tylko jutro" Judyta Fibiger

Barbara Hulanicki 2017 Biog

Books on Show at the Warsaw Book Fair

Image courtesy of the Warszawskie Targi Książki / Warsaw Book Fair

Barbara signing her book

Image courtesy of Barbara Hulanicki and the 'Wazne jest tylko Jutro' Fb page

Promotional weird picture of Barbara Hulanicki

Barbara promoting her book in an innovative and original way in June 2017

Hulanicki with author Judyta Fibiger

Hulanicki with author Judyta Fibiger

And with author Judyta Fibiger - images courtesy & © of Aldona Kaczmarczyk

Hulanicki Biography 2017

Barbara in 2016

Launches new handbags with House of Coco

Hulanicki in Coco article

House of Coco Hulanicki collection

The Hulanicki collection for the House of Coco

BH in workshop

Barbara looking cool in her Iconclub Ministore Black Matte Butterfly Top - image courtesy and © of Barbara Hulanicki

Book of Illustrations

I've just ordered this book!

Brighton exhibition

Barbara on Fb congratulating the Southend Museums Exhibition showcasing her original fashions

Biba article in Saga Magazine

Maybe more 'Swinging 70s' but what's in a decade? Read the on-line interview here and more about my personal involvement here

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Barbara in 2015

Portrait of BH for article

Barbara Hulanicki article Link to source page

As seen in on 12th April 2015

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Barbara in 2014

Barbara, Twiggy and Nicky Butler

Barbara Hulanicki and Twiggy attend 'Nicky Butler' Egyptian / Celtic Style Jewellery collection launch party at the British Museum - image provided by The Resident

New Book 2014

The Biba Years Book Cover

As reported in the Daily Mail

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New Venture for Barbara Hulanicki - 2013/4

Barbara Hulanicki portrait 2014

Barbara in her favourite Iconclub Ministore tee shirt. - Photo courtesy of Barbara Hulanicki and Iconclub

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Biba founder and Lulu Kennedy make New Year’s Honours List 2012 a fashionable one

For more information please visit the New Years Honours page - thank you.

Biba Goth Honours

Barbara Hulanicki, whose iconic Biba store in Kensington contributed to the London landscape of the Swinging Sixties, has been made OBE for services to fashion. The Polish-born fashion designer has recently collaborated with ASDA supermarket's clothing range George, and enjoyed sell-out success with a collection created for Topshop in 2009.

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Fashion archive: The seven storeys of Biba

11 September 1973: Fashion store Biba reopens for business in the seven-floor Derry and Toms building on Kensington High Street, London

Barbara and Fitz Big Biba

Barbara and Fitz and their 1973 'Big Biba' Empire - image supplied by Angela Jane Smith

And then closes ...........

Goodbye Biba

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The Biba Boutique hosts celebrities in 1970

Biba Boutique hosts Tom Courtenay

I couldn't resist adding this photo of Tom Courtenay who for a long time remained my favourite actor (usurped only by Alan Rickman after I saw him in the 'Barchester Chronicles') - image © Getty Images

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Despite Barbara being honoured and her various associations being highlighted - the return of the Label does not seem to have been a happy experience:


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References: thanks to Barbara's web-site for the images of the Japanese books featured on this page

BIBA Swinging London 1965-1974 by Hitoshi Nagasaw:
This book is the one decade history of fashion and street culture in London . The story begins with BIBA and then back to Modernism, such as acid/psychedelic culture and also the anti-modern designers who lead the beginning of 70's fashion.
Goro Yamada said "acid/psychederic movement revived anti-modernism such as Art Nouveau, Secession, Symbolism, the Celt pattern, the boom of India and Arabesque" Also the aesthetic culture history.

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