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Tinkerbell's Official Adoption Page

I tried to reproduce the page but it hasn't worked as well as I hoped it might, so I have also provided a screen dump to give a better indication of how the page looked :

CP Adoption page

Tinkerbell's Adoption Page

An introduction to Tinkerbell (in her own words):


Vital Statistics (October 2010): 4 year old female white and grey cat

"Hello, my name is Tinkerbell. I'm looking for my second chance at having a loving home after my previous owner had too many cats to look after. So, here I am, looking for a dog free zone (sorry canines!) as I'm a bit nervous with them, but I like children and I'm happy sharing a home with other cats, I'm sure there's more than enough love to go around! Therefore I was hoping that you might come and meet me and see if I can fit in with you."

PS - We came, we saw, we got to take her home - we have also discovered that she was slightly exaggerating her good points - she doesn't 'share', she doesn't do 'hugs' and she positively does not 'do' poor old Millie (dog) next door who has to put up with quite a lot from Princess Tinkerbell!

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