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TORVILL AND DEAN - Nottingham's own!

Torvill and Dean Iconic Bolero

Who could forget this opening gamble? How many copycat ideas since? Truly the status of 'iconic' belongs here! Thanks to for a glorious tribute page and image

Olympic Champions - Sarajevo 1984

Always modest in their achievements on ice - Olympians Torvill and Dean - image courtesy of the official website of the Olympic Movement

Paso Doble Torvill and Dean

Image courtesy of Getty showing Jane and Chris performing the Paso Doble against an Olympic background.

I have to say I always preferred the short programme of the Paso Doble which gave us three repeats of some fascinating and innovative ice dance moves - all completely original and not seen before. I also did not want this to get swamped in the more famous 'Bolero' accolade on this page - there were three sections that contributed to the historic scores which gave them the gold medal.

Perfect row of 6s Torvill and Dean

Image courtesy of The Times

30 years later - Sarajevo - 2014

Torvill and Dean Sarajevo 2014

The pair celebrated their success in Sarajevo by repeating their triumphant performance in the rebuilt Olympic Hall Juan Antonio Samaranch - image courtesy of The Independent

Torvill and Dean recreate Bolero 2014

With thanks to Reuters for the remarkable images 30 years on and the Daily Mail for reporting on this phenomenal achievement

From the Daily Mail - 14th February 2014:

Torvill and Dean perform Bolero routine in matching purple costumes from 1984 Olympics... 30 years later

It is 30 years since the world’s most famous ice-skating duo entranced the nation with their gold medal-winning Olympic performance.

But it could have been just yesterday for Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean as they were pictured retracing their steps ahead of their final dance together. On Thursday, the pair revisited the incredible routine that won them perfect scores from the judges.

On Valentine’s Day in 1984, the nation watched as the pair danced and twirled across the ice to Ravel’s Bolero at the Sarajevo Winter Olympics. They may be a little older - and they stuck to their purple but now updated outfits - but the dance was unmistakeable.

The pair will recreate their performance in the Bosnia and Herzegovina capital after accepting an invitation from the Mayors of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo.

They will perform at the Olympic Hall Zetra which has now been renamed the Olympic Hall Juan Antonio Samaranch after the former International Olympic Committee President.

The judges gave them 12 perfect scores of 6.0 out of a possible 18, with sixes from all nine judges for artistic impression, something which had never been seen before. It will be yet another climax in a career that began when two young teenagers met at their local Nottingham Arena and started skating together. After years of speculation, Torvill finally admitted that the pair had ‘dabbled’ in romance at one stage of their career.

They have skated together competitively since 1976 and had a successful career before becoming creative directors of ITV’s Dancing on Ice.
As the programme’s final series begins, Dean, 55, who lives in the US, and his partner Torvill, 56, who lives in Surrey with her husband, said they wanted to be remembered as a couple like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Torvill said: ‘We didn’t want to wake up and be told we weren’t wanted. To end on a high is an important personal thing for us. ‘It’s like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers - when the movie finishes the enduring image is of them as a couple.’ 

ITV announced that Dancing On Ice will finish nine years after the pair became creative directors and coaches for the programme following the current series.

From the Independent - 14th February 2014

Ice Skating: Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean won't be retiring anytime soon after celebrating 30th anniversary of famous gold medal

Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean have no intention of retiring as they celebrate the 30th anniversary of their historic Olympic gold medal this week. The pair marked the landmark with an emotional performance of their legendary Bolero routine in front of 5,000 adoring spectators in Sarajevo on Thursday, the eve of the anniversary.

After an "emotional" night on the ice in the Bosnian capital, Dean revealed the pair plan to continue their partnership for years to come. "We retired once, back in 1998, privately and quietly," he told Press Association Sport. "But then Dancing on Ice came along and I don't think we'll ever retire again. "We've got about four weeks left of Dancing on Ice and then we're going on tour around the country . Then there are a few projects in the air which we're waiting to see if they come to fruition. "We can't say too much about them but fingers crossed. "They aren't necessarily on the ice - but it's definitely not Strictly!"

The pair performed the routine which won them gold on St Valentine's Day 1984 in front of a sold-out Olympic Hall Juan Antonio Samaranch, the scene of their greatest triumph. "Gosh, that was emotional," Dean said afterwards. "The reaction of the audience really lifted the spirits and hopefully our performance did the same for them. "Only the actual medal-winning performance can top that in terms of how special it was." "It was emotional but very uplifting," added Torvill. "We feel very glad that we've done it now and we're happy that we saw the audience enjoying themselves." Dean continued: "We owe so much to Sarajevo so to come back here to perform for the first time on this hallowed ground since the gold medal means so much to us. "It's an honour and very humbling because this is where our lives were changed forever. "We had a very short, limited time after the Olympics and thought we would maybe skate for two or three years and do something different. But 30 years on, we're still here and still doing Bolero. "It's been an amazing ride."

The pair performed their routine flawlessly for a delighted audience in the Bosnian capital, resplendent in modernised versions of their famous purple outfits from 1984. As the routine ended the crowd unanimously rose to their feet in applause, holding aloft cards bearing the perfect mark of '6.0' in recognition of their Olympic achievement. Torvill and Dean made history in 1984 when their gold medal success saw them earn full marks from all nine judges, a feat never achieved either before or since, three decades on.

The duo were invited back to the city by the mayors of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo and the performance also acts as the launch of a campaign to build a permanent ice rink in the city ahead of the 2017 European Youth Winter Olympic Festival.

2018 - Dancing on Ice returns

Dancing on Ice the Return 2018

All set to return to 'Dancing on Ice' in 2018 - image © the Press Association

2015 - Ice Rink on the Estate

Ice Rink on the Estate

Image courtesy of - the trio of programmes was not best received! (See the review from the Telegraph here)

16th February 2014 - Desert Island Discs

Deset Island Discts

Image courtesy and © of the BBC

Torvill and Dean Desert Island discsKirsty Young's castaways this week are the ice skaters Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.

Kirsty Young, Torvill and Dean

Image courtesy and © of the BBC

It's 30 years since they enthralled the world winning gold at the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. So memorable, it was truly a "where were you when" moment: the answer for most of us seems to have been in front of the television as 24 million people tuned in to watch their purple chiffoned, passionate, pitch-perfect display.

Torvill and Dean Bolero

Image courtesy and © of The Daily Express & Reuters

Their enduring partnership is the stuff of sporting legend - British, European, World and Olympic champions - their synchronicity on and off the rink is fascinating. Both brought up in Nottingham, both only children, they took to the ice within a couple of years of each other. Jayne grew up to work as an insurance clerk, Chris was a policeman. They always seemed so normal, so nice, so much like the boy and girl next door. What a neat trick - in reality their originality, training regime and relentless pursuit of perfection has seen them push the boundaries of their chosen sport to rank among the world's elite.

Part of our fascination with them also stems from the long scrutiny over their personal relationship. Never mind that over the decades they've both married other people and had children, as recently as last year they finally admitted to a brief teenage 'dabble'.

They say, "It's an unusual relationship that we have. ... Of course we love each other. You wouldn't be able to do all that we do without love."

Their Playlist: Passenger 'Let Her Go' | Queen 'Killer Queen' | Johann Sebastian Bach 'Suite No. 6 - Sarabande' | Emeli Sandé 'Read All About it' | Maurice Joseph Ravel 'Bolero' | Paul Simon 'Still Crazy after all these Years' | Phil Collins 'In the Air Tonight' | John Lennon 'Imagine' - Book Choice: Jayne: 'Angela's Ashes' - Frank McCourt, Christopher: 'Oh, the Places You'll Go!' - Dr Theodor Seuss - Luxury Choice : Jo Malone moisturiser, Coffee and digestive biscuits

28th May 2014 - Mass Bolero

The Mass Bolero by Nottingham Playhouse

Jayne and Chris in front of the Council House in Nottingham enjoying the Nottingham Playhouse initiative.

Nottingham's Tribute to the Nottingham Stars as shown on You Tube - for full background information visit here

2012 - Olympic Torch Bearers

Dancing on ICe before handing over the Olympic Flame

The globally famous Torchbearers couldn't resist dancing with their Olympic Torch before passing on the flame - with thanks to the Daily Mail for the image and report - Watch it on You Tube

Lighting the 2013 Cauldron

Even after performing the Ice Dance, Olympians Torvill and Dean were then asked to light the cauldron in the Old Market Square in Nottingham - image courtesy of BBC News

2006 - 2014 - Dancing on Ice

Jane and Chris strike a pose

Jayne and Chris striking a happy pose as they reach the conclusion of their phenomenally successful 'Dancing on Ice' programme for ITV - image courtesy of ITV

The Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean Story - Before Bolero

Jayne and Chris's website has all you wish to know about them - and believe it or not, there was life before 'Bolero' - my favourite was always Mac and Mabel - although after I saw their 'Barnum' routine live I decided I would never again have favourites! All their performances are breathtaking!

'Mack and Mabel' from 1982 followed by 'Barnum' in 1983 - every movement a remarkable pose!

Torvill and Dean ended an illustrious partnership spanning 40-years in 2015, read their biography:

1957 - Jayne Torvill is born in Nottingham.
1958 - Christopher Dean is born in Nottingham.
1965 - Jayne becomes hooked on ice skating aged 8.
1968 - Chris starts skating age 10.
1971 - Jayne becomes British National Pairs Champion with partner was Michael Hutchenson.
1972 - Chris starts competing as an ice dancer with partner Sandra Elson.
1974 - Chris joins the Police force aged 16.
1975 - Torvill and Dean unite for the first time.
1978 - Come 4th in their first European Championships.
1978 - Come 11th in their first World Championships.
1979 - Come 6th in the European Championships.
1979 - Come 8th in the World Championships.
1980 - Chris and Jayne progress to become British National Dance Champions for the first time.
1980 - Come 4th in the European Championships.
1980 - Come 5th in Olympics.
1981 - Jayne wins Sports Writers' Sportswoman of the Year.
1981 - Win the European Championships for the first time.
1981 - Win the World Championships, for the first time.
1982 - Win the European Championships.
1982 - Win the World Championships.
1983 - Win the World Championships.
1984 - Win the European Championships.
1984 - Win the World Championships for the 4th time in a row.
1984 - Win the Olympic gold medal for their dance to Ravel's Bolero, in Sarajevo.
1984 - Torvill and Dean both win BBC Sports Personality of the Year
1985 - Embark on their first world tour.
1987 - Perform 'Ice Escapades' touring the USA.
1988 - 1990 - Perform with the Russian Allstars on a world tour.
1991 - Chris marries French-Canadian world champion ice dancer Isabelle Duchesne
1992 - Start the best of Torvill and Dean Tour of the UK.
1993 - Chris divorces wife Isabelle
1994 - Win the European Championships.
1994 - Torvill and Dean make a dramatic return to the Olympic stage in Lillehammer, Norway. Winning the bronze medal.
1994 - Chris marries Jill Trenary.
1994 - 1995 - Start 'Face the music' World tour.
1997 - Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean perform in the 'Ice Adventures' tour of Great Britain.
1998 - Perform for the last time on the 'Canadian Stars' on Ice tour.
1998 - Torvill and Dean announce their retirement.
1999 - Torvill and Dean are awarded an OBE
2006 - 2014 - Dancing on Ice
2012 - Olympic Torch Bearers
2014 - 30 year anniversary of Bolero performed in Sarajevo
2015 - St Ann's outdoor project

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