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The Illustrated Book

The Illustrated book was one of the very many projects that had been planned to promote the story of 'Angélique, Marquise of the Angels' and propel it to a wider audience as the 21st century approached. 'Culture' Magazine described the venture in a modest article reproduced below, luckily the English-speaking fans thirsting for more information at a time when there was very little available, availed themselves of whatever was on offer and are now, like myself, proud owners of some very exclusive collectors items.

Project announcementGaro_Collab

The article as it appeared in 'Culture' and a comparison of styles by artist Iva Garo

The article credits Iva Garo with coming up with the idea of creating an illustrated version of Anne and Serge Golon's celebrated novel working with two additional 'visual' artists with whom she had collaborated on numerous other projects - Anne Golon's daughter Nadine and Régile.

Eight books were projected and looking at the suggested titles, these would cover Angélique's childhood at Monteloup and her brief sojourn with the Ursuline Nuns who were tasked with her education.

The style of the books is very gentle compared to the later, more grown-up 'silhouettes' that this collaboration would introduce to the original (and now also collectors items) Intégrale editions produced by Archange International in partnership with Edition du Refuge.

Book Credits

'Creation and adaptation - Iva Garo Nadia Golon Régile - France BDU Collection'

The envisaged chapters were to be called:

1. Angélique, Marquise des Anges - Monteloup
2. Angélique, Marquise des Anges - Les Brigands
3. Angélique, Marquise des Anges - Le Chaudaut
4. Angélique, Marquise des Anges - Visite de Plessis Belliere
5. Angélique, Marquise des Anges - Politique et Intrigues
6. Angélique, Marquise des Anges - Au Convent des Ursulines
7. Angélique, Marquise des Anges - Retour a Monteloup
8. Angélique, Marquise des Anges - Angélique se marie

Only the first, Monteloup made it to the printing presses. Little is known about the provenance of this project and with the exception of this page, a site affiliated to Iva Garo and still under construction and the official Czech fan-site of Anne Golon fans, there is little to be found on the internet. The (now sadly defunct) official English web-site - 'The World of Angélique' offered but a passing reference to the books.

The best I can do is to share some images from the book - the covers, frontispiece and show you the beautiful poster which accompanied 'Monteloup.'

Book and Poster

This image of Angélique and the village children, including Nicholas and Valentine appears on page 26 of the illustrated book.

Front CoverBack Cover

Front and back covers - the back cover showing the projected series.

Interior frontispiece

The interior plates front and back show Angélique and Valentine.

Map of PoitouMap of the Forests

Maps of the action at the time of the book depicting the general area of Poitou and the surrounding forests.

A Collector's Item

I'm not sure exactly what constitutes a collectors item, but a limited edition of a one-off run of 1,000 items should come pretty close I would think.

Each book is numbered and its unique reference confirmed by hand - my own happens to be no. 17.

Page detail

Ltd Ed Number

Special Edition confirmation no. 17 of 1,000 initialled by Iva Garo

The perfect Christmas and New Millennium gift - my book has a quadruple dedication from Anne Golon and the three collaborating artists. Dated 6th December 1999, Anne Golon thanks me and my friend Anna Naganowicz for coming to see her on the eve of the Millennium.

Dedicated frontispiece

Each book contains a printed dedication - this one also has the four other personal signatories - the very personal message from Anne Golon reads 'Thanks to courageous Anna who came on this grey and sombre day in December to help Angélique, her friend.'

Please be aware, that you don't get such generosity of spirit for nothing - the time my book was dedicated was at the end of a long, cold, miserable day when we had all been working to make sure that the books were signed and dedicated and prepared for despatch to Anne's loyal supporters.


And why wouldn't it be worth a bit of hard work to get this????????

Poster of Book

Full view of the poster accompanying the Illustrated Book

Selected Pages

Night Prayers Forest Child

Angélique, the child, with her siblings and other castle inhabitants / Angélique the future healer

Ang meets Melusine Harsh view of life

Angélique meets Mélusine / Life and poverty outside the castle walls

We meet the MarquiseLouis

We meet the Marquise of the Angels for the first time / We get our first view of Louis XIV

What you said :

A selection of comments by the 'Friends of Angélique' Yahoo Group who were fortunate enough to purchase a copy of this limited edition treasure.

From: "Liliana Neves"
Sent: Friday, December 31, 1999 10:21 PM
Subject: Angelique book arrived!

Hello everyone,

It's 5:35 PM here in Orlando, Florida and so far so good! Guess what? My Angelique book has just arrived! It's beautiful!
What a way to end the year! :)
Happy new century to all!!!


From: Joyce Murphy
Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2000 4:40 PM
Subject: Angelique book arrived!

Hi all, and Happy New Year,

My book arrived yesterday and I was very frustrated not to be able to get on line and share the news.  There was a wonderful poster included, I can't remember if we were told of that, or if old age is creeping up.  Thanks so much Steve, Anna, and Harvey for all of your efforts with the books. 
Have a great weekend all,


From: ""
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 22.53
Subject: Angelique book arrived!

Hi everyone,

I received my adorable book today (wish I could read French!!).  I may go thru it with a French/English dictionary and see how much I can understand! As I was looking thru the pictures, a thought crossed my mind.  The adventures of the young (and even adult) Angelique would make a wonderful role-playing video game.  I got hooked on these games a few years ago with my older son - he sort of lost interest, but I didn't!  I don't know if any of you are familiar with them, but they are usually long, involved adventures with wars, and medieval and/or fantasy settings. Anyway, it's a weird thought, but I wish I knew someone in the video game design business Angelique could be wonderful!

Lisa K

Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2000 2:49 AM
Subject: Illustrated Book

I forgot to mention something that flashed in my mind when I received the illustrated book - I think I may have seen this book before!  There are a few bookstores I used to frequent in the Chicago area that carred foreign books/magazines and there was just a quick deja vu I had when I saw the book - is it possible that I actually saw this book several years ago in a bookstore here?  Just curious - if anyone know the distribution history.

Thanx, Lisa K

From: "Algie Meiliunas"
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 8:07 PM
Subject: Iillustrated book

Hello, everyone. Today I received my copies of the illustrated book and it is gorgeous!  One happy surprise was the map of Angelique's childhood haunts, including Melusine's cave and another map showing the wider setting, including  the abbey of Nieul. This was obviously a labour of love and every detail is of the highest quality. A gem! From the back cover, it is clear that this was meant as the first of at least eight similar books, the eighth one being about Angelique getting married. Hopefully the others will get published and if they are, I am definitely interested in the whole series! 
My best to all.


From: "Martha Briggs"
Sent: Sunday, January 09, 2000 5:56 AM
Subject: Bidding for things

I did, in fact, receive my book and poster.  It is really very charming.
My husband, who has never read the books but knows the series fairly well through me, thinks it is adorable as well. I would love to see it translated as a companion piece when the entire series is republished in English. 

From: Michael Kourtoulou
Sent: Sunday, January 09, 2000 1:26 PM
Subject: Wolverine

The illustrated book is quite lovely.  I was very impressed with the artwork and the high quality paper used.  However, I was surprised by the poor choice of front cover, considering the wonderful watercolour artwork within in the book itself.  It certainly would not encourage me to pick it up from a shop's bookshelf and browse through it.  Still, each to his own taste.


From: "Anne-Maria Metso-Mikkonen"
Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2000 6:18 PM
Subject: [angelique] The Book Came At Last

Mon livre est arrivé aujourd'hui, le 11. Janvier!
My book arrived today! It has been sent on the 9th of December and today is the 11th of January as you all may know. It's a long way to Tipperary although France and Finland both belong to the European Union.
Thank you, it is a lovely book and my copy is intact and tidy. I can hardly wait for the next parts. I'm not going to wait for so long for
another time though...   The map is very exciting!


From: "mlevers"
Sent: Saturday, January 15, 2000 5:03 PM
Subject: Re: [angelique] Illustrated book

Received my illustrated book two weeks ago and it is in excellent condition. Didn't check the post mark, but was thrilled.

Mary Evers

From: Laurie Moulin
Sent: Saturday, January 22, 2000 4:28 AM
Subject: books arrived

My books arrived today and they’re lovely. I’m going to have my poster framed. Can’t wait for future additions.

Laurie Moulin

From: "VFSweeney"
Sent: Saturday, January 22, 2000 7:03 PM
Subject: Books

My book finally arrived today. It was worth the wait. Thank you to everyone who made it possible.


From: "Denise Lehman"
Sent: Monday, January 24, 2000 10:25 PM
Subject: Books

This is to let you know my sister Carole received her book (I'm still waiting!). They are slowly coming through.  I expect I'll be receiving mine sometime soon.

Denise Lehman

From: "Denise Lehman"
Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2000 12:26 AM
Subject: Books

I received my book today!!!!!  It's lovely.

Denise Lehman

From: <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2000 1:12 PM
Subject: Angélique Book

I have just received mine, and I live in Ottawa, Canada...Very nice book with an interesting map... Can't wait for the following ones!


From: "vickie liska"
Sent: Sunday, February 06, 2000 11:53 PM
Subject: [angelique] Illustrated book

My book finally arrived and it was definitely worth the wait!.  Also may I say thank you to Anna, and Steve for their continuing hard work towards helping Anne Golon.  The web site is also very nice.  Everyone is doing a great job...I am so glad that we all found each other via the
internet.  Now that the cold winds are blowing here in snowy Ohio. I am feeling the urge to pick up the series again and read about Angelique's adventures in the Mediterranean.
Viva Angelique


From: "Christiane Johnson"
Sent: Sunday, February 06, 2000 11:53 PM
Subject: Re: Illlustrated Book

Hello Anna,
I did receive the book sometimes in January. In my thank you note, I was asking if it is possible to pay more for the postage so as to have a better shipping package. My book has been bent and has the corners flattened. Also, there is no map. Which several others have mentioned. Can you tell me what is the map they are talking about? I have read and shown this book to my children and grandchildren many time. My daughter is finally starting to read Angelique. Finally. One complete set is going to Los Angeles and maybe she will influence some others. Thank you for the letter of Madame Golon and for the translation. 


From: Elaine Hanna
Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2000 5:14 AM
Subject: Illustrated book

Just a line to let you know that I also received my illustrated book, and I loved it. It very accurately portrays the sense sweetness and innocence that I always imagined in Angelique's early life. And I was awfully glad to get those maps. I have spent hours over the years looking at maps of France to try to figure out where Monteloup was supposed to be. Hopefully someday I'll get there. Thanks for all your hard work on coordinating all of this. We are all very grateful.


From: "M.Robb"
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2000 4:17 PM
Subject: Re: Illlustrated Book

Today, my book finally arrived!  It is beautiful!  A great way to work on my french, also.
Thanks to all who made it possible.  I will definitely purchase future editions!


From: "Håkan Pålsson"
Sent: Sunday, February 13, 2000 12:09 PM
Subject: Illustrated book

Having just arrived home after a rather long business trip in eastern Europe my daughter told me that I weeks ago received a for my grand-
daughter (who opened the parcel) most interesting book. I have frankly not been able to look into the book yet as my granddaughter does not
want to give it to me. Obvious to me is that this means an appraisal of the book I did not account for. Stubborn as children can be I believe it may takesome time before I can get the possibility to read the treasure.


Sent: Saturday, February 19, 2000 11:38 PM
Subject: Re: Illustrated Book (2)

YES!  I've got it and love it.  I read it 3 times before I even put the wrapper away.

Many thanks again.

Thank you to all concerned for making this page possible.

I recently discovered another reference to the Illustrated book but don't have a date or provenance for this article which is reproduced below :

Article referencing the Illustrated Book

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