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Somewhere over the Rainbow

This page is dedicated primarily to close friends and family and those that we consider close and familiar friends from the world of books and entertainment who have shed their mortal coils and are somewhere over the rainbow, hopefully, enjoying a whole new and exciting experience!

Alan Rickman - actor

Anna Aniela Naganowicz - our childhood friend

Anne Golon - author, journalist, friend and adventurer

Christopher Lee - actor, writer and ranconteur

Dorothy Malone - actress

Geraldine McEwan - actress

Harvey J Adkins - Inaugural President of the 'Friends of Angélique' and friend

Juliette Benzoni - author

Lilian Jackson Braun - author and cat lover

Margaret Rutherford - actress and ranconteur

Maurice Druon - author

D0n & Phil Everly - musicians and brothers

Ronald Searle - illustrator and author

Terry Pratchett- author and raconteur

Václav Havel - playwright, patriot and statesman

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Page updated : 13th September 2021