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All images, character names, trademarks and original vocabulary found on this page are the copyright of Compare the Market

Meet Baby Oleg, his toy (s) and enjoy his different lifestyle!

No. 2 Papa

Here is Sergei as proud no. 2 Papa - nothing in Oleg's world is 'ordinaire'!

Oleg and Sergei

Sergei transmits keyboard skills to a sleepy Baby Oleg!

Papas Day

Not to be outdone - Aleksandr takes poll position as No. 1 Papa

Baby Oleg's Star Wars Adventure

Baby Oleg as BB8

Baby Oleg as BB8

Baby Oleg returns briefly to join the Star Wars team as BB8

Quick visit  y Baby Oleg at Christmas

And takes every opportunity to enjoy his Christmas at the mansion!

Oleg and Sergei at Christmas

And always a tender moment reserved for Baby Oleg and Sergei (No 2 Papa)

Baby Oleg's (Brief) Return

Baby Oleg as his Frozen Character

Baby Oleg as 'Olaf'

Oleg and Ayanna dressed as Frozen characters

l to r : Ayana as 'Queen Elsa' and Baby Oleg as 'Olaf' - watch the video here

Ayana and Oleg with their toy counterparts

Ayana and Oleg with their toy counterparts

Baby Oleg Bids Us Farewell

Baby Oleg Halloween

During Halloween, Baby Oleg, fashions himself as a jungle Oleg, was this a portent?

Snuggle Oleg

Baby Oleg (and non-grub toy comforter) snuggling down in his own tent and personal firefly lamp to scare away any shadows

Oleg Safari Portrait

Oleg and his toy resplendent in their Safari playsuits

Safari Guide

After a restful sleep - Baby Oleg is ready to take up his duties as a Safari Guide.

Meerkat Twins

Just as well there are two of them to do the job! ......


.... or more - especially if they have to forage for food!

Baby Oleg Farewell

By the time Oleg decides to stay in the jungle with his newfound Meerkat family - Sergei has morphed from 'No. 2' Papa to 'Auntie'.

So let's see more of Baby Oleg's pre-jungle existence!

Oleg and Grub toy

Baby Oleg - when he was first introduced to us his most favourite toy was the 'grub' - they were inseparable!

His introductory write up by Aleksandr Orlov is a work of literary genius of course : "This is Oleg toy you can adopt by demonstrate you know the difference. He will arrive on your doorstep in moses basket just like he did on mine. He will be as cute as the real Oleg but be 153% less messy and loud. He will be wear designer bug pattern baby grow with fresh nappy underneath perfectly fitted by Sergei. He will also come completes with his favourite toy 'Mr Grub' to help him (and you) sleep at night time."

Evolving Baby Oleg

Oleg in his Moses Basket

Baby Oleg and Sergei

So cute - this is how we first meet Baby Oleg!

From BabyGro to Aleksandr clone

From BabyGro to Aleksandr clone!

Baby Oleg and RosetteBaby Oleg and Rosette

So cute I posted him twice - seriously folks - this is my first attempt at some chicanery art - spot the difference (hint background)!

Cleanliness means bubblesReading a bedtime story

Learning the basics - bubbles and bedtime story - aaah.

Ultra CuteNaughty step

From ultra cute to pouting on the naughty step - Baby Oleg is living through it all!

Oleg wants a chocolate slug Baby Oleg wide awake

Bringing his own specific charm to every day matters - 'just one more ....' and 'rumpus time!'

Assertion time

Getting to know the ropes - nothing wrong with this little chap's appetite!

Sporty Baby Oleg


Baby Olegs Car

Baby 'call me Mr Motor Racing' Oleg

Biker OlegBaby Oleg Footballer

Good to see safety helmet on Biker Oleg and maybe we should get Baby 'David Beckham' Oleg a smaller ball to start with?

Smiley Tennis OlegTantrum Tennis Baby Oleg

The two sides of Baby 'Mr Tennis' Oleg

Dressy-Uppy Baby Oleg

Cute Bunny Oleg

Seasonally dressed up for Easter

Advent Calendar line up

Baby Oleg as Reindeer Safaru Oleg as Xmas Elf

Two Christmas variations for Baby & Safari Oleg

Nativity scene

Perfect family composition l to r - Bogdan as the Angel, Maiya as Mary, Aleksandr as Joseph, Sergei, Yakov and Vassily as the Magi and front and centre Baby Oleg (as himself!)

The Adventures of 'Mr. Grub'

Mr. Grub Toy left behind in Germany

Baby Oleg left on car roof in carry cot

Baby Oleg and Mr Grub reunited and on their way


All images, character names, trademarks and original vocabulary found on this page are the copyright of Compare the Market

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