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Sergei's Heart stopping experience!

Sergei in hospital

Hospital scene all well

The first scene depicts Aleksandr in the foreground extolling the virtues of his toys which he provides free to anyone who buys insurance on the recommendation of his company, Sergei is sampling some chocolate-covered somebug or other and the nurse and hear monitor are functioning as they should.

Heart monitor stops

Ward scene with heart monitor

In the second instalment (see below, this is the bit that Aleksandr 'chuckles' over) - the machine (or Sergei's heart_ stops functioning)!

Nurse bangs monitor

Panic over as meernurse fixes monitor

The meernurse-turned-heroine deals with the problem of the malfunctioning machine (or heart?) (And Aleksandr he say: "Sergei have scare in hospital today when heart monitor stop work. It make me chuckle every time." )

Sergei in Hospital

Sergei and Nurses

Aleksandr has now officially overworked Sergei, his Head of IT to such an extent that Sergei has been hospitalised and the whole sorry saga can be viewed on You Tube. On Facebook Aleksandr chronicled the fate of Sergei on a near-daily basis, once he had realised that something was not as it should be - the dialogue is Aleksandr's own version of English and has not been corrected :

"Strange, Sergei is late for work. This have not happen since launch of walkman in 1979. Maybe he is queue somewhere for latest gadget." - 13.03.12 16.27 (Note - this is the day iPad 3 was launched)
"Sergei  has not turn up for work, but he has not have one sick day in life time. I hope nothing bad has happen." - 17.03.12 10.20
"I just get very distress call, Sergei is in ambulance being take to hospital. I am being driven there now!" - 17.03.12 13.29
"I have arrive at hospital, but they not let me see him because I not family, but he is like brother to me!"- 17.03.12 15.57
"They finally let me see Sergei it funny what a few ruble can do" - 18.03.12 10.45
"Sergei still not awake, I have ask doctor what is wrong but no-one can give me answer." - 18.03.12 12.22
"Sergei has just open his eye, he is talk in some funny language. He keep repeat credit card, credit card" (You Tube) 18.03.12 14.59
"Sergei whisker response has been better today every time I mention credit card they tremble." - 19.03.12 14.52
"Sergei is finally sit up in bed, I think he needs fur comb, it is stick up all over place." - 19.03.12 17.33
"I go back to mansion to collect some stuff for Sergei, I bring him change of tie. I was think about bring him his laptopmabob." - 19.03.12 18.59
"Sergei is rest today I hope he not mind that I eat all his grape." - 20.03.12 13.57
"Doctor show me his X-Ray, he look worse on inside than outside...see (2 x x-rays)" - 20.03.12 18.50
"I have return to mansion, it is quiet without Sergei around. I am use to noise of him tappings 25/7." - 22.03.12 18.20

Close-Up of Sergei

"I go back to hospital to find Sergei - Head of I.T. at Compare the Meerkat have some admirers." - 23.03.12 16.46

Sergei unwell

Head of I.T. reduced to ironing Aleksandr Orlov's cravats!

"Save our Sergei" - the Campaign that didn't happen - but which got Sergei his own Fb account!

Why not you may be asking yourselves - in which case, please settle yourselves comfortably and I will begin ...


Facebook LogoIt all started on the ubiquitous Facebook where Aleksandr Orlov has his own account and delights his followers with his popular and enlightened observations. Then on the 3rd of January he started to make the remarks aimed at Sergei a little more 'snidey' than usual. The first of these was - "My favourite white cravat is turn hot pink. Sergei really push his luck. What am I suppose to wear to yoga class now?!"

If that wasn't enough, he then started sniping at Sergei's workstation and on the 5th January came up with - "Look at state of IT department. Sergei is even more slack than usuals. I think is about time he was re-introduce to the Mr Muscles." He also posted a particularly unflattering picture of poor Sergei trying to cope:

Sergei losing control

Still griping about Sergei, on 8th January Aleksandr bemoans the charcoaling of his breakfast - "First Sergei ruin my cravat, now he burn my termite toastie! I think he is start to lose his marble… "

A personal e-mail appears in my Inbox urging me to help make a decision about what to do with Sergei:

Decision E-Mail

Dear Anna,

Thank you for make time to read. I was hoping you could help me on predicament I am find myself in. As you will see in attach photograph, Sergei is struggle to cope with pace of job - he fall asleep on keyboard, he shrink my best cravat, and he keep on burning termite toasties that set off smoke alarms at all hour. This is unacceptable for Head of IT.I must take drastic action, but this is where I need your helpings. Do I make him fired? Or is there another solution? Please click on this link to help me decide the fate of Sergei.

Many appreciations,

Orlov signature

Aleksandr Orlov
"Founder of comparethemeerkat.com"

Then, less than 24 hours later he then puts it out globally that he has come up with several solutions to his 'Sergei problem' and wants us, to vote for the favoured decision by stating - "Recently Sergei is make more mistakes than mongoose taking spelling test. I am worry that too many peoples are clog our website and is all get a bit much for him. How do you think I should deal with problem?"

These are the choices on offer:

Upgrade his Computermabob - total votes 16, 418

Rise his pay - total votes 2,709

Send to retire home - total votes 1,063

Ban him from play computermabob games - total votes 1,048

Make him fired - total votes 193

Fine him roubles - total votes 197

Aha! Aleksandr Orlov, I think you have underestimated the popularity of our lovable Sergei who ROCKS! (And who needs his sleep!)

On 12th January, Aleksandr (staring defeat in the face now) makes this chilling announcement - "I have make decision regarding Sergei future. It was not easy, but is for the best. I post film soon."

Sergei down


Watch the "tough decision", where Aleksandr was forced to swallow his pride and bow to the wishes of the popular vote on You Tube.

But in the meantime you might like to know that Aleksandr was still soliciting us directly - here is the e-mail I received personally on : Friday 13th January 2012

Email Request

"Dear Anna,

Since comparethemarket.com have start to compare credit cards, even more confused peoples are now pay visit to comparethemeerkat.com and clog up our internet pipes looking for APRs and interest rating. Unfortunately, elderly Head of IT Sergei is struggle to deal with the extra workloads. After I watch him ruin several servers, shrink my favourite smoking jacket and burn my termite toastie, I have decide enough is enough, and I have been force to make difficult decision.

Aleks nightcap

I break the news to Sergei this morning. You can see by his reaction that he was filled with shock and awe, but I am sure he will cope in long run.

You can witness Sergei's moment of truth by click your mice here, but be warn, the emotion may be too much even for those with the stiffest of haunches!

Yours sincerely,
Orlov signature

Aleksandr Orlov
"Founder of comparethemeerkat.com"

And his final words on Fb also timed to appear on Friday, 13th were - "I have finally deal with Sergei and his incompetence. His mistakes will no longer be a problem."

Not the greatest solution to the problem, but then I think Aleksandr just wanted to show off his cute little Night Cap (see above)!

Aleks Sergei GoodNight

Proving relentless and ruthless - Aleksandr posts again on 16th January 2011, on Facebook - here is what he has to say:

"Sergei is delight with new toy, it mean he can now stay up 25 hours a day to deal with people trying to compare credit card.."

Not only has he got Sergei working a 25 hour day but he also has to multi-task with the ironing, seen here slaving over Aleksandr's cravats!

Sergei Ironing

The Proof:

Sergei ironing close-up

More Proof:

As if it were needed, now Aleksandr, having set up a Facebook account for Sergei is asking us not to 'Like' it - fat chance, I 'liked' even before I got the e-mail!

Just love the idea of Sergei's chit-chat!

Sergei Chit Chat

Sergei Fb e-mail

"Dear Anna,

Recently I email you to ask for help with what to do about Sergei. As you will know he was struggle to cope with pace of job. Thanks to everyone who reply to my poll I was able to make correct decision of giving him new laptopmabob.

After that I hope that business would be return to running smooth. But now I discover Sergei use his new laptopmabob to go online and make friends with people of internet! Please do not under any circumstances be tempted to make friends with him on Facebooks by clicking here. Sergei is too busy ironing my cravats and deal with problem of peoples go to wrong website for compare credit card. Please remember, if you look for good deal on credit card, go to comparethemarket.com.

Many appreciations,

Orlov signature

Aleksandr Orlov
"Founder of comparethemeerkat.com"

All images, character names, trademarks and original vocabulary found on this page are the copyright of Compare the Market

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