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The new Juventus Arena: Inspired by Premier League stadiums with no running track and the stands designed to be close to the pitch. It was built on the site of the Stadio delle Alpi, the club's previous home and holds 41,000.

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Magpies Guide to Turin

Notts County receive warm Juventus welcome

Notts County: "A great honour for us"

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Notts County versus Juventus - Thursday, 8th September 2011

The Guardian is carrying the story that Notts County are to play Juventus in a friendly to mark the opening of the Serie A club's new stadium in Turin - I know that Andrew is not only very excited at the prospect but also now has a ticket to attend the game and will travel to Turin via Paris on a 4-day jaunt!

The Independent was not far being and published an article last Sunday, 4th September, 2011.

The BBC also recorded this momentous occasion.

Juventus v Notts County on TV

Programme Guide

Programme Guide Close-Up

Juventus Line-Up

Notts. County Line Up

Pre-March Fireworks

Firework Display

More Fireworks at the Opening

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Some action images and You Tube films from the event for you to enjoy here

Goodbye Stadio delle Alpi

Derelict Stadio delle Alpi

Bulldozers at the Juventus Stadium

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