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The reason I've started this page is that I get a lot of really nice comments and it would be a shame to lose them - some have already gone so already I'm too late in some cases!

Website Comment - Anthony Hughes

I've put this one first as it is totally unsolicited (as they all are) but this sort of praise from someone I don't know very well if at all and whom I'd contacted to ask for a favour is worth volumes!

Website comment from Sally

Sally liked my Black Cat section and allowed me to use her pictures and story which can be found here

Website Comment Vivian

So I'm quirky - yes, I am and that is why all this is so much fun - lovely pastiche from Vivian and her images feature on the Black Cat home page

Website Comments from Anna

Another fan of the Black Cat site - unfortunately I couldn't help my namesake as I have no idea of the provenance of the clock she sent a picture of was - it certainly looks more modern than the one in my possession.

Website Comment - Alan

Yes another author - Alan Stafford! As he said it was some time since the last time he contacted me and that was to tell me what a fantastic transcription job I had done on his radio show about Wilson Keppel and Betty (wish I could find it). This refers to his new book and he never gave away the fact that he had given me a credit - such excitement!

Website comments - Stephen Dee

And this is a follow on from the sculptor of some incredible Wilson, Keppel & Betty figurines who not only allows me to use his work but is pretty great about the site too!

Website Comments - Aleksandra

As you can imagine I was very excited to receive this e-mail as it praises my efforts in covering the 'oeuvre' that Anne Golon gave to the world and offers a re-publication in Slovakian! I do hope it happens!

Website Comment Chris

Needless to say any praise for my work on the 'Angélique' saga is well received and this was such a nice compliment!

Website Comment James

This, seriously, was totally unexpected - especially the way the message got to me - and incredibly sad, what a burden to be placed on my shoulders - yes, I answered most of the questions he asked for the basis of the obituary but not the 'secret family issues' that had been entrusted to me by Anne and Nadine - those areas, if they wished them to be known would need the Golons permission!

Website Comments Douglas

Website Comments Douglas and Darren

Now these were a surprise - first of all Douglas is a renowned historian and author (I seem to get on with authors as a general rule) and I pestered him about the history of the Ocean Hotel after we had visited there. He was very generous with his time and put me onto the Saltdean Info site run by Nikki Fabry to publish my Ocean and Midland Hotel ramblings and now has put my work forward to the new Saltdean website. The comments of their webmaster are very encouraging as well! 'Superb' is such a nice word!

Website Comments - Derek

Derek asked me for permission way before Erika approached me - but all's well that ends well!

Website Comments ErikaWebsite Comments Erika

Now this is something else - an Art Historian seeking my help - not bad if I say so myself!

Howard photographer images

I was a little surprised to get this as I am usually meticulous with crediting the original source or at worst linking to it if not absolutely 100% sure and the link did go directly to the Cinema Treasures site with all the information on, but I have changed the page in accordance with Howard's request. (27th December 2017)

Karen Avebury

Another author, Karen Averbury, seeking my advice for a book on the history of the seaside hotel - she could have saved herself the bother and bought a copy of the Midland Hotel book 'Morecambe's White Hope' by fellow author Barry Guise!

Early Nottingham Beer Festival from Andy Sales

Unexpected (but very welcome) praise on the recent revamping of the Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival which I have had the joy of creating and maintaining since 2010 when the Festival moved to the grounds of Nottingham Castle. In 2018 the challenge of redesigning the entire website as it moves to its temporary home at the Motorpoint Arena has been refreshing.

Website Comments from the University of Western Ohio

Goodness - this one is almost overwhelming and real balm to the soul! Thank you Professor Emeritus, Art History!

Web Comment from

My 'big fan' Jordan wants me to link to a financial site. It would be nice to think that he had understood what I was doing which is why I include my response. The first message (which never reached me via Windows Live Mail) was stopped at the google server but the second one got through. My reply, however was stopped by Norton, so I have sent a response via the google server - checked out the website (no not using his link) but by googling and that is how I discovered the financial nature of the site but could not find the link to the expensive cars so this, is where it ends! - Should this be here? Why not - he's a 'big fan'!

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Page updated : 22nd June 2018 (G)