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Andrew in a Frame

Sometime in the 1950s

'Use it or Lose it' Campaign 2021

Andrew as Hucknall Guru and Use it Campaign

Still campaigning and enjoying a beer or two along the way - the interesting thing about the image of the Chalk Board is that the 'Captain's' Hat has the CAMRA logo on the band! The chalkboard is a freestyle image - well done that artist! Read more on Andrew's page or the Dispatch website here

Front Page Boy / Media & Beer Guru - 2021!

Andrew on Fb post lock-down Guru

For someone who doesn't have a social media profile I do him proud! It made me laugh that the paper within a space of a few hours had promoted him from the 'Town's Real Ale Guru' to 'Head' of Nottingham CAMRA - it's all revealed in the Beer section - just follow the links!

Front page of Hucknall Guru

I liked that Andrew, true Brit (with a bit of Cornish) made the headlines of the Hucknall Dispatch on St. George's Day, especially as it was such an uplifting story during these Covid-19 lock-down times!

Andrew 28th April 2020

Andrew asked me to take a photo of him yesterday (28th April 2020) for a tribute to a friend who is celebrating his 70th in lockdown - I liked the picture so much I thought it had its place here!

Polish Mug

Andrew's T-Shirt

Try Being Married to a Legend!

Andrew Ludlow the Microsoft Legend

Just a brief resumé of the facts - ever since we accepted the Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade we have faced a number of challenges, especially on the upgrade on our main (formerly Windows 7) pc - things have been easier on the laptop and pc which came with the Windows 8 platform. Whenever a problem occurs it has been our (read 'my') habit to ask the technicians to fix matters via remote access. I have tried to do this less and less since the upgrades now always seem to dictate which direction we should take and which preferred (theirs not ours) software we should use. The matter of the 'blooming thumbnails' occurred on or around 24th November 2017. The screen went black, when it returned the thumbnails were all over the place, reminiscent of when, in the good old days we could open in 'safe mode' and an update forced itself to start (see what I mean about being dictated to? Anyway, the update didn't help so I went back to the Community where I had seen similar messages and wanted to see if anything useful had been posted, I also added my twopennor'th which of course shows up in Andrew's name as it is his name on the account (another thing Microsoft forced on us and did now allow for a joint name). I read that someone had asked Microsoft to ring them and take them through a process and unwillingly did the same in the hope that it would mean I could avoid another remote intrusion. In the end after another forced update which prevented the change taking place, I was able to get the technician to walk me through a solution which worked for us and the girl who originally posted. Somewhere along the line, people started latching on to our statement to respond when in fact I had not added that the '2015' roll-back worked for us, so it's a bit of a comedy to assign the accolades to us, especially Andrew who will be the first, and was, as he read though my notes, to admit that he has no idea (even with screenshots provided), what was done to alleviate the latest problem! Still it's fun to have him officially designated a 'legend' with a Microsoft Community banner.

You're Nicked!

Well I suppose it had to happen eventually! Joking apart, the major subject matter that we are both involved in is Beer - he drinks it, I create it (on the official Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival) and another direct link is the local Police Force where we both employed when we met (nowhere near as romantic as my parents!) The other day a friend alerted me to the fact that these pictures of Andrew had appeared on the Nottinghamshire Police's (private) Facebook page :

I recognised immediately that they were screen shots I had taken from the promo video for this years Beer Festival in its new venue at the Motorpoint Arena - not very flattering ones, admittedly, but not much I could do about that really. Also not really the image Andrew wants to project as a Beer drinker as these appeared on the Cider page which due to lack of information is singularly boring (again) this year. Anyway, so the man who has no Social Media (dare I say savvy) or accounts has penetrated a 'secret' society - still can't complain too much - can I?

Fb page commentary

We had to be advised that the 'Fraggle Rock' reference was a "euphemism for FHQ, full of muppets!" typical that neither of us knew of this and had to be enlightened by a divisional colleague!

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