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Eternally Popular Film now available on mainstream television

Swiss German Cable TV showing Angelique the Film

Swiss German Cable TV showing Angelique the Film

Screenshots of German television programme guide.

Publishers Xmas Advert

Publishers L'Archipel re-issued the original 1957 version of Angélique, Marquise des Anges as a film tie-in and featured the book in their build up to Christmas 2012

Angelique Book 1 Film tie-inAngelique Book 2 film tie-in

All wrapped up as the perfect Christmas gift! / Book 2 'Road to Versailles' released on 9th September 2014

Angelique and the King Film Tie InAngelique and the Sultan 2017

Book 3 - 'Angélique and the King' due for released January 2015 and 'Angélique and the Sultan' due for release October 2017

IMDB Film Poster

Posters as seen on and © of IMDB

IMDB Film Poster

Romantic alternative film poster

Gentle and very beautiful alternative artwork showing the Peyrac family unit

Anne Golon at film premier Toutes Les Nouvelles copyright

A very honest report from Toutes Les Nouvelles translated below and who own the image of Anne Golon and the film poster.

The Marquise of the Angels has returned!

The release of the new “Angélique” film, at Le Cyrano de Versailles, was premiered in the presence of Anne Golon, the author of the books on which the film is based.

“Angélique, Marquise of the Angels” is a global success story. It is estimated that 150 million copies of the books have sold consistently worldwide over nearly half a century. However, the author of these phenomenonally successful books, which spawned several films from the outset when the first of the books was published in 1956, Anne Golon, has seen very little, if any profitable return.  In recent years this innovative author, a pioneer in her own right of the ultimate historical novel as it is now known, has been living in near penury in Versailles. Ten years ago, together with the help of her children, and in particular her daughter Nadine, Anne Golon has been fighting to secure back her copyright of this remarkable historical saga frequently and erroneously classed as romantic fiction or worse still, ‘erotica’.


Having discovered the existence of ‘pirated’ versions of her work, due to many years of unapproved ‘creative editing’ by her publishers over which she had no control; Anne Golon made the decision to restore her original work. The re-written series is to be known as The Intégrale (more familiarly 'the complete works’) to distract from and wipe the memory of the commercial editions. The first of these have been released by the publishing house L’Archipel. To coincide with and in conjunction with the newly released film, which, according to the author importantly ‘respects the spirit of the characters, in particular the tragedy of the heroine’, the original 1956 version of the book has been republished and marketed with images from the new film. Anne Golon, at 92 still sharp and intuitive, considers ‘Gérard Lanvin dazzling in his interpretation of Count Peyrac, as is Nora Arnezeder who plays the screen Angélique.’ According to daughter Nadine, who is credited as one of the co-writers on the new film “This is a less romanticised version than the previous film and is more faithful to the original 1957 manuscript serialised in France Soir.”

Les Miserables

Looking more like a still from 'Les Miserables' - Angélique stages her disappearance (with the assistance of Desgrez) into the Paris Underworld - Les Courts des Miracles (the Court of Miracles)

Versailles : L'auteure d'"Angélique marquise des anges" présente le film inspiré de son livre

Angélique Publié le : 16/12/2013 à 19:23

L'auteure d'Angélique, Anne Golon, est aujourd'hui installée à Versailles. Elle sera présente au cinéma Le Cyrano, vendredi 20 décembre, à l'occasion de la sortie du film.

Qui ne connaît pas “Angélique, marquise des anges” ? Longtemps bafouée dans ses droits, l’auteure des romans, Anne Golon, vit aujourd’hui à Versailles. Elle sera présente au cinéma Le Cyrano de Versailles, le 20 décembre, à l’occasion de la projection du film, “Angélique”, tiré de ses romans. «Cette adaptation est plus proche du livre original et de sa mentalité», confie la fille d’Anne Golon, Nadine.
Car les livres parus dès 1956 (d’abord en Allemagne, puis en France et en Grande-Bretagne) avaient été “retouchés” et son auteure mise de côté… «C’était une femme… et à cette époque, ce n’était pas sérieux, lui disait-on, raconte sa fille. Alors comme son mari, Serge Golon, l’a aidée pour la partie documentation, c’est lui qui était interviewé…» Le dernier “Angéliqueé paraîtra en 1985, mais ce n’est qu’en 2005 qu’Anne Golon a officiellement “récupéré” ses droits d’auteur.
Depuis, elle travaille à la réécriture de ses romans, dont le premier, “Angélique marquise des anges” est ressorti en librairie le 4 décembre dernier. Parallèlement, un film tiré de ces romans est donc à l’affiche. Produit par Luc Besson, le casting affiche Gérard Lanvin (Joffrey de Peyrac), Nora Arnezeder (Angélique) et Tomer Sisley (Philippe de Plessis-Belière).
“Angélique”, au cinéma Le Cyrano (rue Rameau), le vendredi 20 décembre à 20h30. En présence d’Anne Golon.

Anne Golon 2013

From 78actu dated 16th December 2015 :

Angélique's author is in Versailles today. She's going to visit the 'Cyrano' cinema this coming Friday, 20th to the opening night of the new film.

So who hasn't heard of "Angélique, Marquise of the Angels"? Despite the abuse she has suffered at the hands of her publishers who defrauded her of her copyright, Anne Golon lives in Versailles. On Friday she will attend the opening night of the new version of the film, based on her books, at the Cyrano cinema. "This adaptation is closer to the original book and its ethos" says Anne Golon's daughter, Nadine.

Nadine continues to explain that since the books were first published in 1956 in Germany, France and Great Britain they have been edited and 'retouched' without the author's express permission, the reasoning being that consultation with a female author was not high priority! Only husband and co-author Serge Golon's opinion was sought. The last "Angélique" appeared in 1985, but it was not until 2005 that Anne Golon officially "recovered" her copyright. Since that time Anne Golon has been re-writing the edited versions and the first of the books was released on the 4th of December. This new version of the film starring Nora Arnezeder and Gérard Lanvin is closely aligned to the re-writes.

The official Press Kit in English is available for download here - see the trailer with English sub-titles here or on You Tube

Official Film PosteerPress Kit oage Link to Press Kit Link to You Tube

Angelique Film Germany June 2014

Germany launched the film in June 2014

German TV shows film

Germany leads the way - the new film is broadcast on television on 3rd August 2015

Angelique: Marquise des Anges: Film Review

This merits a place on this page for the sole reason that it was written in, and appears on the internet, in English! The bottom line "A handsome and romantic costume drama with some swordplay, a dash of feminism and good performances."

Source : Hollywoodreporter.com 25th December 2013

This French remake of Bernard Borderie's swooning costume drama from 1964 stars Nora Arnezeder, Gerard Lanvin, Tomer Sisley and an impressive David Kross as Louis XIV.

PARIS - A fictional French heroine from the time of Louis XIV is resuscitated for the big screen in Angelique: Marquise des Anges from Ariel Zeitoun, a producer and occasional director from the stable of Luc Besson’s EuropaCorp.

The Angelique novels, written by Anne Golon and her husband, Serge, have reportedly sold over 150 million copies since they were published in the 1950s. They were adapted for the screen in the 1960s by director Bernard Borderie, with Michelle Mercier, Robert Hossein and Jean Rochefort headlining the sprawling cast. However, these films were quite conservative in that the titular heroine was more of an object than the subject, though this has been rectified in the new film, in which Nora Arnezeder (Faubourg 36) incarnates the young but strong-willed protagonist who’s married off against her will to an ugly but rich nobleman she doesn’t even know, Joffrey de Peyrac (Gerard Lanvin).

There’s a nostalgia factor at work for French audiences, who’ll remember the original films or have since caught up via countless re-runs, that won’t offer quite the same draw abroad, though the film has already been sold to many European territories including Germany, much of Eastern Europe and Russia.

In the mid-1600s France, Angelique (Arnezeder) is married by her practically penniless aristocratic father (Matthieu Boujenah) to the Count of Peyrac, a man whose fortune is so great, people whisper he’s practically as rich as the Sun King himself, Louis XIV (David Kross), who’s still in his early 20s. The riches of Peyrac, who had an accident in his youth and has a huge scar on his face and a limp as result, stem from a gold mining operation that utilizes a new technique to extract the precious metal, though his adversaries claim he’s a sorcerer who can turn things into gold. Initially, Angelique rebels and tries to make love to the handsome Nicolas (Mathieu Kassovitz) so that she’ll be defiled and thus won’t have to marry a man she doesn’t know. But her father, her uncle (Miguel Herz-Kestranek) and her insidious cousin, Philippe (Tomer Sisley), “save” her and manage to deliver her to Peyrac.

In a nice twist, Peyrac may be ugly and older -- even a lot older than in the book in this adaptation -- but he’s also an expert at understanding people and Angelique is impressed when he doesn’t freak out when she provocatively shows up for their wedding wearing pants. In order for the film to work, the relationship between the unlikely duo, which slowly evolves into respect and then love, has to be believable and at the same time not undermine Angelique’s fierce individuality. Thankfully, Zeitoun and his Belgian co-screenwriter, Philippe Blasband, working from a story summary by the novelists’ daughter, Nadia Golon, manage to do just that, and Arnezeder and Lanvin imbue their characters with both their own eccentricities and a pleasing sense of complicity.

The film’s best set piece involves the visit of Louis XIV and his extravagantly dressed entourage to the surface mine where Peyrac extracts his gold. Kross, so good as the shy and naive lead in The Reader opposite Kate Winslet, is an unexpected but perfect fit for the imperious Louis the Great and the film’s occasional detours into Saturday matinee material is never more evident than here, where a handful of bad guys scheme to do harm to one person but their plans go delightfully awry. Most of the action is relatively light but well staged and, something increasingly uncommon, flows directly from the needs of the narrative.

Costume and production design are opulent and the cinematography of regular Werner Herzog collaborator Peter Zeitlinger is entirely in tune with the film's  generally-old-school-with-a-dash-of-feminism feel.

Opens: Dec. 18 (in France)

Production companies: Ajoz Films, EuropaCorp, France 3 Cinema, Climax Films, Mona Film, Wilma Film
Cast: Nora Arnezeder, Gerard Lanvin, Tomer Sisley, David Kross, Mathieu Kassovitz, Simon Abkarian, Matthieu Boujenah, Miguel Herz-Kestranek, Julian Weigend, Rainer Frieb, Florence Coste
Director: Ariel Zeitoun
Screenwriters: Nadia Golon, Philippe Blasband, Ariel Zeitoun, screenplay based on the novel by Anne Golon, Serge Golon
Producers: Emmanuel Jacquelin, Olivier Rausin, Filip Hering, Gerald Podgorny
Director of photography: Peter Zeitlinger
Production designer: Patrick Durand
Music: Nathaniel Mechaly
Costume designers: Edith Vesperini, Stephan Rollot
Editors: Philippe Bourgeuil, Jennifer Auge
Sales: EuropaCorp
No rating, 113 minutes.

The DVD is available - so what next?

The word is - 'nothing', there is little likelihood of any further episodes being made due to the lack of poularity of the new film in France despite many glowing testaments at Amazon.fr - I will review the film here

New Marquise des Anges DVD

New DVD costume detail

Cover of the new 'Marquise des Anges' DVD

DVD on shop shelves

Top 10 choices? An eclectic mix of DVDs available in stores.

Nora Arnezeder Poster Gerard Lanvin Poster

Named Poster of new Angelique Film

Images courtesy of Angélique - Le Film on Fb Link to Fb page

Sensational Success!

Television interview with Nora and Gerard Link to television video

Feted wherever they go!

Here are images conveying the success, popularity, hero-worshipping and an appropriate tribute to Anne Golon by film-makers, film-stars and publishers alike! - December 2013 (a long journey from the inception of the 'Friends of Angélique' in the 1990s thanks to Harvey J Adkins)

Sponsorship Poster

No shortage of sponsors this time around!

From the Pen to the Screen interview with Anne Golon and the film makers

The success of the new film has seen a resurgence in popularity for Anne Golon as well as the makers and stars of the new film by Ariel Zeitoun - "From the Pen to the Screen" can be seen on YouTube

An animated Anne Golon being interviewed in From the Pen to the Screen

A very happy and animated Anne Golon discussing the new film (in "From the Pen to the Screen") and using words such as 'Excellent' and 'Formidable' when asked about the new portrayal of her eponymous heroine Angélique and her great love Joffrey de Peyrac.

Point de View interview with stars of film

An interview with Gérard Lanvin and Nora Arnezeder in Point de Vue (no. 341318) dated 24th December 2013

Metro Advertising Film

No shortage of advertising the film - this found its way in the Métro (Paris underground)

Champs Elysees Cinema

As advertised in a cinema on the Champs Élysées

Advertising Post Paris near the OperaAdvertising Post Paris near the Opera

The unique Parisian advertising column - uniquely and instantly recognisable! Thank you to Claire Saïm for the images from her private collection

Gaumont Paris Opera

As advertised by the Gaumont Opéra

The stars at the Premier The stars at the premier

Les acteurs Gérard Lanvin, Nora Arnezeder, Tomer Sisley et Simon Abkarian lors de l'avant-première du film "Angélique" d'Ariel Zeitoun, le 16 décembre 2013 à Paris (From l to r Actors Gérard Lanvin, Nora Arnezeder, Tomer Sisley and Simon Abkarian line up before the première showing of "Angélique" in Paris on 16th December 2013 directed by Ariel Zeitoun) - Picture afp.com/Patrick Kovarik

Director meets Previewers

Director Ariel Zeitoun meets his critics at a preview of his new film

Critics taking their seats

The lucky ones with press packs and seated in anticipation

Fans filling the cinema

Flocking to take their seats as the excitement mounts ......

Film score of the book

Original Soundtrack cover - nothing escapes the advertisers!

It's really happening! Images from the official Press Pack

Leading roles played by Press Pack .pdf avaialable here

Gérard Lanvin and Nora Arnezeder in the roles of Joffrey de Peyrac and Angélique

Anne Golon approves Peyrac actor

Anne Golon endorses the choice of Lanvin - she says "........ It is his voice! It is his laugh! I say to myself - there he is, my Joffrey de Peyrac, I am happy with the choice."

Press Pack Announcement Press Pack .pdf avaialable here

The film, acting and production credits

Press Pack Interview with Anne Golon Press Pack .pdf avaialable here

A very respectful "Interview with Anne Golopn"

Anne Golon approves choice of actor playing Peyrac

Anne Golon approves the cast

Desgrez played by with Sorbonne his dog

Simon Abkarian as a fittingly appropriate Desgrez but not the original actor, Olivier Gourmet heralded for the part!

Silhoette of the de Peyrac family

A still from the film - reminiscent of some of the newer book cover designs seen in recent years.

Write up of new film Press Pack .pdf avaialable here

Angelique new film announcement

Confirmation of the film's release date and new Facebook page

Compare the original and new actors here

Film Locations:

Two of the stately homes being used in the 2012 remake have been identified as the Châteaux d’Attre et de Beloeil both of which are in Belgium. Here are a few photographs to whet your appetites:

Châteaux d’Attre

Chateau d'Attre

A general view of the approach to the Chateau d'Attre

Aeriel view Chateau d'Attre and gardens

An aeriel and panoramic view of the house and gardens which few 17th century citizens will have enjoyed unless they travelled by hot air balloon!

Garden detail of the Chateau d'Attre

A detail of the beautiful horticultural design which will have been very popular in the 17th century.

Châteaux de Beloeil

Pen and ink drawing of the garden layoutAeriel shot of the chateau Beloeil, gardens and moat

Definitely the more 'showy' of the two chateau and these images show the garden layout plan of the chateau and grounds and an aeriel shot proving how advanced architectural and horticultural designs had already been achieved.

Chateau de Boloeil

A view from the moat surrounding the castle.

Panoramic view of the Chateau and Moat

A view showing the approach to the chateau which will make for a great entrance by any standards!

Aeriel view of the chateau gardens

I could not resist this image of the beautifully sculptured gardens of the chateau.

The Film that will be :

Announced at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival - from the France Soir website:

Angélique : Nora Arnezeger va succéder à Michèle Mercier

Nora Arnezeger

The new face of Angélique

Michele Mercier

The image that will forever stay in many peoples' mind - the perfect Angélique as portrayed by Michèle Mercier. I chose this picture as I am sure it was one that Harvey J Adkins would have loved and the other pictures in this article on the internet show a similar selection to the ones he chose when creating his 'secret passion' page.

Angélique : Nora Arnezeger will succeed Michèle Mercier in the title rôle.

C'est la jeune actrice Nora Arnezeder qui va succéder à Michèle Mercier dans le remake d'''Angélique, marquise des anges''.

Young actress Nora Arnezeder has been chosen to succeed Michèle Mercier in the projected remake of ''Angélique, marquise des anges''.

Elle a marqué les années 60. La blonde, rebelle et sensuelle Angélique, interprétée par Michèle Mercier, restera à jamais dans la mémoire des cinéphiles et des téléspectateurs. Un remake est en préparation, et c'est Nora Arnezeder qui aura la lourde tâche d'être la nouvelle Angélique.

For a landmark 60 years the blonde, rebellious and sensual Angélique, as interpreted by Michèle Mercier, has and will always remain in the memories of cinemagoers and television viewers. A remake is in the pipeline and it is Nora Arnezeder who will become the new Angélique.

Nora ArnezederLa jeune et très jolie actrice de 23 ans s'était fait connaître il y a quatre ans dans le film Faubourg 36, de Christophe Barratier, dans lequel elle dansait et chantait. On l'a vue l'an dernier dans La croisière (avec Charlotte de Turckheim, Line Renaud et Marilou Berry) et récemment dans le thriller américain Sécurité rapprochée (aux côtés de Ryan Reynolds et Denzel Washington). A la rentrée, elle tiendra le premier rôle du nouveau film d'Alexandre Arcady, Ce que le jour doit à la nuit, avec Anne Parillaud et Vincent Perez.


This young and very pretty 23-year old actress has been acting for four years in film and in 'Faubourg 36' directed by Christophe Barratier she dances and sings on screen. Last year she was seen in La croisière (with Charlotte de Turckheim, Line Renaud and Marilou Berry) and most recently has appeared in the American thriller Sécurité rapprochée - Safe House (starring opposite Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington). After her runaway success in this film she was awarded the starring rôle in a new film directed by Alexandre Arcady, Ce que le jour doit à la nuit, with Anne Parillaud and Vincent Perez.


Gérard Lanvin et Tomer Sisley

Elle un fan-club sur Internet, et l'avenir devant elle. Après avoir longtemps cherché la perle rare, le réalisateur Ariel Zeïtoun vient donc de la choisir pour en faire la nouvelle Angélique, marquise des anges, dans le remake qu'il prépare, près de 50 ans après la première adaptation du roman d'Anne et Serge Golon.


C'est Gérard Lanvin qui succèdera à Robert Hossein dans le rôle du comte Joffrey de Peyrac, Tomer Sisley reprendra celui du marquis de Plessis-Bellière (Claude Giraud) et Olivier Gourmet celui de l'avocat François Desgrez (Jean Rochefort).


Gérard Lanvin and Tomer Sisley


Thanks to her high profile internet fan club, producer Ariel Zeïtoun found his 'rare pearl' after a very long and exhausting search. Finally, the remake of Angélique, marquise des anges, which has been nearly 50 years in the planning after the original adaptation from the novels of Anne and Serge Golon, is on track at last.

Gérard Lanvin succeeds Robert Hossein as comte Joffrey de Peyrac, Tomer Sisley will portray the marquis de Plessis-Bellière (previously played by Claude Giraud) and Olivier Gourmet will reprise the lawyer François Desgrez (popularly played by Jean Rochefort).


Cinq films


Michèle Mercier a tourné cinq Angélique, tous réalisés par Bernard Borderie, de qualité inégale: Angélique, marquise des anges(1964), Merveilleuse Angélique (1965), Angélique et le Roy (1966), Indomptable Angélique (1967) et Angélique et le sultan (1968).

Ces cinq films, qui font régulièrement les délices des téléspectateurs, ont vu défiler la fine fleur des seconds rôles français des années 60: outre Robert Hossein et Jean Rochefort, on y a vu Jacques Toja, Jean Topart, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Noël Roquevert, François Maistre, Sami Frey, Jean Parédès, Michel Galabru, Jean Lefebvre, Jean-Claude Pascal notamment...


Five films


Michèle Mercier starred as Angélique in the five films of unparallelled quality directed by Bernard Borderie: Angélique, marquise des anges(1964), Merveilleuse Angélique (1965), Angélique et le Roy (1966), Indomptable Angélique (1967) and Angélique et le sultan (1968).

In these five films, which are seen regularly and are always popular with television viewers, it would be a shame not to remind ourselves of the magnificent performances from actors, in secondary rôles, who have become better known over the intervening 60 years : in addition to Robert Hossein and Jean Rochefort you will also see, notably, Jacques Toja, Jean Topart, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Noël Roquevert, François Maistre, Sami Frey, Jean Parédès, Michel Galabru, Jean Lefebvre, Jean-Claude Pascal .............


The Film that never was .........

To tell you the truth, that heading sounds somewhat familiar and may, therefore be some for of unintentional plaigiarism for which I apologise profusely from the outset.

This page carries two features - the first has already been seen on the Rumour page and is a direct quote from Elodie from her Facebook account :

"Sire! Ca va mal à Paris.."
Suite à une multitude d'appels, pigeons voyageurs pleins de promesses, messages divers et "avariés", me félicitant pour "Angélique" ou "La Marquise" et autres folies furieuses sous Louis XIV...je me suis aperçue qu'une rumeur circulait à mon sujet :
Partout on a dit que La Frégé allait incarner une nouvelle version d' Angélique, Marquise des Anges !
Autant faire bref : Je Comtesse.
Je conteste, en effet.
S'il est vrai qu'il y a eu contact et plus si affinités autour de ce projet, je dois vous avouer que je ne serai pas celle qui bis-incarnera cette sublime héroïne.
Je ne sais d'où cette belle rumeur a surgi, mais cela va sans dire : on ne m a pas autant félicitée depuis ma première dent de lait.
C'est dire.
"Ca va mal à Paris.."

Note: - the expressions used by Elodie are part text / part tweet and so this translation is a part actual / part guesswork as to what she actually wanted to say (other than to post a denia) :

"Sire! - Paris is being misinformed .."
Following on from a multitude of announcements, pigeons delivering promises, mixed messages and 'tweets' congratulating and referring to me as "Angélique" or "La Marquise" and other 'furious follies' to do with Louis XIV I became aware of a rumour circulating with me as its headlining subject matter stating that 'La Frégé' was to be the new incarnation of 'Angélique, Marquise des Anges'
In effect : that I am the Countess.
I deny this although it is true that I have been contacted about this project, but I can assure you that I will not be duplicated incarnation fo this sublime heroine.
I do not know where the rumour originated and why it has escalated to such proportions and it mus be said 'Paris is being wronged.' E.

The second feature comes from the Onirik exclusive and is reproduced below:

Dernière mise à jour : le lundi 23 janvier 2012. - Exclusivité Onirik ! Entretien avec Nadia Goloubinoff

Voilà une semaine déjà que la toile s’est enflammée au rythme des avalanches de news sur une nouvelle adaptation d’Angélique Marquise des anges, que les fans attendent avec fébrilité et émotion.

Et quelle adaptation nous promettait-on ! Avec, d’un côté, une chanteuse de talent, Elodie Frégé, révélée par la télé-réalité, mais qui a su s’en démarquer, et qui poursuit brillamment mais discrètement sa carrière d’auteur-compositeur-interprète et d’actrice. Et de l’autre, un des visages les plus populaires, gouailleur et séduisant du cinéma français, l’acteur Gérard Lanvin.

En réaction à cette effervescence d’informations contradictoires, Onirik a pu faire le point avec Nadia Goloubinoff, fille et représentante d’Anne Golon, qui se bat depuis des années aux côtés de sa mère avec une détermination inébranlable.

Quelle magnifique carte de visite pour des comédiens que ces rôles mythiques d’Angélique de Sancé de Monteloup, et de Joeffrey de Peyrac, comte de Toulouse... Celui qui n’a pas vécu ces étés lourds des sempiternelles rediffusions des films de Bernard Borderie ne peut comprendre le risque fou qu’il y a à s’engager dans le houleux chemin d’une nouvelle adaptation.

Adaptation, c’est important de le préciser, car nombreux sont les fans de la belle Michèle Mercier à oublier que ces films sont issus des superbes romans historiques de madame Anne Golon, auteur français le plus publié après Alexandre Dumas.

Oeuvre littéraire qu’Anne Golon n’a de cesse de porter à bout de bras et qu’elle ré-écrit maintenant sans faillir ces dernières années, depuis qu’elle a découvert que ses précédents éditeurs avaient censuré ou modifié ses textes.

Nadia nous a confié ne pas avoir eu vent de ce "choix" d’Elodie Frégé, elle l’a découvert dans le magazine de télévision Télé Star, comme la communauté des fans qui s’est très vite émue de cette incroyable nouvelle, qui n’en était finalement pas une.

Si projet d’adaptation il y a, en effet, il est encore à un stade que l’on pourrait qualifier d’embryonnaire, rien n’est arrêté, aucun casting, aucun réalisateur, aucun détail n’a filtré des productions Ajoz.

En ce qui concerne le point épineux des romans, pour le moment, toujours rien de concret sur un nouvel éditeur, ou du moins rien de suffisamment solide pour communiquer une heureuse nouvelle aux fans, qui s’impatientent à travers le monde.

Mais Anne Golon, qui vient de fêter en décembre ses 90 ans, continue son beau combat, réhabiliter son oeuvre. Revigorée par les voeux et encouragements envoyés régulièrement par ses fans, auxquels elle est particulièrement sensible, elle reprend espoir. Elle est en ce moment plongée dans la réécriture du tome anciennement intitulé Indomptable Angélique.

Bientôt, nous pourrons voir un documentaire sur Anne Golon, qui racontera son combat et sa vie aujourd’hui, dont le tournage est prévu cette année, mais nous n’avons pas encore de date de diffusion précise. Ce documentaire sera visible sur une chaîne publique, contrairement au reportage préparé par Canal +, et qui est consacré à Michèle Mercier, Michèle Mercier : L’insoumise.

Anne Golon et Nadia Goulobinoff tiennent à remercier chaleureusement tous les fans pour leur fidélité, elles comprennent parfaitement leur impatience, égale à leur affection pour cet auteur merveilleux qui les a enchantés avec bonheur depuis tant d’années.

Merci beaucoup à Nadia Goloubinoff, ainsi qu’à Anne Golon, pour nous avoir si gentiment communiqué ces informations et accepté de répondre à nos questions.

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