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Occasionally we will post external book reviews here. These reviews will be in reference to books we have found to be outstanding and where we feel our own reviews may be inadequate.

The first refers to 'Story of a Secret State' by Jan Karski reviewed by Peter Conrad of the Observer on 8th May 2011.

'The Last Dance: 1936' by Denys Blakeway reviewed by Adam Sisman of the Daily Telegraph, 27th June 2010

The BBC chose to review a biography of much beloved Margaret Rutherford 'Dreadnought with Good Manners' in a novel radio format entitled 'A monstrous Vitality'

'Mapp & Lucia' - the new 'Add-Ons' by Guy Simpson - 'Major Benjy', 'Lucia on Holiday' and 'Au Reservoir'


We just love reading .......

Anything and everything we can get our hands on you can find our preferences here for Andrew and here for Anna or use the sidebar links.

Now Reading .....

Here you'll find what Anna or Andrew are reading - each book will be featured with a small picture of the cover and a quick review - all comments are our own and are not meant to influence one way or another.

We even have a few series of books that we've both read but they won't necessarily appear on our individual listings.

We have both read:

Harry Potter / The True Blood Series / Sherlock Holmes / The Angélique Saga [see separate section]

Book Reviews

Our own reviews will appear in in our current 'now' reading section and will be posted as soon as we conclude a particular book. Any reviews deemed 'outstanding' or worthy of a professional review will be linked to this page.


Certain authors will merit Obituaries, Lilian Jackson Braun and Ronald Searle are two so far - Lilian uniquely resides in the Cat Who section. Terry Pratchett, one of Andrew's favourite authors joins the Obituary section in 2015. 'Les Rois Maudits' by Maurice Druon - Knight of the British Empire and recipient of the Grand Croix de la Légion d'honneur.


I was invited to provide a 'banner' to link to a very interesting web-site dedicated to author Juliette Benzoni and her 'Catherine' series - here it is:

Banner for Anne Golons Angelique series Link to Juliette Benzoni site

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