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Have you ever been tempted to say ‘Oh …. My …. God’ (with suitable intervals for emphasis) which had nothing to do with our gracious Saviour other than He, too would be appalled by what was being said or done? Well here is my take on the ‘Oh … My … God’ phenomenon which has nothing to do with religion but tellingly has a whole section devoted to the government!

Starting with their latest grovelling apology for yet another error read the letter I received today here or in .pdf format here.

Eventually the whole sorry saga and updates will appear here

I wanted to write all this on Fb but there were too many characters and as it is a piece of grammatical magnificence I don't see why I should waste it!

"You may remember I had a little rant a few weeks ago (9th June to be exact) about the DWP hounding me for an update to my disability (well I actually said something stronger but you've already read all about that)  - well today, courtesy of my MP who took up the cudgel for me again I received a copy of the response sent to him. It is available in its awful entirety on my web-page - in fact I have created a whole new section called OMG to accommodate the excesses of the government responses. You know, I can always accept a grovelling apology (quite graciously as it happens) from these people, but I cannot accept the unprofessionalism that comes with it! In this multi-cultural society of ours they can't even be bothered to check if they've got my name right! As for the grammar - how can you have a 9-word sentence with the word 'currently occurring twice? Haven't any of them read the 'Harry Potter' books, don't they know that Hedwig, Harry's Owl, is but a germanic form of my first name - Jadwiga? Words, just for a change, fail me ......."

2016 - Look what reared its ugly head today!

Mark Spencer on Disability Cuts

From the Hucknall Dispatch - Friday, 11th November 2016

By : Tim Cunningham (e-mail) published : Thursday, 10th November 2016 at 17.32

Sherwood MP Mark Spencer has voted “consistently” to cut benefits for cancer patients, disabled children and those who cannot work because of illness or disability, a rival councillor has said.

The Conservative MP’s voting record from March 2011, to July 2016, includes his support for controversial Government plans to reform social security payments.

Councillor Keir Morrison, Ashfield District Council Labour member for Hucknall South, slammed the MP’s record. He said: “It’s clear the Conservative government would rather punish the most vulnerable in our society through welfare cuts, rather than collect the billions of pounds lost to the Treasury in corporate avoided and evaded tax. “What we need is a highly skilled, high wage economy to lift millions of working people out of poverty.”In February 2012, Mr Spencer voted not to make an exception for those with a cancer diagnosis or undergoing cancer treatment from the 365-day limit on receiving contribution-based employment and support allowance.In the same month, he voted against setting Universal Credit payments for disabled children and young people at a minimum of two-thirds of the higher rate. In July and October 2015, he voted to reduce the household benefit cap, to freeze the rate of many working-age benefits, and to reduce social rents in England.

In June 2016, he voted for reductions in benefits for disabled and ill claimants who are deemed capable of work. And in July 2016 he voted for cuts in housing benefit for recipients in supported housing.The round-up of Mr Spencer’s “consistent” voting record, compiled by TheyWorkForYou.com, showed he has never “rebelled”, or voted against, the Tory party.Mr Spencer said: “What is important to me is to make sure the welfare state works for everyone, to make sure those who are unable to support themselves get the help they need, but also to make sure it pays to go to work.“In Sherwood, there are an awful lot of families who work hard and long hours, and get incredibly frustrated when they see people that don’t work having a better standard of living than them.

“Now that person may be on benefits through no fault of their own, but the long-term solution is for people who are able to work to get back to work and support themselves. “We will do everything we can to support people who are severely disabled or unable to work for whatever reason, that’s the right thing to do, but we won’t do what Labour did which is to pay people who could work to stay on benefits and be isolated from society.”

Spencer MP Fb comment Link to reference to Mark Spencer

And I added my twopennorth on Fb and reminded myself how unhelpful this individual is especially where disability is concerned! Or having to re-visit a problem he had onviously already filed in the bin!


The ubiquitous 'Misc' section will feature areas that have little worth in terms of information but are in the jaw-droppingly silliness category! I think they fittingly belong in this section.

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