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There are many web-sites with images of the book covers devoted to the Angélique series so although I have assigned a page for this purpose, it is designed more for entertainment than any specific reference. Thank you for visiting.

Original Hardback Editions

Interestingly these were universally used except for the Sultan/Barbary anomaly.

Original French hardback cover

The original cover that set everyone's pulses racing as they made the acquaintance of this new heroine!

Publishing history : Colbert and Trévise were the original publishers of the books from the mid-1950s until 1985. Only the first two books were published by Colbert, and the remainder by Trévise (hardbacks with dust-jackets). These original French covers differ quite significantly from those found in the UK and US.

Original hardback UK AngeliqueOriginal hardback UK KingOriginal hardback UK SultanOriginal hardback US Barbary

The UK edition remained faithful to the original cover commissioned for the French version and then moved to their own style

Original hardback F KingOriginal hardback F SultanOriginal hardback f RevoltOriginal hardback F Love

King and Revolt appear to favour a similar 'pouting' Angélique whereas here she looks optimistic on her journey in Indomptable/Sultan and the UK version once again echoes the French in 'Love.'

Original hardback UK Revolt Original hardback UK LoveOriginal hardback UK Countess Original hardback UK Temptation

We know for certain that Renato Fratini designed the covers for 'Sultan', 'Revolt' and 'Love' and his technique is easily recognisable - I have never liked the 'smug' expression on 'Countess' or the relatively inappropriate subject matter artwork - this might have been better suited to 'Québec' . I also don't like the change of title 'New World' is an acceptable and recognisable description of the early pioneering days of exploration in North America. 'Temptation' appears to be a on-off piece of artwork with yet again a complete lack of understanding of the content of the book!

Original hardback F CountessOriginal hardback F TemptationOriginal hardback UK Demon Original hardback UK Ghosts

Having poured scorn on the English version of 'Temptation' I adore the artwork for the French version which seems to use the same model on three chronological covers.

Original hardback UK F Demon Original hardback F Ghosts

Does anybody else see that the English version of 'Ghosts', another translation I don't much like, preferring the literal translation of 'Conspiracy of Shadows', resembles the French model quite closely?

Original hardback F QuebecOriginal hardback F EspoirOriginal hardback F Victoire

The three hitherto coveted end-of-series books - we all knew the book following on from 'Angélique and the Ghosts' would be called 'Angélique in Québec' and so it was, then followed 'Angélique la route de l'espoir' for which I do not have an acceptable literal translation and finally (but not the end) 'La Victoire d'Angélique' which is sufficiently similar to English to tell you that Angélique is victorious!

Set of English Hardback editions of Angelique

This is a complete set of English hardbacks which I was able to source from eBay and which have now been onwardly transmitted to the United States for someone else to enjoy!

What if ......

These books were finally translated into English - might they look like this?

Quebec mock-upEspoir mock-upVictoire mock-upKingdom of France mock-up

Somebody thought so! View the page at Book Node here

We continue to hope ..........

UK Large print Book 1UK Large print Book 1 backUK Large print Book 2UK Large print Book 2 back

A late 1990s large-print re-print containing in the second book the untranslated first chapter of 'Road to Versailles'

Universally recognisable hardcovers of Book 1

Angelique Book 1 in HebrewAngelique Book 1 in HebrewAngelique Book 1 in Hebrew

Israel gives us three variations l to r - a visible recognisable original version, the same image but with all definition removed (font styles are the same), a later printing with an updated image and more modern font - difficult to source book covers


Angelique Book 1 in Slovenian



Everything that this 'oeuvre' that is Angélique is, is French - and so hopefully the French book covers should be representative of all that is Angélique - with that in mind, rather than show the numerous covers that have been published across the years, which would be an impossible and thankless task - I will choose some that I like and others that are interesting.

Wherever possible I have used Trévise on the individual book pages to try and keep a sequence going throughout but unfortunately the series was not completed in the style and on my reviews page I have used the J'ai Lu images with the yellow backgrounds and succeeded in finding the full set. Below is a selection of alternative images some of which achieved the full set but not all - the Marquise of the Angels cover chosen is my absolute favourite of all the French images.

French Marquise

French Vers CoverFrench Vers Book 2Demon Part 1 Trevise Demon Part 2 Trevise


All the Hungarian Books

Hungary has additionally split one of its books giving 14 titles in all in the series.


I have been able to source/identify a few more of the covers thanks to a member of our group who also sent me the 'provenance' of the front covers where the original French titles were also given. It seems as if the series stopped with 'Demon'.

Hebrew Marquise of the AngelsHebrew KingHebrew Revolt

Identified titles l to r : Angélique, Marquise of the Angels / Angélique and the King / Angélique in Revolt (Sultan is missing)

Hebrew Revolt alternative coverHebrew In LoveHebrew Countess - New Life

Identified titles l to r : Angélique in Revolt (alternative cover) / Angélique in Love / Countess Angélique (New Life)

Hebrew TemptationHebrew Demon

Identified titles l to r : Temptation of Angélique and Angélique and the Demon (the cover is a direct lift from the original hardback edition)

Now that the it has been identified I have to say I am a big fan of the 'Temptation' cover!


Japanes MarquiseAngelique Japanese Book 2Angelique Japanese Book 3Japanese King

Angelique Japanes Book 5 Angelique Japanese Book 6Angelique Book 7 JapaneseAngelique Japanese Book 8

Angelique Japanese Book 9 Angelique Japanese Book 10Japanese Love Angelique Japanese Book 12

Angelique Japanese Book 13Angelique Japanese Book 14Japanese TemptationAngelique Japanese Book 16

Angelique Japanese Book 17Angelique Japanese Book 18Angelique Japanese Book 19Angelique Japanese Book  20

Angelique Japanese Book  21Angelique Japanese Book  22Angelique Japanese Book  23Angelique Japanese Book  24

Angelique Japanese Book 25Angelique Japanese Book  26

Books 1-3 (Barefoot Marchesa) Angélique, Marquise des Anges / Books 4 & 5 (Versailles Lover) Angélique and the King / Books 6 & 7 (Blonde Slave Girl) Angélique and the Sultan (Barbary) / Books 8 & 9 (Woman of Revolution) Angélique in Revolt / Books 10 & 11 (Other side of the Rainbow) Angélique in Love / Books 12 & 13 (Goddess of Katarunk) Countess Angélique / Books 14 &15 (Under Trial in the Wilderness) The Temptation of Angélique / Books 16 & 17 (On the Witch Acadia) Angélique and the Demon / Books 18 & 19 (Silhouette of Conspiracy) Angélique and the Ghosts / Books 20-22 (Québec) Angélique à Québec / Books 23 & 24 (Way to Hope) Route de l'Espoir / Books 25 & 26 (Departure) La Victoire d'Angélique

The titles in (parentheses) are Google translations from the original Japanese - I cannot vouchsafe their authenticity.

Complete Japanese set

The Japanese versions come beautifully packaged


I am currently trying to work out the absolute narrative for these books, identifiable are the following in the same chronology as the English translations in paperback up to 'Ghosts/Complot des Ombres and then they follow the French from Quebec onwards :

Angelique Lithuanian Marquise Angelique Lithuanion Versailles Angelique Lithuanian King Angelique Lithuania Sultan

Anželika Angelų markizė / Anželika Kelias į versalį / Anželika ir karalius / Nesutramdomoji Anželika

Angelique Lithuanian Revolt Angelique Lithuanian Love Angelique Lithuanian Countess New WorldAngelique Lithanian Temptation

Anželika maištauja / Anželika ir jos meilė / Anželika naujajame pasaulyje / Anželikos gundymas

Lithuanian DemonAngelique Lithuanian Ghosts Angelique Lithuanian QuebecAngelique Lithuanian Espoir

Anželika ir demonas / Anželika ir šešėlių sąmokslas / Anželika Kvebeke /Anželika ir gubernatorius

Angelique Lithuanian Victory

Anželikos pergalė

With the help of a blog I found, it would appear that from this list 'Route de l'Espoir' is translated as Gubernatorius (Governor) - however there are two more titles one of which, Anželika ir kazokai (Cossacks), the same blogger dismisses immediately as not belonging to the series and doubting if the book was even written by the same authors - another 'rogue' it seems. Looking more closely at the book whereby Anželika vanquishes the Demon - there is no author shown on the cover and the cover image as so many in this series belong more to the Napoleonic era than Louis XIV - however, search engines and internet bookshops do link it to the authors and the de Peyracs.

Angelique Lithuanian Cossacks Angelique Lithuanian Vanquished Demon

Anželika ir kazokai (Cossacks) / Anželika-demonų nugalėtoja (vanquishes the Demon)

ORIGINAL SPECULATION***SPOILER ALERT**** Until I find out for certain I am speculating the the Cossacks may equate to Pirates sometimes used for 'Son Amour' which makes no sense as that would surely belong to 'Indomtable' but Eastern Europe translations like to equate it with 'In Love'. Thinking about it 'Governor' could equate to either 'Temptation' or possibly Route de L'espoir where the Peyracs are considered as Governors in New England, on the other hand we know Colin Paturel has been given the governance of the Peyrac lands. As to the vanquished Demon - that could be part 2 of Demon or without giving too much away might even be part 1 of 'Victoire' ***SPOILER ALERT***SUPERCEDED BY INFORMATION ACCOMPANYING THE IMAGES (June 2015)


Conveniently numbered l to r : Angélique, Road to Versailles / Angélique and the King /Angélique in Revolt / Angélique in Love / Countess Angélique

l to r : The Temptation of Angélique / Angélique and the Demon


Polish Book 1 Polish Book 2 Polish Book 3 Polish Book 4 Polish Book 5 Polish Book 6

Polish Book 7 Polish Book 8 Polish Book 9 Polish Book 10 Polish Book 11 Polish Book 12 Polish Book 13

The first printing in Poland followed the J'ai Lu cover designs

Czech Marquise Czech Versailles Czech King

The Czech Republic followed suit, releasing the books through a book club and utilising the same covers

Poland - the 21st century version

Full Set

The new version, consisting of 28 books in total (based on the original translations and not the Intégrale) were released every two weeks, the final book reaching the bookstands on 14th October 2011. The covers were matched to create a panorama and were based on the images of Michele Mercier portraying Angélique.

Because have done such a great job of summarising the new books (Spoiler Alert) - I intend to translate them and make them available here

Book 1 Book 2Book 3Book 4

Angélique, Marquise of the Angels - Books 1 and 2 / Angélique, The Road to Versailles - Books 3 and 4

Book 5Book 673Book 8

Angélique and the King - Books 5 and 6 / Angélique and the Sultan - Books 7 and 8

Book 9 Book 10Book 11Book 12

Angélique in Revolt - Books 9 and 10 / Angélique in Love - Books 11 and 12

Book 13Book 14Book 15Book 16

Countess Angélique - Books 13 and 14 / Temptation of Angélique Books - 15 and 16

Book 17Book 18Book 19Book 20

Angélique and the Demon - Books 17, 18 and 19 / Angélique and the Ghosts - Book 20

Book 21Book 22Book 23Book 24

Angélique in Quebec - Books 21, 22 and 23 / Route de L'Espoir - Books 24 and 25

Book 25Book 26Book 27Book 28

La Victoire d'Angélique - Books 26, 27 and 28


I particularly like this set although sometimes I can't quite make out how the subject matter works!

Ang_Rus_Marqng_Rus_VersaillesAng_Rus_King Ang_Rus_Sultan

Angélique, Marquise des Anges / Angélique, Road to Versailles / Angélique and the King / Angélique and the Sultan

Ang Rus RevoltAng_Rus_Love Ang_rus_CountessAng_Rus_Temp

Angélique in Revolt / Angélique in Love / Countess Angélique / The Temptation of Angélique /

Ang Rus Demon Ang_Rus_GhostsAng_Rus_QuebecAng_Rus_EspoirAng_Rus_Victoire

Angélique and the Demon / Angélique and the Ghosts / Angélique in Quebec / Angélique, La Route de L'Espoir / La Victoire d'Angélique

Full Set Russian BooksAn alternative print of the books uses the same face with the same title (e.g. Ghosts) in some but not all cases, but a different and again, very peaceful, opulent and imaginative designs - I would certainly want to buy a set that looked like either of these:

I haven't been able to source the whole of the second set yet but will keep working on it now that I have the titles in Russian with which to search. From the compilation picture it would seem a full set was published. The Russians certainly do a nice job of their marketing - the DVDs have also been beautifully packaged.

The Russians have produced many and very diverse covers - some are not to my taste but they would certainly appeal to a wide audience and that is surely the purpose of the exercise. I have attempted to reproduce two sets of what I call the more appealing (to my eye anyway) covers but have been unable to complete the second despite having proof that the entire series was reprinted (see above and to the left a stack of books with 'Indomptable' being the showcased book). However, there are two series that I have found a little bizarre - I've found seven (updated 22nd April 2015) of one set and only one of the other and I think they are worth seeing!

Angelique Russian Marquise

Angélique, Marquise of the Angels

Angelique and the Sultan_altAng_Rus_Revolt_AltAng_Rus_Love_altAng_Rus_Countess_altAng_Rus_Temptation_alt

Angélique and the Sultan / Angélique in Revolt / Angélique in Love / Countess Angélique / The Temptation of Angélique

Angelique and the Demon_altAng_Rus_Ghosts_alt Ang_Rus_Quebec_alt Ang_Rus_Espoir_altAng_Rus_Victory_alt

Angélique and the Demon / Angélique and the Ghosts / Angélique in Quebec / Angélique, La Route de L'Espoir / La Victoire d'Angélique

Russian Fan Fiction hijacks authentic designs


From l to r: These books follow the familiar pattern of Angélique, Marquise of the Angels / Angélique, Toad to Versailles / Angélique and the King

SultanRevolt Love

From l to r - Angélique and the Sultan / Angélique in Revolt / Angélique in Love


From l to r : Countess Angélique / The Temptation of Angélique / Angélique and the Demon

I cannot yet determine if the series stopped with Demon or if there are yet more covers to find, however the big difference between these and the fanfiction copies is that Angélique (Angelika) is spelled with a g and the fanfiction transposes it with a 'j'. A quick glance would not necessarily immediately register, however the different author names should provide a clue!

Russian Bizarre - a small selection

BizarreMarquiseBizarre King Bizarre Sultan Bizarre Love

Angélique, Marquise des Anges / Angélique and the King / Angélique and the Sultan / Angélique in Love

Countess Angelique Russian bizarreRussian Bizarre Quebec

Combination Countess Angélique and The Temptation of Angélique / Angélique in Québec / Compilation Angélique, la route de l'Espoir and Victoire

Quebec CoverQuebec spineQuebec back cover

Then I discovered this fabulous version of Angélique in Québec and felt it deserved a spot on this page!


From publishers Alcaná Libros (Madrid) - curiously compelling covers

Spanish KingAndorra SultanAngélique in Revolt

Angélique and the King (new find), Angélique and the Sultan and Angélique in Revolt

Angélique in LoveCountess Andorra EditionTemptation Andorra edition

Angélique in Love, Countess Angélique (new find) and The Temptation of Angélique

Spain - The paperbacks

A series of paperbacks all carrying the sub-title 'The Slave of Passion' with commensurate covers and partitioned re-titles.

Marquise of the AngelsAngeliques WeddingSpanish Angelique Versailles Passages

From my knowledge of the books I am placing these books in the chronology I believe them to be written from left to right : 'Angélique, Marquise of the Angels', 'Angélique's Wedding' and 'Angélique and the Passages of the Louvre'

Spanish Angelique condemned of Notre DameSpanish Angelique Court of MiraclesSpanish Angelique Tavern of the Red Mask

'Angélique and the Condemned of Notre Dame' / 'Angélique in the Court of Miracles' / 'Angélique and the Tavern of the Red Mask'

Spanish Angelique at CourtSpanish Angelique and the KingAfter the King

'Angélique at Court' / 'Angélique and the King's Kiss' / 'Angélique after the King'

The Book covers that caused me to fall in love with Angélique

These original 6 covers by Michel (Michael) Atkinson will always remain my favourites irrespective of their very 1960s 'Brigitte Bardot' look. They appeal to me on a number of levels not least familiarity - these are the covers that peaked my interest long before I read the content!

Michel Michael Atkinson Marquise Michel Michael Atkinson VersaillesMichel Michael Atkinson KingMichel Michael Atkinson Sultan

From left to right - my thoughts : a rather severe, uncomfortable looking Angélique quite in keeping with her 'arranged' marriage / a touch too 'coquettish' for the circumstances and that hair? / The jaded features and fuller figure mirror the life at Court / I think the artist enjoyed his foray in the delights of the harem!

Michel Michael Atkinson RevoltMichel Michael Atkinson Love

From left to right - my thoughts : This woman, although serene in her beauty does not portray the warrior that Angélique becomes, the candle is firmly gripped but the revolver looks more like a prop, the artist would have done better to have swapped them around / I love this cover and forgive the hairstyle - this to me, IS Angélique !

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