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Angelique in Japan

The ultimate accolade - Angélique is to be showcased in the birthplace of Manga - Japan!

The de sance children

Preparatory sketches of the de Sancé children - released 14th July 2017

Book 1 Banner

Book 2 Manga Banner

Angelique Banner Book 3

Angelique characters Book 3

Compilation of a variety of characters from Book 3 - l to r Benoit de Fontenac, Monsieur d'Andijos, Margot, Joffrey de Peyrac (centre), Kouassi Bâ, Clément Tonnel, Tante (Auntie) Jeanne, Marie-Agnès

Main characters Volume 2

Compilation of a variety of characters from Book 2 - l to r (back row) Molines, Le prince de Condé, Le marquis de Plessis-Bellière, Frère Anselm, Josselin de Sancé, M de Sancé in chair - Centre : Hortense de Sancé, Front l to r Madelyn and Angélique de Sancé

The de Sance children

A charming Family Portrait of nine of the de Sancé siblings

de Sance siblings identified

1 - Josselin (runs away to the New World), 2 - Raymond (becomes a high ranked Jesuit), 3 - Gontran (becomes an outspoken artist and lives recklessly until his execution), 4 - Hortense (marries a junior magistrate, removes to Paris and eschews her sister in her time of need), 5 - Angélique), 6 - Madelon (beloved younger sister who dies young), 7 - Denis (eventually inherits his father's titles and estates), 8 - Marie-Agnès (suffers ingnomy at court and enters a convent), 9 - Albert and (not shown) 10 - Jean-Marie

Chapter 3 - Preparatory work (while we wait)

Ang and Joffrey Sketch

Getting closer to the 'reveal' of Joffrey de Peyrac - from Dara "Just finishing the last 2 pages of Angelica Volume 3 ! oh dear it's crazy it's much longer to draw than to read!"


A tantalising view of Joffrey, his beribboned shoe and cravat as Angélique is presented to him.


A portrait of Marie-Agnès at Angélique's proxy wedding wearing one of her elder sister's dresses (as described by the artist, Dara "elle a donc bien grandi et je me suis amusé à l'habiller avec une vieille robe de sa grande sœur") we are not going to have the opportunity to witness a preview of Joffrey de Peyrac ... yet!

THoughtful Angeliqe

Very emotive view of Angélique

Nicholas and Angelique

Saying farewell to Nicholas

Farewell to her family

and to her family

A very tearful and contemplative view of Angélique

From the images released so far, it looks as though we'll be witnessing Angélique's departure from Poitou - these re very soulful images beautifully and sensitively portrayed by Dara

Chapter 2 - October 2015

Manga Book 2 Release date

Ang and Nicholas in the forest

From Chapter 17 - Angélique and Nicholas in the forest - heralding the publication of Book 3 in April 2016

Chapter 1

Manga Episode 1 Book CoverManga Episode 1 sets the year at 1646

Read (.pdf format) Chapters 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / Bodoi here

Chapter 2

Manga Chapter 2Angelique the child

Chapter 3

Book 3

Expected in the bookshops in September 2016

Confirmation of purchase of Book 3

After a bit of a delay, I've now received confirmation of despatch of Book 3!


Tante Jean

Tante Jean having a moment of coquettishness!

Manga Episode 1  Marmite Cooking Pot Full chapter available here as .pdf file Manga Episode 1 Introduction

Intro to the three images of Angelique

Manga artwork for Angelique

Angelique under Manga construction

Angelique maturing

Panorama of Roof tops

Artistic Progress

Images for Volume 2 work in progress

Work in progress Manga sketch

Further detailed Manga Images in progress

Angelique Manga End Book 2

Final Manga Book 2 artwork

The last image from Book 2

The images above are work in progress - Angélique in development by artist Dara

Manga Episode 1 Page 1 Manga Episode 1 Page 2 Manga Episode 1 Page 3

Manga Episode 1 Page 5Manga Episode 1 Page 6Manga Episode 1 Page 7

Manga Episode 1 Page 9Manga Episode 1 Page 10 Manga Episode 1 Page 11

Manga Episode 1 Page 12Manga Episode 1 Page 13Manga Episode 1 Page 14

Manga Episode 1 Page 15Manga Episode 1 Page 16Manga Episode 1 Page 17

Manga Episode 1 Page 18Manga Episode 1 Page 19Manga Episode 1 Page 20

The Aunties Fantine the Nurse

Aren't the 'Aunties' Magnificent? (Première apparition de Tante Jeanne et de Tante Pulchérie!) and each chapter will have an introductory character or subject matter - in this instance we meet Fantine the nurse who tells the children the grizzly stories.

Manga Episode 1 Page  4

Preview of the first edition - February 2015

Angelique and Nicholas

Our little scamp of the marshes frightens her friend 'Nicholas' - I find this a wonderfully empathic portrayal of their innocent childhood friendship

Hungry Angelique

'Are we eating soon?'

Didier Borg

Didier Borg

Anne Golon reading the Manga

Anne Golon enjoying the first episode, published April 2015, of the Angélique 'Manga' based on her work - image provided by Nadine Golubinoff as it appeared on the artist Dara's Fb page

golon and Milhaud joing autograph session

A joint autograph session with Anne Golon and Olivier Milhaud in April 2016

Anne Golon and the Manga creators

The 'Manga Dream Team' l to r Nicolas Forsans (Author), Anne Golon (Author), and Dara (Illustrator), (Olivier Milhaud (Scenario) not shown) - image courtesy of Nicholas Forsans who added this after hearing of her death :

"It's a sad news to learn the death of Anne Golon. All my thoughts go first to his family and his daughter Nadine Goloubinoff. I had a deep respect for this lady who could not enjoy the success of her books on the end of her life but never lost her joy to live. Angelique occupied most of her life from a creative and legal point of view. She wrote other books that deserve to be rediscovered. I have had the chance to meet her several times for our adaptation designed by Dara and Olivier Milhaud. There would be a lot to say about what angelique represents for several generations of readers. The Legacy of this heroine of liberty is immense on popular culture. Remember that in France of the 50 s when anne golon published the first Angelique, her publisher refused to credit her alone on the cover, and imposed her husband's name on the pretext that it would be more credible to have the name of a man. For a historical account... Anne was in the image of her character: FREE, determined, a true insoumise (rebel)."

Books ready for distribution

Book 1

Manga Stack Book 2

Book 2

Angelique is the Marquise of Manga review

No longer the 'Marquise des Anges' - Angélique becomes the 'Marquise of the Manga' - quite an accolade!

Manga Book Cover Manga News

Book 2 Cover

Manga Book 3

Publicity Reviews Section

ANgelique Manga in Japan

July 2016 - Angelique the Manga is received in Japan

Dara Fb page

As announced on Dara's Fb page

Manga at the Expo Link to the image

The new Chapter/Book 2 to Angélique Manga will appear at the EurExpo in Lyon in November 2015

The magazine previewing the book makes reference to Dara's 'pure' style but the heading refers to a 'scribble' (griboullis) Dara has taken this in good part and promises to produce a scribble on each autograph at the signing

The Manga is previewed in Tele Z

The Manga finds its way into Télé Z in June 2015

Manga News in-depth interview Link to Manga News

Interview with the 'authors' of the Angélique Manga - you can see the sized of the book as held up in the picture above and creation of the pictures below.

Artist at work sketching

PopCult review of the Manga

From Pop Culte - reviews are still pouring in for the first part of the Angélique Manga

BDZoom website promoting the Manga

The opening paragraph is very encouraging 'Angélique returns! No, not like the 'Marquise of the Angels' portrayed in the Bernard Borderie films, but like the original heroine as written by Anne Golon in her historical novels. This version departs from original norms by appearing as a modern-day illustration of the 17th century in manga-style. This first volume concentrates on the young Angélique growing up in the small province of Poitou.'

Tribute from MM

Michèle Mercier gives her seal of approval to the updated version of the Angélique manga

More illustrations from Part 1

BD Zoom promoting Chapter 2

BD Zoom.com have created a wonderful page dedicated to the 'Angélique' Manga

Banner for Mickaeline Blog Page Link to Mickaelines Blog page

Mickaelines BlogMickaelines Blog

Blogger 'Mickaéline et ses livres' writing on 25th April 2015, merits mention by artist Dara

Blossoming into adulthood

Is this the child Angélique blossoming into womanhood?

Preview of the 3td Manga

Offer to read an extract from the 3rd Chapter appears on Manga News on 9th April 2015

Newspaper Review Culture Section

Review appearing in ' L'édition papier de 20 minutes' one day after publication - 9th April 2015 featuring the colour plate cover for Chapter 2

Manga on Bodoi 1 Manga on Bodoi 2Manga on Bodoi 3

As promoted on the Bodoi site post publication - 10th April 2015

Manga NewsManga News

As promoted by Casterman's pre-publication 4th March 2015

Order Confirmation

Of course I've bought a couple of copies which are now safely delivered!

The 3 stages of Angelique

What a lovely way to finish the on the back cover - the three stages of a beautifully captured 'Angélique'

Angelique all grown up at Versailles

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