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How illustrators tackle their images

Renato Fratini

As seen on the Gallery page - Fratini designed the hardback editions which were a continuous image over the front and back of the books. Although not to my personal taste, these are miniature canvases in their own right.

Fratini Illustrator of Sultan

Fratini Illustrator of  Revolt

Fratini Illustrator of  Love

Fratini Countess Angelique

Nino Caroselli

Nino Caroselli Illustrator

Signature Nino Caroselli

Benedetto "Nino" Caroselli; Italy - Nino Caroselli was an Italian painter and illustrator. Although not much is known about him, he would appear to have been active in Italy as a cover artist and painter.

In the UK, Nino Caroselli produced hundred of covers for the pocket libraries published by Fleetway. He first appeared in 1959 as an illustrator for Top Spot but very quickly established himself as a cover artist on Super Detective Library, Thriller Picture Library and Cowboy Picture Library. However, it was his work for the War libraries that would keep him busy for many years during the 1960s.

Caroselli also did 16 covers for the Sexton Blake Library in 1960-61 and he also produced at least one book cover (Angelique and the King by Sergeanne Golon, J. B. Lippincott).
Source: Steve Holland

Frank E Mullins

Angelique in Barbary hardback dustjacket

Born:1924 - Springfield, Massachusetts | Died:   1978 | Known for:  illustrator, mod images, portrait

"A magazine and book illustrator and reporter-artist with impressionist style and bold coloration, Frank Mullins covered a variety of subjects including sports, oceanography, and fiction. He was a member of the Society of Illustrators and contributed work to "Sports Illustrated", "Saturday Evening Post", "Redbook" and the American Heritage series, "The Book of Knowledge"." Ref:

Bibliographic Details: Title: Angelique in Barbary | Publisher: J. B. Lippincott, Philadelphia | Publication Date: 1961 | Binding: Hard Cover Illustrator: Frank E. Mullins


Temptation of Angelique

Michel (Michael) Atkinson

As seen on the Gallery page under the heading of how I fell in love with the books.

Jack Hayes

Did he also create the Reveille images?

Jack Hayes Illustrator Love Jack Hayes Illustrator Demon

Jack Hayes Illustrator Love signatureJack Hayes Illustrator Demon signature


John Raynes

John Raynes Illustrator Love John Raynes Illustrator Countess P1 John Raynes Illustrator Countess P2

John Raynes Illustrator Temptation P1John Raynes Illustrator Temp P2

These five covers follow chronologically Books 6 (complete), 7 (in two parts) and 8 (also in two parts) - John Raynes based his covers on his wife and two others have come to light that may have also have been intended as part of the series - but for which two books?

Unused Angelique cover Unused Angelique cover

So which books might these be?

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson Illustrator Marquise Michael Johnson Illustrator Versailles Michael Johnson Illustrator King

Michael Johnson Illustrator RevoltMichael Johnson Illustrator Sultan

I discovered to my astonishment (thanks to that Michael Johnson had also been commissioned to provide the dustjacket for 'Angélique and the Demon.' I think I know now why, although I love the cover, I had not linked it to this particular hardback. Firstly, I did not discover his paperback illustrations until I started actively seeking alternative Angélique covers by which time I had already seen his hardback design. Perhaps more obviously, because I am very visually led, his paperback covers veer to the pink/purple spectrum whereas the hardback is fully blown technicolour! (OK so looking more closely at 'King' - that is a big giveaway!). I'd also got used to the capital 'A' which is quite a different font to the others used and that, in my defence, does not show on the hardback dustjacket.

Angelique and the Demon illustrated by Johnson

Yes, I can see quite clearly, now that it has been pointed out to me - that this hardback cover and the paperbacks feature above are definitely the work of the same artist!

Illustrators signature

The author's signature just visible by the Heinemann logo

Artwork credit

From the inside cover the provenance and identity of the illustrator

Illustrators signature

Sometimes changing the original to a 'negative' highlights certain details more clearly- here the author's signature is a little more visible (but granted, not much!)

Front cover synopsisBack cover list of books

The interior images give the illustrators provenance on the back cover flap (enlarged above) and the synopsis plus a Heinemann sales sticker on the front cover flap - £9.95 in 1973 for the first edition publication.

Original Pan Covers:

Sheldon and/or in the style of Sheldon

Illustrator Sheldon Pan Major MarquiseIllustrator possibly Sheldon Pan Giant VersaillesIllustrator possibly Sheldon Pan Major King

j. Oval (Ben Ostrick)

Illustrator j Oval SultanIllustrator j Oval Revolt

j Ovals signature on Sultan Revolt

With grateful thanks to Pulp International for their information concerning j. Oval

Two covers "from Sergeanne Golon’s famed Angélique series. Sergeanne Golon was actually a pseudonym for French author Anne Golon and her Russian husband/historical researcher Serge, aka Vsevolod Sergeïvich Goloubinoff. J. Oval was a pseudonym for artist Ben Ostrick, who was a major illustrator of both books and magazine articles in the 1950s and 1960s. These covers are circa late 1958 to 1962." 


Illustrator unknown Love

The last of the original six Pan Major/Pan Giant/Pan Books

Hans Helweg

Illustrator Unknonw Countess Orange Illustrator Unknonw Countess Purple

Thanks to Tim at the illustrator of the paperback edition of The Countess Angélique has been identified as Hans Helweg about which not much has been written/recorded on the internet (Tim intends to rectify this).

Hans Helweg illustrated notes of Countess part 2

Purple Countess provenance by illustrator Hans Helweg

Orange Countess illustration by Hans Helweg

Orange Countess illustration by Hans Helweg

Purple Countess illustration by Hans Helweg

Purple Countess illustration by Hans Helweg

What a shame the final covers destroyed the essence of Hans Helweg's original illustrations!


Countess Angelique for Canada

A one-off for the Canadian market - no further details at present.

Unknown (and do we really care?)

Unknown Illustrator Marquise Unknown Illustrator Versailles Unknown Illustrator notorious Ghosts

How are the Illustrators inspired to come up with their cover ideas?

I have speculated on this before now - especially whenever I have found wholly inappropriate (to the subject matter) book covers - see some of my individual book pages - Sultan is a particular favourite for bizarre interpretations!

As Tim at Tikit is a friendly sort and knows many illustrators - I posed the question to him in his chat room.

Illustrators comments

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