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Angélique In the Ottoman Palaces

Well I have to say that I am fairly confident that you didn't know about this one! And if you did I wish that someone had shared it with us before now!



(Thanks to UserLogos for the image of the IMDB Logo)

The two films have actually been identified on IMDB, so I'm pleased that they are not figments of my imagination and do in fact exist in their own right even though little is known about them.

The first : Angélique in the Ottoman Palaces (1967) - Original title : Anjelik Osmanli saraylarinda is classified/catalogued as no. tt0429587 by IMDB

The second : Anjelik ve Deli Ibrahim (1968) is classified/catalogued as no. tt0344841 by IMDB.

There does not appear to be any other physical evidence available at IMDB and all the information I have managed to glean from predominantly Turkish sites is shown on this web-page from which I hope you will derive some enjoyment.


(Please note that the IMDB paragraph above was added in January 2012 and gives additional substance to this 'Provenance' section which was created in 2011)

Provenance is a bit of a cheeky word if not downright insulting - but then, I don't actually believe that the films made in the mid to late 1960s actually did justice to the books although they are a lot of fun, visually in their own right - so imagine my surprise when I found a film poster referring to ANJELİK VE DELİ İBRAHİM (1968) Tanju Korel - Sevda Ferdağ - Güven Erte on Xvidheaven which as far as I can work out is a Turkish web-site and in fact the films are possibly Turkish. Working in an unknown foreign language isn't really easy, so much of what I'm relaying here is supposition and guesswork and a lot of amateur sleuthing! But whatever I reproduce will be as factual as the information that I've found and will contain links to the source.

Interested in knowing more I came across a site Theiapolis which had a translation of the films name, a synopsis, authors/screenplay names and director and producer credits - amazingly as the screen shot shows information linking the Golons is clearly displayed :

Credits Page

The Theiapolis links as seen on the right hand side of the image take you to pages with some further information - but it is minimal. The best pages are the Credits and Cast - I have attached links to both. The reason I have done this is so that it can be clearly seen that the character name of Angélique de Peyrac is clearly visible on both. It would be fair to assume from the only other two character names that feature that this film is either based on, a re-make or a 'window' of 'Angélique and the Sultan' (a.k.a. as 'Angélique in Barbary'). They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so this page will be primarily made up to images to support my findings.

Cast of Film Film Credits

Not to be outdone Film Merkezi (no longer functioning when checked today 15.08.2016 - there is a very sinister reference to MM and the director in the translated write up - I have removed the link) also featured the film with an alternative poster and write-up both of which are reproduced below.

Film Poster Poster Anne Golon credit

It is interesting to see that no mention of Anne or Serge Golon appears on the posters, but the credits clearly link them to the film. Good to see the 4-star award! This poster also shows the character as appropriately blonde - however the film stills (link no longer available) like the alternative poster do not .....

The three major players as seen in the film:

Alternative Film PosterSevda Ferdag who portrays Angélique

Sevda Ferdag

Tanju Korel as Sahin Bey

Tanju Korel

Ergun Köknar as the Sultan

Ergun Koknar

Stills from the film

And some more stills (with references) from Xvidheaven (link no longer available but I took a screen dump) again:

More stills from filmEven more stills

Film Adami also makes reference to the film and credits Anne and Serge Golons' participation and runs in parallel an advertisement for 'Merveilleuse Angélique'. SinemaTurk is yet another web-site promoting the alternative film, and from this site we get the fascinating title of Angélique in the Ottoman Palaces. (The link to the Ottoman Palaces still exists today 15.08.2016 but other links, which I have removed, have been replaced with information not relevant to the film).

Ottoman Palace Title Anne Golon and Films

This film is referred to as having been made/released in either 1967 or 1968 which is about when 'Indomptable Angélique' (1967) and 'Angélique et le sultan' (1968) would have been made - did they share studio / film space? Just how 'kosher' is this film of Angélique in the Ottoman Palaces?

This page is a whimsy - all this stuff exists out there on the Internet - but one thing we can be sure of, Anne Golon is unlikely to have seen a penny piece from this, probably lurid, unashamed plagiarism of her work, irrespective of her name being linked as author or screenwriter!

I will conclude with three book covers - I quite like two of them but 'Mother Revolution' leaves me colder than 'Countess Brastrap'!

Angelique and the King Angelique in Revolt Marquise of the Angels

Angélique and the King / Angélique in Revolt / Angélique (Book 1)

As a final note - it is interesting to see that the older books (I do like the artwork) refer to the authors as Sergeanne Golon as in the English versions although 'iSyan Ediyor' which translates into Mother Revolution (or angially disabled) and which I surmise is Angélique in Revolt does separate the two names but does not use 'and' to denote two authors.

I hope you've enjoyed this page as much as I've had fun in creating it once I had got over the 'shock and awe' of the sheer cheek of the whole thing!

Update -

Hopefully I've managed to improve the errors on this page when I forgot to check some of the margins and on some devices such as iPads the whole page looked appalling - I'm not sure why the page margins had been changed on the template - something I will look out for. Since creating the page originally I have now found some more book information and title information. Whatever I have been able to find does not seem to go beyond 'Angélique in Revolt.'

Book 3 Gecmez Book 5 - AskiAngelique Golden Woman Turkish

Ele Geçmez ('Elusive') ANJELİK-III (Classed as Book 3) / ANJELİK VE AŞKI (Classed as Book 5) / ANJELİK ALTIN KADIN (Golden Women)

Donuyor SultanDonuyyor Frontispiece

ANJELİK DÖNÜYOR - Possibly Angélique and the Sultan (translates as 'Angely Rotating') but only because of the image used, this is Book 7 if Ve AŞki is confirmed as Book 5, making the cover a nonsnese for 'Temptation'. The Broderie Films have been shown in Turkey and are translated as follows : Indomptable Angélique - Anjelik Harem Gözdesi / Angélique et le sultan - Anjelik Çöl Melikesi

An image of the frontispiece of 'Sultan' revealing it to be a classy publication - the font has changed to a more elaborate version but 'Ele Geçmez' (Elusive Angélique - which in my view could apply to any of the original five books as she was constantly being elusive) carries a font that partially resembles some of the English (UK) Pan versions of the books.

"Anjelik Altın Kadın" Gold Women 1971 and "Anjelik Döniyor" Spinning or Rotating 1972 are listed as potentially books 6 and 7 (see Wiki page) but not confirmed as such as at May 2019 - there is a proviso which states that when the books are confirmed as part of the series they will be entered into the chronological table. So does that make the Golden Woman 'Countess Angélique' and then condemn the Spinning/Rotating Angélique to her 'Temptation' between Peyrac and Paturel?

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