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Big Biba Closing Sale

The 'Big Biba' closing down frenzy - and what is that peeking in through the window but the endearing smile of a classic mini - it could well have been my car parked there as I attended most of the closing down week and had to get from White City to Kensington High Street! - Photo © of Getty Images

2019 - Mini featuring on V&A Programme Cover

Mini at the V and A

Needless to say I do approve of the general colour scheme for the use of this poster - image sourced from with thanks

2019 - Mod Art or Op Art - Mini Forever Young!

Psychedelic Mini

Psychedelic Mini side on

Mod Art by Paul Smiler Anderson

Fashion shoot or Book Cover - we may never know which came first - images courtesy of Pinterest (no provenances) and

2019 - Opinion : The social history of the Mini

18th August 2019 | Ian Nicholls

The automotive media loves a major anniversary, it gives it an excuse to trot out special articles on the product in question and 2019 is no exception – the BMC Mini will be under the microscope. So, the big one is the 60th Anniversary of our beloved Mini, the numerically most successful car to emerge from the British motor industry and arguably the one major contribution Britain made to the evolution of the automobile. Is it really ten years since I went to the International Mini Meeting at Cofton Park, adjacent to Longbridge? Once again the statistics will be trotted out, 5.5 million built, the motor sport success, the cars indelible association with the Swinging Sixties and whether it actually made money for its manufacturer. The Mini is indeed a British automotive icon but, amid all the facts and figures, no one has actually tried to document the social history of the Mini.

BMC Mini – truly classless The Mini was a car that was driven by both the rich and the poor. While the well-heeled could afford a Mini Cooper S, the basic Mini became for many drivers their entry point into the exciting world of motoring. Because the basic Mini was initially available in 850 form and, from 1967, with an upgraded 1000 variant, the car was cheap to insure and easy to drive. It was an ideal first car, even in dilapidated used car form, and for a pittance provided mobility for millions of drivers. In a Britain suffering from a drastic pruning of the rail network, a beaten up cheap Mini provided a viable alternative to the meandering bus services meant to replace the trains. What I am interested is the stories from these owners. Why did they choose a Mini, what adventures did they have in the car and any other anecdotes relating to Mini ownership? My favourite story was of the man who used the large door bins of a sliding window Mini as a receptacle when he suffered an upset stomach, the consequence of a heavy drinking session!

2019 - Mary Quant model, Jill Kennington remembers spraying her Mini to match her outfit!

Mary Quant Model Jill Kennington sprays her Mini purple

"I remember buying my first car, a Mini, and getting it spray-painted purple to match my Mary Quant outfit. As a generation we learned to grasp life" - says model Jill Kennington - image sourced from Daily Mail article

My adventure began with Mary, and later I worked with Helmut Newton and Richard Avedon. I went to the Arctic Circle and the desert with Vogue. And I filmed Blow Up, much of it shot in John Cowan's studio. In the Seventies I lived in Paris and Rome and continued globetrotting for such magazines as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Later, I bought a Nikon and started taking pictures myself. In the V&A exhibition there will be a lovely portrait of Mary which I took (see cover)s. Sometimes I think: 'Oh God, I'm quite old now.' But the key is to stay curious. We're the generation who learned to grasp life. I remember buying my first car, a Mini, and getting it spray-painted purple to match my Mary Quant outfit. As a generation we learned to grasp life - Model Jill Kennington

2019 - Who will restore Angela Rippon's Mini

Newspaper article saying Angela Rippon wants her Mini restored

Good to see celebrities love their Classic Minis - how lucky is Angela Rippon to still have her 1960s version - scanned image as it appeared in the Daily Mail.

2018 - 'Legends of Tomorrow'

Cult science-fiction series starring (in my opinion) the very watchable Caity Lotz and Dominic Purcell and their time-travelling antics! There is a secret Classic Mini admirer somewhere on this show as Classic Minis have appeared for the second time - in Season 4 Episode 3 called (fittingly) 'Dancing Queen' and set in Swinging London 1977 - in the guise of a Mini Panda (Police car) and on a typical shot in front of a telephone kiosk. A summary of the episode (while I try and source some images) goes like this :

Legends Of Tomorrow Recap: The Legends Bring A Bit Of Dancing Queen To The London Punk Scene - November 6, 2018
The British Monarchy has faced many threats but none so great as a shapeshifter bent on impersonating the Queen (God save her) and having her locked up in a mental institution. When the Legends find out that something is amiss in London circa 1977, they suit up in their best spiked dog collars to investigate, following the trail of magic until it leads them to a band called The Smell, QE2's favourite punks. (That sentence right there should have tipped you off to the fact that something isn't right.) With Nate getting the hang of his new Time Bureau desk job (featuring Taco Mondays and jaunts back to the Pleistocene era that result in Gary unleashing magical killer plants inside the Bureau's HQ), it's up to Ray to infiltrate the punk scene. Yes, that Ray – the least punk of all the Legends. But it's Ray's sweet nature that's key here. Maybe all magical creatures don't deserve to be sent straight to hell without a fair hearing. After he earns the band's trust by stealing one of the Queen's beloved corgis and getting a commemorative corgi tattoo, he finds out that their de facto leader, Charlie, is the source of the era's magic blip. She's a shapeshifter with the power to disrupt the timeline, but that doesn't mean she's evil. All Ray has to do is convince his squad that that's true.
It doesn't go quite as he'd planned. Charlie can't quite trust him and uses her powers to take on his form – in his Atom Suit. But it's five against one and the Legends come out on top… sort of. Zari has Charlie pinned to the wall and Constantine is about to send her to hell when suddenly she shapeshifts into the squad's recently departed friend, Amaya. It softens the squad (even Constantine, who's earlier run-in with his mother in Liverpool has made him emotional). Instead of damning her, John takes away her powers to shapeshift, leaving her stuck in Amaya's form… permanently. Unable to leave her in London, the crew takes her to the Waverider and puts her in a cell (without even offering her a pint). It looks like the Legends might have gained a new moral compass in this new not-Amaya. And probably just in time. Ray has admitted to helping Nora Dark escape and John has let slip to Zari that his past is coming for him. They're going to need all the help they can get. Source :

2018 - Paul McCartney's Mini Cooper sells for £182,000

Publicity Shot of Paul McCartney and his MininCooper

Paul McCartney enjoying his Mini Cooper Radford - image sourced from Pinterest

"Chassis number KA2S4732224 isn’t your average Mini Cooper S. The 1965 model was customized by Harold Radford & Co. for Paul McCartney, one of four examples of the breed. Restored in 2001 and featuring a rebuilt engine, the Mini comes with Swinging ‘60s styling and the high performance expected from the Cooper S.

“Driven for years in Hollywood by subsequent long-term owner,” the DeVille comes with plenty of period photos documenting Paul McCartney behind the wheel and next to his beloved Mini. The twin-lamp setup up front is a nod to the rally-spec models from the 1960s, and whichever way you look at it, this fellow is a collector’s wet dream.

But how did Paul and the rest of The Beatles got hold of these cars? The story starts with Brian Epstein, the band’s manager. He ordered all four vehicles in 1965, three from Radford and one from Hooper. Fast-forward to the present day, and the bespoke Mini given to John Lennon by the manager is nowhere to be found. George Harrison’s model remains with his wife, and Ringo Starr’s Hooper is in private hands. Turning our attention back to Paul McCartney’s Radford, the car comes with Aston Martin taillights, Webasto sliding sunroof, power window lifts, Moto-Lita three-spoke steering wheel with a wooden rim, woodgrain interior trim, Smiths gauges, custom wheels, and leather-wrapped seats.

Having started its life as a 1275 S, the DeVille comes with a four-speed manual transmission driving the front wheels with just around 75 horsepower and 79 pound-feet (107 Nm) of torque from a 1,275-cc four-cylinder engine. At 670 kilograms (1,477 pounds) without the driver, the Cooper S from the ‘60s also happens to be one of the lightest Mini models ever made." - Source -

The Mini was exported to Hollywood in the 1970s and has remained in the USA for the past 40-plus years. Restored in 2001, Worldwide Auctioneers offered the Mini as one of its star lots at its sale in Auburn, USA, with no reserve. And following global interest, the pint-sized pocket rocket was sold for a staggering $236,500 (£182,000). It is thought to be a world record for a Mini. In a statement, Worldwide Auctioneers described Sir Paul McCartney's as "a collector's dream". The whereabouts of John Lennon's bespoke Mini remains unknown while George Harrison's model remains with his wife. Ringo Starr had the Hooper-upgraded model which was bought by former Spice Girl Geri Horner last year for £102,500.

Baby, you can drive Macca's car! Collector pays £180,000 for his '65 Mini (no, it's not a Beetle)

Daily Mail 7th September 2018 |By Faye White Showbusiness Reporter

Article featuring Paul McCartney and his Classic Mini

The Mini is finished in a shade called California Sage GreenElectric windows - a rarity in the 1960sSporty 1,275cc inline four-cylinder engine, dual carburetors, a four-speed manual gearbox. Additional headlamps mounted within the grille. An exclusive detail - Aston Martin taillights The Radford & Co custom built 1965 Mini Cooper S DeVille features a sliding sunroof.

The classic Mini is the car that embodies Britain's swinging Sixties.

But few examples do it quite as well this one – bought for Sir Paul McCartney in 1965 and featured two years later in the Beatles film Magical Mystery Tour. Thanks to its history, the Mini Cooper S DeVille sold at auction in Indiana in the US, for £182,000It is one of the four cars ordered for the band by Beatles manager Brian Epstein. Custom finished in 1965 in South Kensington in London by coachbuilders Harold Radford & Co, the car is finished in a decidedly un-psychedelic colour called California Sage Green and has many custom features. Sir Paul was photographed driving the Mini with Linda Eastman – who became his first wife in 1969 – by his side in the passenger seat.

Paul Mc Cartney Mini article

After he parted ways with the Mini it was exported to the US. In the 1970s it belonged Hollywood Hills resident Bill Victor who had the engine rebuilt. The Mini was then sold on to an owner in the Pacific Northwest region of the US and then to Briton Michael Fisher, who lived in Miami. He had the Mini restored in 2001. After being bought by Worldwide Auctioneers' in 2002, the car has been displayed at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum and taken out for shows in Florida. Of the other three Radford Minis, the whereabouts of John Lennon's is unknown, George Harrison's apparently remains with his wife, and Ringo Starr's was bought by Geri Halliwell last year.

2017 - Ringo Starr & Spice Girl Geri Halliwell

Ringo Starr sells Mini to Gerri Halliwell

Ringo and his Mini

Ringos customised Mini with hatchback

Top Ringo and his Mini | Below Ringos's Mini showing its customised hatchback - images courtesy and © of Getty/SWNS via the Daily Express

Ringo's Mini sells for £102,000.00 at Bonhams

Ringo Starr's Mini sold to Geri Halliwell

Always nice to know the Beatles are 'on trend' and even better that this version should have survived into the 21st century!

2017 - they are asking : Is 'The Italian Job' really the best British film ever?

Nearly 50 years after it was released, Michael Caine movie is still a hit

Michael Caine and those Minis in the Italian Job

From the Daily Mail on 12th July 2017 :

The Italian Job has been named the best British film ever 50 years after release
The Full Monty came in second and another Michael Caine classic, Zulu, in third  
Michael Caine, 84, was named best British actor with Anthony Hopkins in second
By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 01:24 |12 July 2017 | Updated: 01:25, 12 July 2017

Nearly 50 years have passed since it was released – but The Italian Job’s car chases, one-liners and its cliffhanger ending are still proving a hit. For the 1969 crime caper has been named the greatest British film ever made. The movie – which stars Michael Caine as criminal Charlie Croker – won the top accolade after a survey of 2,000 UK movie-goers, with The Full Monty coming second and another Michael Caine classic, Zulu, in third.

The Italian Job also won the award for Most Iconic Scene in a British film, for Sir Michael’s line: ‘You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!’

The 84-year-old star himself was named best British actor in the poll, with Anthony Hopkins in second followed by Sean Connery, the late Alan Rickman and Ian McKellen. 

Anna Smith, chairman of the Critics’ Circle, said: ‘These results are a fascinating reflection of British culture over the decades, beginning with epic war film Zulu in 1964, when real-life battles were still fresh in many audience members’ minds. ‘Popular 70s and 80s cinema was arguably dominated by Hollywood, but British film is back with a bang in the 90s, with The Full Monty and Trainspotting. Both films helped define an exciting era in British culture.’ The survey was commissioned by Vue cinemas to celebrate the re-launch of the Leicester Square branch, first opened in 1938. Dean Cross, of Vue, said: ‘The Italian Job is a testament to British film-making, a moment when the best of the best came together to create cinema magic.’

In 2015 - Mini celebrates 25 years of Mr Bean

With Teddy by his side, Mr Bean fetes 25 years with London drive

LONDON, 4th September (Reuters) - Sitting in an armchair strapped atop his green mini with his loyal Teddy by his side, Mr Bean celebrated 25 years of his popular television antics on Friday with a London drive to Buckingham Palace.

His car filled with presents, the comedy character portrayed by British actor Rowan Atkinson used a mop to guide the car, just as Mr Bean did in one of the sitcom's episodes after filling his mini with purchases from a store sale. The mainly silent Mr Bean made his television debut in Britain in 1990, and his amusing and often disruptive exploits, won him fans around the world.

"Well it's fantastic. I mean I'm known in Brighton and Birmingham, literally all over the world I'm known which is fantastic," Atkinson in character as Mr Bean said outside the palace where he posed for photos and received a cake. "It's sweet, it's flattering, but it hasn't gone to my head."

Asked how he would celebrate the anniversary, he said: "Well I'm just going to have a small birthday party. It's just me and my friend Teddy." An official Mr Bean Twitter account showed pictures of the globally recognised character on his drive with his toy bear, standing by his large pile of presents and even posing for a photo with the Metropolitan police. (Reporting By Reuters Television; Writing by Marie-Louise Gumuchian; Editing by Hugh Lawson)

Mr Bean and his Mini 25 years

Throwback! Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) took his iconic car for a spin outside Buckingham Palace on Friday in honour of the show's 25th anniversary - image copyright of Daniel Deme/

Mr Bean enjoys a spin outside Buckingham Palace atop his iconic lime green Mini as the sitcom celebrates its 25th anniversary on 4th September 2015

Mr Bean and Cake

Poser: The British actor slipped back into character effortlessly - copyright Jonathan Short/Invision/AP

It's been 25 years since Rowan Atkinson made his TV debut as the lovable, albeit self-centred, Mr Bean.  And to celebrate, the talented British actor slipped back into character and took his iconic car, a 1976 British Leyland Mini 1000, for a spin outside Buckingham Palace on Friday.

In scenes reminiscent of the hugely-popular episode Do-It-Yourself Mr Bean, which first aired in January 1994, Atkinson, now 60, lapped up his surroundings from the comfort of the armchair strapped to the top of his car as it whizzed by the iconic London landmark. In the original sketch, Bean descends on the January sales where he snaps up several items, including an armchair, tins of paint and a mop. However, after fastening the chair to the roof and squeezing everything else inside the car, he soon realises that there is no room left for himself. Ever the genius, he figures out a way to drive the car remotely from the comfort of the chair attached to the roof using his shopping haul before setting off on a daredevil driving expedition.

Speaking after the sketch had aired, Atkinson told the LA Times that he had been reluctant to revive the narcissistic buffoon because he didn’t want him to grow old. He explained: 'I've always seen him as a rather timeless, ageless figure — though, in fact, when we were doing this funeral sketch a few weeks ago, quite a few people said you know there's something about Bean in middle age which feels almost more right; he sort of suits an older outlook.'

Atkinson even floated the idea of another new movie in the future. He continued: 'We could possibly make a movie one day named 'Old Bean' and consciously create an old Bean, who's like Bean but really doddery, and I think one could confront the age issue head-on.'  Atkinson co-wrote all fifteen original episodes of Mr Bean with either his old university friend Richard Curtis or Robin Driscoll, or both. Ben Elton co-wrote the pilot.

Mr Bean and Mini at Harrods Mr Bean, Teddy and Mini

Images copyright of the Press Association and Jonathan Short/Invision/AP - Lots more pictures here

In 2015 - Mini the Villain?

Action Shot from emmerdale

Action shots from 'Emmerdale' - thanks to the Radio Times and What's onTV

Spoiler : A distracted Victoria Sugden is to run down Ashley Thomas in her car, putting the village vicar on the critical list in the process.

An angry Victoria will flip after Kirin announces that Vanessa's baby is actually Adam's. Fired up because Adam has deceived her; Victoria heads out to her car as she leaves an angry voicemail for Adam.

As she speeds off in the car she almost knocks him down. Horrified at what she could have done, they argue. A distracted and angry Victoria then goes to speed off again, but this time she hits Ashley, knocking him hard to the ground with her car...

Emmerdale recently released a summer trailer that showed Ashley hooked up to a life-support machine following the accident. But the situation looks set to get even worse when Laurel announces to Ashley's nearest and dearest that he's died. So does Victoria have blood on her hands?

2013 - Best of British - 100 Greatest Inventions

Twiggy and 1960s Mini Cooper

This image appeared in the Daily Telegraph on Friday, 15th March 2013 as part of the Best of British: Our 100 Greatest Inventions article

2011 - Mini and 'Doctor Who'

The 'Dr Who' Sequence

As this is quite a story in itself, the Doctor Who episode starring the Tardis and Yellow(ish) Mini with a supporting role by David Tennant as the eponymous doctor can be found here

Dr Who

We all know Mini starred in 'The Italian Job' and has appeared in numerous 1960/70s productions like 'The Professionals' and 'The Saint' - favourites of the commercial television stations - but imagine, in 2011 Mini stars in the BBCs 'Dr. Who'

2008 Voted 'Best Movie Car Chase'

Plymouth Herald

Filmgoers have selected The Italian Job as featuring their favourite movie car chase. Two out of the three top car chases were done using a symbol of "British cool", the Mini Cooper, according to a poll from Pearl & Dean. In a survey of more than 3,000 people at cinema website, The Italian Job was named as having the best car chase of all time with a massive 25% of the vote. The pursuit follows three Mini Coopers around the streets of Turin, Italy, at break-neck speed.

In second place with 16% is The Blues Brothers car chase, famed for its car pile-up climax.

Minis featured again with The Bourne Identity (see below) in third place, with 15% of the vote. The stunts were carried out on the streets of Paris.

Other car chases in the poll were Ronin, shot through the streets and tunnels of Paris and Batman Begins, with the Batmobile traversing the roofs of Gotham City. Bullitt also featured, with Frank Bullitt, played by Steve McQueen, chasing a Dodge Charger in a Ford Mustang around San Francisco.

Three escaping Minis and a Fiat Police Car on the Fiat factory roof

One of my favourite scenes of the film when the Minis bamboozle a Police Fiat as they all waltz around on the roof of the Fiat Car factory!

Minis featured in the iconic Italian Job car chase Filmgoers have selected The Italian Job as featuring their favourite movie car chase.

Daily Record

THE car chase in the hit 60s movie The Italian Job has been voted the best ever. A quarter of film fans named the pursuit involving three Mini Coopers around the streets of Turin as their favourite.

Other car chases included Ronin in fourth place, which was shot through the streets and tunnels of Paris and Batman Begins in joint fifth. Also in fifth was Bullitt, featuring Steve McQueen chasing a Dodge Charger in a Ford Mustang.

2003 - 'Radio Times' photoshoot

Mini, Cilla Black Biba Bag

A Radio Times photoshoot featuring Mini, A Biba shopping bag, Cilla Black & Paul O'Grady as his alter ego 'Lily Savage' - I was in two minds about where to place this image but as Biba had ceased to exist in 2003 I felt Mini should take pole position! - image courtesy of

2002 - The Bourne Franchise chooses Mini

Matt Damon with Mini at the NBC Universal Experience museum

Poplice chase Mini in Paris

Action shot of Mini being pursued in Paris (think we've seen this done in Italy before haven't we?)

I have long been a fan Robert Ludlum's novels which he normally writes as one-offs leaving the reader to want more (of course) and with the rare exceptions when, on two occasions he wrote sequels he had never before Bourne, written a trilogy with one hero present throughout. Even the two-volumed exceptions were written so far apart in time that the title was the only immediate link as there was more than a generation between the volumes! Ludlum moved to the 'Covert One' series that were a slightly different genre and here he created a central group of people who would meet in the various novels depending on the skill set needed at the time. Since his death, the novels have continued with only two of the characters featuring regularly - usually operating on opposite sides of the globe. That his books had not been a screen success until the advent of the Matt Damon 'Bourne' (Richard Chamberlain played him on his one and only previous outing) is an out and out mystery - to me anyway. But in his first outing Matt Damon as Jason Bourne combines Paris and the Classic Mini in the action - too tempting for words! This first film 'The Bourne Identity' can be found on IMDB here

Image courtesy of the Hollywood Blogspot - on display inside the NBC Universal Experience museum

Mini careers down steps in Paris

Not original - but the only car with the dimensions to get away with it I'll be bound!

Jenny Agutter and her Mini

Jennu Agutter and her Mini

Jenny Agutter - one of my favourite actresses and whom I had the good fortune tow work with at Nottingham Playhouse when she starred in 'Veterans' sharing a dressing room with Jane Carr. Both were very kind to me I seem to remember and weren't in the slightest bit pretentious! Judging from the 'M' registration - Jenny must have owned this car circa 1973/4

2000 - Goodbye Mini!

Mini Assembly Line

Farewell Mini - the final assembly line at Longbridge on 4th October 2000

1959 - 2000 - Twiggy Loves her Minis!

Twiggu last ever provenance

Note the date - 11th September, 2000 - the last ever Mini (graced by Twiggy) came off the production line on a date that is seared into the memory of the world - the day the Two Towers in NY were subjected to a terrorist attack.

Twiggy and last ever mini

Twiggy and the last ever Mini with what looks like a UJ flag on the roof! (Photo courtesy of

Twiggy salutes the great British style icon the mini with Jade Jagger today in London's Covent Garden. The Mini is entering its final phase of production at Longbridge.

Completion of last evber Mini at Rover

This is the moment the last ever Mini was completed at Rover.

Twiggy and Gold Mini 1976

Twiggy and gold Clubman - from the 1976 advertisement as shown below:

1976 Ad featuring Twiggy

Image sourced from with thanks

1999 - David Bowie (RIP 10.01.2016) - Chrome Mini

David Bowie

"Cowley factory BMC 1959. Adding final trim to the Morris Mini-Minor (Mini)."

Is this is David Bowie before he became famous, working on the Mini production line? Those who say yes are : The Mini Forum and Classic1275cc via Tumblr - Image Cowley factory BMC 1959 © British Motor Industry Heritage Trust. On Social Media Fb the point is well made, albeit unnecessarily forcefully, that David Bowie would have been 12 in 1959 - so perhaps we need to settle for this being a David Bowie look-alike to avoid any further confrontational incidents. On the other hand - social media can be useful in a positive way, as it provides at least one of the ways this image was used to promote the British Car industry.

Mini History display

Image provided by Allyson Thomas citing origins from 'Mini history board at Mini United 2009'


David Bowie Mini

This extraordinary chrome Mini belongs to legendary British rocker David Bowie who designed it himself for the 40th anniversary of the Mini. It’s a classic Mini Cooper, made in 1999 for the brand’s 40th birthday, and "is entirely covered in what looks suspiciously like mirrors." Source: The NewsWheel

1977 - Morecambe and Wise

Everyone knows that if you appeared on the Morecambe & Wise Show you'd made it! Mini featured in the spoof 'Starsky and Hutch' excerpt prepared for the 1977 Christmas Special.

1977 Christmas Special Link to programme page

The Christmas Special of 1977 featured a spoof of the cultish 'Starsky and Hutch' detective series.

According to the Radio Times this was described as "In another selection of classic sketches and routines from the comedy duo's shows, Eric and Ernie give their take on the 1970s American cop series Starsky & Hutch and have a run-in with Henry Cooper. Cliff Richard visits the flat and is persuaded to join them in a musical number, while Eric loses his voice. Featuring music by Small Faces, who perform All or Nothing" in 'The Perfect Morecambe and Wise' series.

The definitive Morecambe and Wise archive gives this broadcasting information :

Broadcast - 25th December 1977 | Running Time - 65 minutes | Written by - Eddie Braben

Guests - Penelope Keith, Elton John, Angharad Rees, Francis Matthews, Arthur Lowe, John le Mesurier, John Laurie, Richard Briers, Paul Eddington, James Hunt, Stella Starr, Michael Parkinson, Angela Rippon, Michael Aspel, Richard Baker, Frank Bough, Philip Jenkinson, Kenneth Kendall, Barry Norman, Eddie Waring, Richard Whitmore, Peter Woods, Sandra Dainty, Jenny Lee-Wright, Valerie Leon

Sketches - Starkers and Krutch, Names in lights, Eric's puppy, Poldark, Cornshire romance, Moving house, Nothing like a dame, Penelope meets Derek Moron, Cyrano De Bergerac, Penelope Keith on the stairs, Elton and the cleaning ladies

Notes - Christmas Show

Mini in Starsky and Hutch Livery

Mini screeches into view sporting the distinctive Starsky and Hutch livery

Mini Chase Mini Wheelie during chase

The obligatory hi-speed car chase mimicked in these views

Eric Morecambe walking the Mini

An armed Eric Morecambe escorting the Mini (complete with matching flashing light) or Ernie Wise (driving) to its destination!

1976 - James Bolam

James Bolam

'Likely Lad' James Bolam approves the new style British Leyland Mini - image courtesy of


Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rambling graces the roof of a Mini in 1968! © 1967 John Pratt

The Mini can be found in the majority of the 1960s and 1970s British Television programmes - either being used as a star of the show or whilst driving around the towns and city centres in Britain, they are usually seen parked on the side of the roads. More minis than any other car type. Let's start with the re-vamped and very popular 'New Avengers' - Purdey 'borrows' a Mini.

1965 & 1967 - Royal Mini

Lord Snowdon and 3 year old Linley

Lord Snowdon and Princess Margaret collecting 3-year old David Linley following his ear operation in their custom Mini - image sourced from with thanks

Prince Charles and a Mini

Prince Charles arriving at Trinity College Cambridge on 9th October 1967 - image courtesy of Mini & British Lifestyle

A 1966 Morris Mini Minor MkI [ADO15] in The New Avengers, TV Series, 1976-1977 Ep. 1.10

Purdey in the Mini

The New Avengers Purdey and Mini

Purdey finds herself locked out of her flat (hence the kimono style pyjamas) and her part of London has come to a complete standstill. To attempt to join back up with Steed and Gambit, she has to find transport ........

Italian Job Poster

The most famous film featuring the Classic Mini Coopers - so popular 'MacGyver' borrowed them (see below)!

RT article on Cilla Black

Cilla Black would have liked to have played the girlfriend in 'The Italian Job' but her agent turned it down!

And of course Mini stole the show in a film about a heist in Turin! Footage from the film was used in a series one MacGyver episode thinly disguised within the plot of the episode called 'Thief of Budapest.'

Italian Job - 1969 DVD Cover

MacGuyver episode featuring Italian Job footage MacGuyver episode featuring Italian Job footage

Still wowing them in 2010 - from the film 'Wild Target' starring Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt and Rupert Grint - these three also known as Davy Jones, Young Victoria and Ronald Weasley.

Wild Target the 1990 red Mini Scene from Wild Target featuring the Mini and stars of the film

Models and Advertisements

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